Thursday, January 10, 2008

投名状 Warlords!

image taken from here

went to watch this movie with frens as it is one of the movie i anticipated. i enjoyed the genre of war film and this film was the first time andy lau, jet li and Takeshi Kaneshivo participated together.

yes, there's alot of actions sequence, if compared to 300, it's actually more bloodier and violent as the scenes are fast and vicious. unlike 300 which has many cool and slow motion cut scenes which are quite entertaining to watch, this movie display a more real-life battle scenes.

but what caught me unexpected, was that the movie was very, very sad. after i finished the movie i also feel very sad for the characters.

went to riverside to watch it as star cineplex after 6pm is RM9 (even on movie day). there was less than 15 ppl i think who watched this movie, so it was freezingly cold. first time i watch a movie while trembling with cold.

ai...when golden screen open, will riverside survive?


  1. Fren ... Kaneshivo ? hehe

    Anyway thanks for the review. it's been a long time since i last went to a cinema to watch a movie. Can't wait for golden screen to open ..

    this should be good. :)

  2. takeshi kaneshivo, (i think) tat's the actor in the far right of the picture.

    yeah, i'm looking forward to golden screen too.