Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I was looking forward to the Half Blood Prince and after i watched it,i was quite disappointed really. i think compared with the movies i see so far this year like Startrek,Terminator Salvation,Transformers, i wouldn't rank Harry Potter in the same rank as them.

Well...i didn't watch the books so i find it hard to understand certain areas whereby as if the movie is targeted at harry potter novel readers and expect you to fill in the gaps yourself. yeah..i know it's quite hard to pack alot of things into a 2hour45minit movie...but's hollywood and it a competitive world.

As i say, they are many loop holes in and disappointment in the film. first of all, is the first scene where the real world is being attacked..ya..the scene is good..but then..there's no follow up to that event! so it feels like it's completely unnecessary.

I remember when i watched the trailer, the most memorable thing is Harry's shoutout "Fight Back You Coward Fight Back!" so that made me quite interested to watch the battle scene in which when i saw it, it was disappointed again because the battle scene was too short and not cool at all.

And when it came to revealing the truth of the Half Blood prince, i think it should be an important part as it's the movie's title but yet it was downplayed again. haha, maybe Harry should scream back "No~~~~~" like when Dark Vader said "I'm your father!" to Luke.

One more thing...when the bad guys killed off Dumbledore...why did they escape? i thought they will turn the castle into theirs or burn the castle or something...instead the break things and leave?

Hmm..anyway i wouldn't be suprise if Dumbledore got resurrected? haha. it's a magical world, anything can happen right? but i don't think so, as the next movie would be more focus on Harry.'s too bad Harry didn't get to learn the big fire wielding technique from Dumbledore, or don't tell me as Harry is the chose one, he is able to learn a spell just by watching others do it? (like Sharingan:P)

overall...i think the director should put more effort and should make the storyline more understandable like treating the audience like non-novel readers. for example i think michael bay did a good job for transformers as it is able to target audience outside the transformers fan base as well.

Among all the harry potter film i like The Goblet of Fire best, as i think it's quite a transition whereby the movie become darker and one of harry's senior died..
oh well..not that i like to see important character dying...just that i think the movie just become more serious compare to its early years of targeting children market.

But even though the loop holes, i still think that the movie is watchable as there's alot of nice magic special effect and funny humour make up for it. haha, watchable if you didn't put too much expectation! as some part of the movie i would feel that it's dragging the plot.

No thumbs up for this series of Harry Potter:(

P.S. haha, Dumbledore looks very like Gandalf!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Transformers2 was a hit! This 2&1/2 hour movie is entertaining all the way to from the beginning to the end, there’s not even a single boring moment!

On my previous post, I was hoping that they would bring up a battle between the constructicons and dinobots. Oh well…i was half correct, they only bring out the constructicons, no dinobots. But then again I was thinking now…yeah…bringing out the dinobots would be cool…but they couldn’t transform into vehicles and hide among human right? Unless they plan to hide them in the museum? Haha, so I guess it’ wouldn’t be so praticall in movies then.

Oh…unless, the third movie they would journey to cybertron! Wow…and the final epic battle against unicrom. Haha, or unicrom plans to eat up earth. Haha, sounded like Galactus pulak. Yeah..and I remembered they had a transformer that can transform into a space train whereby it would take them to cybertron!

I was wondering if they would feature Six-shot, the robot that has six transformation mode. Hmm..but maybe it would be too much for the producers to do such thing.

Oh..if they did decide to go to cybertron. I hope they wouldn’t give Sam the stupid space suit that would enable him to transform into a vehicle! My eyes would totally pop out if I ever see that…

Hm… I like the way they make bumblebee more heroic in the movie rather than just Sam’s best robo-friends in the cartoon. Hmm…but I think the second movie lacks abit of showing the autobots and decepticons symbol in a cooler way. Like I remembered in transformer1, they way they show the autbots symbol on bumblebee’s steering wheel is quite cool!

At the end of transformer1, with megatron’s dealth it’s not suprising that he’ll be revived in the second movie. Luckily they didn’t turn him into a purple Galvatron. Haha, purple robots would look too gay for an evil leader in real life movie.

I was quite glad that they decided to featured Soundwave in this movie, yeah…of him transforming into a spy satellite idea and whereby he shoots out his little robots from space and into the atmosphere. I think if they featured him to be like the original Soundwave, it would look funny in real life whereby he launches cassette(hmm…or CDs or MP3?:P) out from his body and they turn into little robots.

oh ya...i think soundwave is the most good looking decepticons in the cartoon, whereas optimus prime is the most good looking autobots. i think mainly is because their mouth is covered. cos i think robots showing mouths not covered does not look good:P

Hehe, the movie say that transformers since long time has come to earth already..and they shows some picture of old planes and cars. Hm….but that means they’ll only here for a hundred years or so only. The plane and cars are only inventions of early 20th century. Else, what vehicle can the transformers morph into? A cow wagon? A war elephant? Hot air balloon? Sampan boat? Oh well..they can transform into big ships at sea….but there’s nothing much of choice on land..err..transform into a house?
The movie is great but still as someone who grew up watching transformer, I do have some complains!

1.Why do they make constructicons a tool to destroy the pyramid only and not use it to wage war on the autobots? I thought it would take the whole team of autobots to bring it down, never expecting some puny human rail gun technology to take it down.

2.The decepticon that transform into the sexy girl to seduce Sam is a bit too much lar… somehow reminded me of species or terminator or battlestar galactica. Robots transforming into flesh doesn’t feel so right. That probably explain why beast war is not as popular as the original transformers.

3.Shouldn’t they at least make the fight between Optimus and the fallen abit longer? Yeah..i know although Optimus got upgraded with part by Jetfire, but the fallen is suppose to be quite powerfull right? Even the rest of the Original Primes cannot gang bang defeat him. They should at least exchange more firepowers at each other, blowing up more stuff..before Optimus send The just risen fallen to fallen again.

Hm….Optimus should pour acid to desolved The fallen into thin air, so that he will never rise again. Haha, it’s a good movie la. I think it should be the highest profit for the U.S. summer movie seasons. Hehe, looking forward to G.I. Joe at year end:)