Thursday, September 27, 2007

a belated birthday gift

on wednesday i went on to my fren's b'day dinner without knowing tat it's her birthday. cos previously when i ask her got any special ocassion she pai seh say it's her b'day. haha it's partly my fault for not remembering, i've always depend on friendster's b'day reminder to remind me of my fren's b'day. n ngam ngam she dun play frenster.

so it's the first time i attend a b'day dinner without gift. i was very pai seh lo. i said tat i would surely give her sumting. she say tat in two days it's her chinese lunar b'day, so i still got chance.

so 2day i was hoping that inspiration would struck me cos i'm thinking of doing sumting DIY. suddenly it thought of y not draw her a potrait? haha, it's not common to draw a person's potrait for their b'day gift. n i think it would be special.

well as a backup plan, i also went to hock lee plaza to look for sum gift in case my drawing fail miserably. haha, owez have a back up plan! i've one metal cat thing tat can be use to put stuff n also luckily a correct size b'day box to fit it inside.

when i went home, then the real challenge begins, i've not always been good in drawing potraits. it's very hard but i think i'll still give it a try. i have a picture of her by my side and started to try to draw. it did not turn out as i wanted. so i just close the photo and just draw the way i feel like it. it ended up more like manga rather than real life potrait, haha. drawing real life potrait is still a long way for me. i make alot of corrections and end up with this:

oh well, tat is the best i could come up to at the moment, if u look carefully u'll surely to find mistake here n there. but if you just look from a certain distance, it's oklar~.

she likes cat, so suddenly inspiration struck me again. on the next page i draw this:

hahaha, it's a more kawaii version with cat's ear, whiskers and paws. i like this drawing better as i didn't use alot of my mind to think. it flow more naturally compare to the first picture as i was thinking too much to make corrections.

the picture is placed beneath the metal cat. the metal cat is covered with a layer of silver paper. so the picture at first is hidden as a suprise. after she take out the silver paper she will see the picture of her inside. then i give another suprise telling her to flip the page over to reveal the cat-woman version. haha i hope it would work out in sequence.

haha, hope she will like it:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

happy mooncake festival~ moon sighted tonight, wat is mooncake festival without the moon? well at least still got mooncake >_<

image taken from: here

hmm..i wonder if it's tat i'm working already i don't really feel the astosphere of mooncake fest this year as much as before. well at least one good thing is that boss allow us to go back early at 4pm:P

this year i just eat some mooncake, try to find moon but din find. mum couldn't find where she put tanglung so din put also. haha so tat's how simple it goes. last year i remember i was at china town's mooncake festival. i was helping my fren manning day dream's bbq lamb store.

image taken from: here

oh...i miss the old childhood days whereby i use to take those paper made round lantern which you carry around with a wooden stick and go out walking together in the neighbourhood with neighbours. bck then grandma when grandma is around, we would take out and put outside tables and chairs to enjoy da scenary, along with yummy mooncake, a good cup of tea and of course,peanuts.

haha, anyway happy mooncake festival to everyone~ 中秋节快乐!:)

Monday, September 24, 2007

try this if you're feeling sleepy...

image taken from : here

i discovered this little technique back when i'm in form 5 studying for SPM at library. i was eating Hacks, and i have a piece of paper in front of me, i held the paper very close to my face and let out a deep breath onto the paper. to my suprise, the cool air generated from the Hacks sweet flow up the paper and into my eyes! thus for a moment i have a very sensual feeling tat straight away wake me up. haha, cool air blowing up right into my tired eyes. i even ask my fren to try it and they feel the same way too.

now do try it! it's fun. i think if use more stronger mint flavoured sweet like fisherman or Halls would be better but i haven't try it yet. haha.

oh, now i baru know, Hacks is from United Kingdom:)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Adventure to the open sea~

my fren is having scuba diving lesson test in the open sea and her coach says tat she can bring in some fren along, so tat's how we got to go in the first place. the scuba diving destination is located somewhere off-coast of sematan, i think is pulau talang-talang if not mistaken. sematan is about one and half hour from kuching n the boat ride is about 45 minutes. so tat day need to wake up early around 615am to pick up my frens and go for the long journey to sematan.

