Friday, January 25, 2008

MCD and me~

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when i'm tired and stressed after a hard day's work, i would go to one place, McDonald to tapao(takeaway).

i would tapao McValue meal no4, double cheese burger, french fries and coke. i would eat fries, drink coke, listen to music and drive slowly back home. i would clear my mind, dun think of anything, and let my hands and legs do the rest, eating, drinking and driving. i found this to be quite enjoying and an unique way for me to release stress.

hmm..if eating can release wonder there's so many overweighted people. haha, luckily not everyday my jobs is superstress. or else i would really get fat. haha, imagine inserting french fries non-stop to your mouth... it's fun in a way, but it's not encouraged regularly haha.

oh...if i'm not driving my kenari which has a water stand beside the door, i wouldn't be able to drink coke and drive>_< and the burger would need to wait until i get home cos i don't think i'm able to eat burger and drive at same time haha.

i remember when i was young, i ate my first mcD burger and gosh...i hate it! because i don't like the mayonaise in the burger. i took one bite and left the rest aside. and for a long long time, i don't go to McD.

then at uni years....i got a fren who's always crazy about McD. when ask where to eat, she would owez shout happily "McD, McD!" hmmm... i think maybe i got abit influenced. then i suddenly realize that not just i can endure the burger's mayonaise, i also tend to like it as well. haha, people can change, taste also can change.

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yes, the fries. i believe MCD makes the best french fries around. i've eaten many fries before, but they doesn't taste as good as McD.

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haha, although i like the fries, but i really dun like Mr. Ronald. when i'm young, after i saw steven king's horror movie "IT". i began to have paranoid for clowns and i tend to remember "IT" when i saw Mr. Ronald. it really took me quite some time to shake off the fear. haha, so as i grew up, i also tend to hate clowns>_<

as i am searching for pictures for this post i also came across this interesting site about MCD

haha, that's all for now... conclusion, tasty things are always unhealthy. it's in a sense unfair, but you will tend to neglect it's uniqueness or tastiness if you eat it regularly. haha, so in way, it would balance it up.


  1. i love the discontinued special edition of big mac few years ago ... 4 piece of beef meat edition. hehe

  2. oh...i didn't get the chance to try that, i wonder why the edition stop, mad cow disease?>_<