Friday, March 27, 2009

Cape Number 7

image taken from wikipedia.

Cape number 7 (海角七号) was the acclaimed best selling movie of Taiwan. a friend of mine strongly recommend me to watch it, so i bought a dvd and watch it at home as i don't know why it is not shown in local cinema.

The movie was a surprising 2 hours which is quite long for a chinese film. it start off quite slow..oh well..i think the reason is that because it may be abit artistic style of movie, so i waited patiently.

And so i waited and waited and waited....

Ngaiti....i was wondering how long do i need to wait till i see something good? I don't want to judge the movie before i finish it, after all, i wanted to know what is there to watch in Taiwan's best selling movie.

Luckly towards the end part then it start to get a bit better as the pace becomes faster.It appears that i put too much anticipation on's unlike the last best selling Korean movie i watched (My Sassy Girlfriend) but then again maybe i'm not suppose to compare Taiwan with Korea in terms of the quality of movies...

Actually Cape No.7's story is quite good, but somehow they lack the spice to spice up the movie...hmm..i suppose Taiwan still got a long way to go then.

Oh...but i do like the theme song:)

hmm..overall i think the movie is just ok lo.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

watch the watchmen

image taken from wikipedia.

Went to watch the Watchmen...frankly speaking before i've seen the trailer i've never heard of this graphic novel before.

After i've seen the cool trailer, it lured me to watch the film. before hand, i've read some reviews of the movie, saying that this movie is abit special because it reveals the darker side of superheroes. hmm..ok, this would be something different, furthermore it's directed by the "300" directors, a movie which i prefer much enjoyed.

Yup, and in the movie, it really has some very special cool effects, haha, although this time there's no more head getting cut off and spiralling in slow motion in air>_<.

Surprising it was a 2 hour and 45 mintues movie..hmm..and luckily it did not hang in the middle and tells you the story shall be continued in episode 2, like most superheros trilogy. but i'm not sure whether this would be make into a trilogy.

I would say, watchmen is something worth to watch amidst all those superheroes movies out there. it shows the harsh reality of life, even superheroes can't run away from age and politics. it's definetly not those average superhero type of movies that glorify superheroes.

I left the cinema with quite a heavy heart...haha, i think the movie shows too much of reality...sometimes too much reality makes u don't enjoy the movie as much. but overally, i stil think it as a movie worth watching in cinema.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jason & Ee Len 's Wedding~

The story began when i received a red bomb on my office table one day. haha, i've never seen such as cute and lovable wedding invitation card!:)

Went up to Penang to attend my colleage's wedding early this January.
hehe, this mark my second trip to Penang.

This is my first going with my colleages to such a long distance trip so was quite looking forward to it. We stayed in Bukit Jawi Golf Resort on the first night, wow, it's quite a big place, very spacious inside.

It has a beautiful and large swimming pool too, too bad i didn't get a chance to dive into it:P

My colleage Jason arrived next day early morning. The bride's armies of sisters are already guarding in front of gates, awaiting to torment the armies of brothers who want to get in too bring the bride home.

One of my colleage,Jeff drinking a special mix juice from a baby bottle, i have no idea what they added inside but from the looks of his face after that, i don't think is gud>_<. Two thumbs up for his bravery!

Oh no, wat are they doing? haha, it's a game of passing down a piece of seaweed with your mouth, only girls eligible to participate. phew...luckly they didn't ask the guys to play...sure wil vomit and have nightmare.

One thing i've learned is that if you have a camera at hand like me, you'll be spared of playing the games, wahaha~

After a few more rounds of games, the sisters stil refuse to let us in. so what to do... we decided to head on charge in!

As important as the declaration of independence, this is Jason's declaration of love to the bride, he even read it out loud in mandarin and cantonese:)

Finally here comes the bride:)

Next they went to visit the family of the bride.

Before the wedding dinner, we took a side trip to try some local dishes. Yeah, the cendol taste quite good and i'm not saying it because i'm also a Teo Chew:P Notice the picture in the far right is Phua Chua Kang and Rosie visiting the stall!

We went to a coffee shop and saw this funny signboard that i've never seen before. It says that the coffe shop is operating on a small capital, customer must at least order a drink if they want to sit at the coffee shop, else they are subject to pay 40cents! walao ~ (>_<)

The wedding dinner is held at Thirty Two, wow, i've never been to such a grand, beautiful, stylish place for a wedding dinner before! (photo courtesy of sunny san)

In front part there's a place where visitor can sit down and chit chat and have some drinks before the event starts.

There's a nice bar as well! haha, but it's only serving jambu juice for free that night:P

Once i got inside, once again i was amazed.

The place was elegantly decorated. They even invited some jazz singers to play live performance. Overall, the atmosphere is very nice, smooth and calming.

It's a good break from the crazy shouting events on a regular chinese wedding dinner. haha, i was too early to say that before the table to table Yam Sheng (toasting) event. Oh well, somethings don't change and it's just meant to be like it ahha.

This is my first time being served a French-style dinner.

So you can expect me to wah...wah...wah...all the way as each dish is being served in front of me. Hmm...this soup is taste abit funny...quite different from the regular mushroom soup. somehow taste more raw~

This appetizer is quite nice, but is gone in 30 seconds...haha no la...first time eating this stuff so must cherish every bite:P

The main dish, chicken.... each person can choose whether they want fish or chicken.

This is the dessert which contains yummy ice-cream and cakes. My most favourite part, if there's an options i don't mind skipping appetizer and main meal just to have dessert, dessert and dessert! wahaha.

Next is the "Who's Gonna be the Next Bride!" throw flower frenzy. haha, i'm quite lucky that i managed to capture this shot:)

Hehe, it was a gud wedding dinner and trip and it's time to bid Penang good-bye. Haha, as looked back at my photos taken, i suddenly realize for this trip i just kept on taking pictures that i forgot to include myself in it!:P

Once again, wishing that Jason and Ee Len a happy life together.

For more pics of the wedding, visit here:)


Saw this baby sleeping in a restaurant. Haha, wondering why both his hands is hanging in midair? Is he dreaming of becoming a pilot with his hands navigating the wheels?

Children sure are wonderful. They just have the natural magical gift to make you smile:)