well this is my first experience going to the open sea on boat. so i was quite looking forward to it. my dad poured cold water on me saying that if it's the first time you go to open sea, you'll sure to vomit! ngaiti...luckily din vomit, or else will be very embarassing especially in front of my frens, which are girls somemore. well good thing is tat her coach got give us anti-sea sick pill before we set sail. the pill it looks like regular orange-coloured small round shaped vitamin c pill. hmmm....actually, i think it works more physcologically than chemically, cos if they give you vitamin c n they you it's anti sea sick pill, u'll also think tat it's real one and wouldn't feel so drowsy.

i've even bought a life jacket with me since it's my first time at sea. the life jacket my dad also don't remember where exactly it come from. well, i did't end up using it, but it serves to be a good pillow;p

the journey itself is not shaky when the boat is moving, it's only shaky when the boat stop in mid sea and then you will feel da wave n get drowsy. the boat stop at somewhere near the island, and my fren began to set up her gear and in no time, they all dive into the sea, leaving us three people on the boat with da captain of da boat n assistant.

well, this is when the boat get shaky, after a few delightful picnic which consist of hotdog, pear & sweet corn, we start looking at you and at me, take some random pic, my fren 4got to bring feeling abit drowsy we decide to sleep! once we lay down, it feels abit better, its quite windy and not hot.

as we are about to really drift into dream land, the scuba divers resurface and went abroad. so we kenot sleep more. they went up to rest and to let go some water from below. oh, i forgot to mention, there's no toilet in da boat! so if you want to ahem, ahem, u can either take the stairs and release your stuff into the sea or you jump into the sea and do it.

tat's y we didn't drink alot of water. oh, the reason why scuba divers need to come abroad to take off their swimming gear to pee is becos the swimming gear covers the whole body n if you pee inside it, it would flow up to your whole body>_<

her coach over us to give a free diving trial today before they set off to dive again, but we are too hesistant to answer as we are still unsure about it. after they went off to their second dive we are back to square one again, duno wat to do.

picture of underwater corals taken by the diving coach's underwater camera, courtesy of effie's facebook:P

oh well, what the crab, since we're here at the sea already, we might as well have some fun. so we ask for life jackets, diving mask with breathing tube, pelampung and go down the stairway and into the sea. actually to think back, it's quite dangerous le, cos both my fren duno how to swim, i myself only know abit, the other divers are all off diving, but yet we stil dare to go down.

this is my first time i'm floating in sea. it's quite terrifying n amazing same time to feel my feet unable to touch nothing but water below, cos usually in swimming pool i don't dare to go to places where water is higher than my head. it's also abit frigthening to think n you are only one piece of needle floating in a giant basin of infinite water.

i directly felt the chill of the sea when i went down, we just stay beside the stairway with the pelampung and look down via our diving mask to see the view below. i even manage to saw some corals and fish. my frens are more luckier as later my fren's coach guided them further to see more beautifull fish and corals. they say it's so beautiful tat it's hard to believe it's real! sob..sob... i didn't get the chance cos it's almost time to go back:(

on da way back, we did some chit chat with some enthusiastic scuba divers that share with us their many funny experience and encounters while scuba diving. they even treated us for the fish that they harpooned. oh, tis is also my first time eating a fish this fresh.

haha so tat's all for my adventure to the open sea:)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

My first kiss...from a fren summore!

image taken from here.

me n a bunch of frens just came back from lim teh, and was heading to our cars. the place was dark in the carpark, it happen so suddenly, i have no time to react, she was too fast. ngaiti i've known her for bout 4 yrs, never expect tis would happen to me.

luckily there was only a few scratches only.

oh... forgot to mention, i meant her car kiss me, not mouth, >_<