Tuesday, January 1, 2008

world of houg blogspot 2007 review

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hmm...it's year 2008.

i've been watching alot of taiwan satelite tv, so two thing pop up in my mind for year 2008, one is the presidental election of taiwan and of course, the anticipated 2008 Olympic in Beijing.

anyway as i look back to 2007 is the year i first tried out blogging. and the result is with 52 post in blogspot and 37 post in my old frienster blog.

hmm..tat's a total of 89 post! (haha i still need calculator to count:P) so it's almost like 1-2 post weekly. which i think is quite a gud start. haha i hope that i would continue this new hobby i picked up in 2007 and see how far it goes:)

among my highlights for 2007 would be:

1. first time started blogging.
2. first time went to open sea and swim in the open sea.
3. first time played paintball.
4. first time got "kiss" by a fren
5. first time encounter gangster auction

ahaha, tat's what i can remember at the moment:P

hmm...it seems that people would like to know new things in blog. so maybe in 2008, i would try to approach more new things and blog on new things? i hope that i would be able to be more hardworking to put more photos in my post.

i found blogging to be a gud sort of medium to let your fren's know what you're doing currently. haha, which you make you more well prepared to talk when you msn with them. it's also sort of like a personal life documentary of yourself that would last forever on the internet even when you're off to a better place in life.

most of my post depended on sudden inspiration to write, maximum is two post a day. whereas sometime when i lack inspiration or slack off, i would have no post for one week plus:P

haha i found that later blogging actually needs some committment in it. i actually sometime need a few hours just to complete a post. (research, find picture, upload picture, writing, checking) if you slack off too much, then it would slowy become a habit of not to blog. so, i'm quite impress of those regular bloggers who would post up things every 2-3 days.

i hope that i would continue to post up more gud stuff in the coming year andy many years to come. and most importantly thanks to all the readers out there who read or just drop by. feel free to drop any comments for improvement.

anyway wish you guys have a wonderful year ahead:)

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