Saturday, April 28, 2007

my name...

hi, welcome to my blog!

to begin, i'll first do abit of intro. my name is kwang houg. do you pronounce "houg" ? name has cause me some troubles as the pronounciation is different from the word itself. hence i got people calling me different name ( ah hulk, ah hook....)

well, to pronounce "houg" correctly the "g" is silent. so instead of saying "houg" you are suppose to say "hou". now how come it's like that, goes back to my dad.

my dad wanted to add a "g" in my "houg" so that i could sign better in a signature. well, you know if there's a "g" you can make your signature curvy. least i got use it in my signature.

i'm also used to it if people that don't know me call me by the wrong name. oh well, at least it's something special and it has a story behind it.

haha, tat's all for now:)