Thursday, March 6, 2008

my first time attending an election campaign talk.

my friend asked me last night to attend an election talk by DAP in front of a coffee shop at 3rd mile. since i've already registered and is already eligible to vote for the coming election, and since this would be my first time attending an election talk, i decided to go ahead!

it's abit raining that night but it did not stop the crowd from attending. as we are nearing the place, as expected the place was packed with cars. i was joking with my fren saying that more people would attend opposition party's talk because the crowd enjoy watching and listening to the bad things the opposition party say about the government. it's much more entertaining, really.

luckily, we didn't arrive in time as they're late. we watched this youtube video while we're waiting for the speakers to come.

this time, the creator of the video is much more clever as not to show up his face. haha, he learned the mistake from the creator of the negarakuku singer.

then as the speakers finally arrive, the MC gave him a big welcome and the crowd cheered for him as he went above the stage like a superstar.

the talks delivered by the opposition party is very good, especially by Mr. Chong Chieng Jen (candidate for kch city). haha, the crowd have a good time listening to his jokes about what C.M.S. stands for = Cari Makan Senang, (easy to look for food) or Chief Minister and Son. most importantly what i've learned is some imporatant social facts and problems that we are facing and which some of them i'm not even aware of.

Mr. Voon Lee Shan (candidate for stampin) unfortunately cannot speak good mandarin or hokkien, i have a hard time listening to what he's saying. but nevertheless he's a good public speaker. haha most lawyers are good speakers anyway.

the whole session last about 2 hours plus, i stood until my waist ached. one of the reason that caused this is because that they are many umbrellas in front and sometimes i need to bend myself abit to see the speakers face. thus resulting in ease of waist ache.

they where also some funny moments. when the speakers are in the middle of their speech. suddenly you'll see a staff passing a card to him. then the speaker would pause his political speech suddenly and announce "car owner of QKA 8XXX, please move your car, you're blocking the traffic!". then the next moment he would continue to his speech again like nothing happen.

ai...some kuching people's bad habit of cincai parking. it's good also to know that the organizing staff got take care of these problems as well. through out the speech some staff would be selling mineral water to the public, which also acts as some funding for the party. it's RM1 only, quite reasonable. so i bought one.

haha, my bro joked that when you drink it you'll feel like a rocket wanting to launch>_<

we've got to be aware of the problems of the society. especially, now that i'm not a kid anymore and is a working adult. i believe that opposition party need to have the voice they needed, not necessary to overun the government, but at least as a reminder to the government of their acts and sometimes, where required, force the government to take appropriate corrective measures.

if the opposition party is weak and have no voice, then the government would not be very different from a dictatorship government. i think that America's two party system is quite good, as both party are equally strong and have chance to win. unlike here...sign...

yeah...i've come to this stage of my life where i'm a part to decide the future o my country. i'll definetly go to vote this saturday to exercise my democratic rights. i hope that the results would be a good one.

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