Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My typical work day~

My typical work day begins as I woke up at 7.15am from my reminder in my handphone. Usually I would go back to sleep again to wait for the second reminder or third reminder before I get off from bed:P

Then I would quickly fold the blanket, (yes mum, I still maintain the good habit of folding my blanker in the morning), brush my teeth and go boil the water for my favorite daily dosage of Nescafe 3-In-1 regular. Since the price of petrol has risen to RM2.70 per litre, I’ve decided to eat bread and coffee at home for breakfast to save money. Haha, it’s a bit kolien, (pitiful) but hey, saving money is not bad as well…it means that I’ve got more money to spend on other things haha!

For a while in my life (I think during my late secondary school days or university days), I dislike eating bread because I used to eat it everyday. Haha, but some how, as I’m living outside, I don’t think that I would have the luxury to remain picky. Not at least for the moment, haha. But who knows after some while I’ll have something new for breakfast? Hmm…but whatever it is, I think it’s hard to take away my daily coffee dosage from the breakfast menu:P

I’m quite lucky that my workplace is just 10 minutes drive away and it’s the traffic is not very congested. Haha, usually it’s the other side of the road that is congested. Rudy and JJ is my companion everyday on my journey to work.

One bad thing is that I’ve still need to pay for my parking fees in my workplace. For the monthly rate, it would cost me RM98, but at least that parking sticker can be used for the whole area under MPPJ parking jurisdiction. Else, if you don’t pay for the monthly sticker, you’ll need to find RM5 worth of coin daily to be inserted into the parking machine.

Haha, as someone from East Malaysia whereby we practice using paper parking coupons instead of coin machine, I need to ask my colleague on how to use the parking coin machine. Haha, I really feel like a Kampung Boy as I slowly insert the coins into the machine during the first time.

Compare to my previous work as Administrative Assistant. I’m glad that my job does not require me to run up and down the office, into the sun, doing crazy multitask jobs. I’m glad that I’m now using more of my brain power instead, else I would think that my years in University would be wasted. But I do feel that the learning curve is much higher, but then, the reward is higher as well, so I’ve got to set up a new mind set. As my friend said, you get paid more for using your brain compare to using your muscle!

Lunch time is also quite a convenience for me as they are many eating places within walking distance from my office. From the cheap to the expensive, it’s sort of hard for me and my colleagues to decide where to eat for lunch.

Staring at PC for too long is not good for the eyes, but luckily I found something that is good for the eyes, no…not my female colleagues……. Haha. Since my office is on the 8th floor, so we have quite a nice view. I would take a few minutes in the pantry and eat some biscuits while looking at faraway greeneries.

The first week I was very free…haha, after that as works starts to pile in, I find that it’s it’s no longer a privilege for me to have a typical work day like what I mentioned above.
No more on time go home. Sometimes if I went to client site, may reach home very late and it’s quite tiring.

My typical day dinner would consist of the RM3.30 economy fast food nearby my place. The stores are specially catered for the University Malaya and UTAR students living nearby. For 2 vege and 2 meats selection, it’s cheaper than any economy fast food in Kuching. I’m quite surprise at first also.

Sometimes, if I feel like it, I’ll go to the gym or hit the swimming pool with my housemate. Haha, quite lucky that my apartment got pool^_^

The typical work day ends by me washing my own clothes…haha no choice, no washing machine here, or playing games, chatting, online, blah blah…then need to sleep to recharge for 2molo. Weekdays don’t have much time for activities, usually that would need to wait until weekends.

haha, that's all for now:)


  1. Hey man..

    really glad that you starting to blend in with the life over there seamlessly. ^_^

    It's similar to what i've experienced on my previous stint working there. except the part where u fold the blanket. lol

    Over here .. things are quite messy when you not around for the first few weeks. :) since you task now is segregated to a few ppl. The company have hired a new admin to take over your task liao. and quite unfortunately, is a bit of a slow learner.

    Although you have left us, your presence is still very close to our heart. :) Not to mention yourself, getting fairer and fairer everyday under the hot sun .. lol. Your hand not tired ka ? haha (refering to the advert board outside the company)

    Probably I'll take some photos for you to see, when I'm more free. Something quite bad happened ytd, but I'll leave this until next time to tell you about it.

    Take care
    uncle lim ^_^

  2. haha, tanks for dropping by. yeah, i think i could learn to blend in bit by bit. although in truth there's still many things in kuching tat is irreplacable.

    haha, guide the new person well lo. i'm also a slow learner myself.

    yeah sure, post it on ur blogs. i'm always a fan of your blog as well. haha, owez got good high quality picture to see but quite slow to load:P

    take care too