Monday, April 18, 2011

416 Sarawak State Election

The election date was announce at the end of March, whereby I was back to Kuching for Qing Ming. Since the date is quite near, I don’t have enough leaves+ air ticket expensive. I didn’t go back to vote this time around. The General Election in 2008 was the first time I voted and I even help up in the polling booth which was quite an amazing experience!

Sign… this time around I can only watch political speech on youtube and facebook and reading Malaysian insider. Hmm…I think AirAsia should take this opportunity to offer flight ticket sales to Sarawak or any other state when there’s state election, they would have gain extra income, oh wait…unless government interfere? Oh damn…another self made conspiracy theory!

You see many leaders from both side of the party, Najib, DPM, Anwar, Lim Guan Eng, even Chua Soi Lek fly to Sarawak to do campaigning. Haha, I think if Najib didn’t come himself, opposition would win more votes! But this proves that BN is also afraid they may lose a majority this time. Najib comes and promise to bring development to the rural areas, but I’m thinking....walao…only after 50 plus years of independence, now you baru care about Sarawakians! Another important thing is that only last year BN declare 16 September as a holiday. Ahem, not that I’m happy with another public holiday, but if you think again, ngaiti…did the Federal Government really appreciate and honor Sabah Sarawak at all?

It is an open knowledge to Sarawakians that White Hair is totally corrupted. When I was in Uni graduation, we even joked about what we want to say to White Hair when he shake our hands..e.g. “I Hate You!”, “You Must Go!”

He’s probably one of the richest man in Malaysia, but people are afraid to vote against him, especially the rural poor. They are so poor and uneducated that BN will only need to give them money to ensure their votes.

But luckily the winds of change has arrived in Sarawak. It began as a small spark in the 2008 General Elections, where two DAP rockets won the Kuching seat to represent the people’s voice in Parliament. Malaysians has also seen the prove that the Opposition party is not just empty talks, they can govern a state successfully as well as seen in Penang & Selangor.

Honestly speaking, when I’m in my middle school days, I was thinking that the opposition is only making noise. But then, as I grew up more, began to work and experience the ups and downs of life, I began to feel that the things that opposition are complaining are not just for the sake of making noise, but these are really the things that affects you and me. Eventually I think that they are actually champions who would risk their lives of end up in jail in order to fight for the rights of the people.

Initially Malays would mostly vote for BN, but now, even Malays themselves vote for opposition e.g. Keadilan, because they too, want to see a change and a better, cleaner, fairer government as shown in the results of the political tsunami of 2008.

It is quite hurtful myself when I know that Sarawak has the largest resource in Malaysia but yet is the fourth poorest state. All those loggings without control by White hair is really destroying our beautiful landscape and only benefiting him and his cronies. Some Sarawakians even took to the street of London to protest about White Hair in order to get media attention. (because if they did so in Malaysia, they will end up in jail)

Because of all these silly reason, I want to see changes, not just for myself and family but also for the sake of our future. We have so much potential to become better, so we need to be more serious in exercising our democratic rights as a citizen and vote for our future, we can no longer say that it is non of my business because it affects us all.

On 416 the whole day, It’s like having butterflies in my stomach, I’m always enticing what the results are going to be. I was quite disappointed when I heard the result because I was expecting at least the opposition would deny BN the 2/3 majority due to the number of crowds that show up for opposition talks around Kuching, Sibu and Miri.

But at least, it was a great improvement for the opposition and now they would have a stepping stone in future. The hardcore poverty rural areas are still pretty much under BN’s grasp which provided the majority. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in order to create more awareness and help out the rural folks.

Let’s hope and work hard for a better future, Sarawakians!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sucker Punch

When I first saw this trailer, I knew I must watch this movie whether dead or alive!

The graphic is just totally mind blowing unbelievable freaking awesome! Wow… I think since 300, I’ve never given so much credit to a movie’s graphic.

Pretty Girls + Robots + Zombies + Dragons + Lots of Gun and Explosion + Time stop actions = Awesomeness at its best.

Oh by the way, the movie is from the bunch of guys that brought you other awesome graphic movies like 300 and The Watchmen. No wonder.

What excites me is that this time around, Sucker Punch is actually an original story, unlike the previous two movie produced by the same bunch of guys which are graphic novel adaptation.

However i have one thing to complain is that the movie didn't explain what "Sucker Punch" means. I was expecting something like maybe Barbie Doll delivering a flying dragon punch to the bad guy while shouting "Eat this, sucker!" hmm...but that didn't happen.

Story wise, I think it is not as good as I expected. The plot can be a bit messy for those that didn’t read the synopsis in advance. However I would still recommend others to watch because the graphic is worth to watch but of course we don’t expect these types of movies to be nominated for Oscars but I believe it would become a pop culture in future. But then, what the heck, the awesomeness of the graphic can already make up for it. Like my bro said:

“I just want to see the graphics, I don’t care about the story!”

That statement basically sums the whole movie up:)

Here's the cast of Sucker Punch:)

Here's the trailer in case you haven't watch it yet:)