Monday, December 20, 2010

The Land Before Time

Suddenly thought about this song so i googled it up. I don't remember the name of the song but i remembered the name of the movie.

I watched this movie on Tape a long long time ago in a land before time...oh sorry...not that far off...i watched it when i was a kid.

I almost cried when the mummy dinosaur died!

The reason why i remembered this song is because the song is very warm and wuzzy and nice to listen to.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meeting JJ at Tropicana City

On 18 December 2010, JJ was at Tropicana City Mall to promote his new album and give out autograph session for his album.

The event is scheduled to start at 3pm, but like many started 3.40pm. I stand and below the stage since 2.40pm....and waited faithfully like a fan for almost 1 hour.

Even before i've arrive, they are already many people in front of me. Majority of those fans are young female students. So, at the least the waiting was not so bad:P
I was wondering whether i'm the oldest person around there...haha but then, i have a young face, if i don't tell anyone, i bet they wouldn't know:P

The MYFM DJ is doing a not so bad job to entertain and warm up the crowd. Suddenly the crowd screams as they saw JJ finally made it to the backstage. I notice the way he walk is quite cool. Don't know to describe it.

Anyway...the session starts off with some prize giving and contest.

I think JJ interact quite well with the MC and the audience as he is quite humorous and playfull too. In the contest session, whereby they ask audience to sing JJ's new song, finally he did joined in and sung a few part.

Haha, at least it's worth the wait. Seeing him singing live is a very intriguing experience for me. I'm very amazed of watching and listening as his voice came out from his mouth. He's a good singer with a really good voice. It's as it is like magic when his voice comes out from his mouth!

I left the place as the autograph session began. Hehe i didn't buy his CDs as I'm out of budget for this month..

Suddenly an idea occured to me.

If government want to fight against piracy, why don't they give tax relief for original CDs?

Here's the MTV of the song he sung. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Fruitties

I was stress at work, then suddenly think about this cartoon ending theme song which i liked very much when i was a kid. So i began to search high and low for it, luckly i was able to find it, but unfortunately i couldn't find the english version.

Watching and listening to old cartoon theme song really brings back childhood memories and would definitely put a smile on your face. I don't really remember any significant plot or storyline from the series, (the storyline is not important aspect also back then) but i just remember that there's a pineapple, a banana and a lost stranded little girl who go adventure together.

The reason why i like and remembered the ending theme is because they use flute music which i like. I also remembered the chorus part "It's your forest, It's my forest, we will take care of our forest". Hmm...i think subconsciously that song implanted my love for mother nature since young and tender age.

OMG, they've even have a facebook fan page!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you, The Fruitties!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Spoiling Myself!

I'm not the type that would spend RM10++ for a coffee, it is insanely overpriced and its only meant for the high society people. It is nice i agree, but i find it hard to find this as a reason to go to Starbucks even though i am a regular coffee drinker.

But today, i am sort of stuck in Low Yat Plaza waiting for my gf to finish her annual dinner. So the only place i can think off to kill time alone is to sit at Starbucks and online.

As i sit back relax, enjoying the jazz music and cool environment and taking a few sip. I suddenly feel like i'm in paradise and life is beautiful!

Especially while watching outside the glass window where people are busy with their life, but in contrast inside here i'm just relaxing and being idle, Damn... it feels good!

No wonder it's so expensive, you're paying for the experience too.

One should spoil and pamper themselves once in a while. A good rest is to prepare yourself for a tougher day tomorrow.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Horse Ridding

My first ever horse ridding experience took place in Mini Malaysia, Melaka.

It's quite cheap RM5 and they would provide you a helmet and a guide will guide the horse around a straight walk, u turn and head off back to the starting places.

As i approach the horse for the first time, i was a bit nervous because due to its size. It's a few times bigger than you, and luckily they're herbivore! They have this step ladder for you to climb up to and As i sit above the horse, i was surprised to see that it's quite high.

The ride was a bit bouncy and it's quite nervous at first because thanks to Christopher Reeve's incident i was holding tightly to my seat. Horse ridding is a bit uncomfortable for my little johnny due to the bounce mentioned but then after a while, you'll get use to it.

At one point, i was suddenly very tempted to hit the horse at the back and say "Gi Dee Up" but luckily i'm able to resist it as who know what might happen if i do so.

I began to imagine myself as a medieval knight on a horse and slaying my enemies beneath me with a sword. Wow, it's actually quite difficult to do! You'll need to handle both your horse and your enemy at the same time, no wonder it requires years of practice.

Which reminds me of the Mongolian Horse Archers which can fire their volley of arrows at full gallop! wow, archery itself already requires a lot of concentration, what to say some more you still need to control your horse. Really hard and amazing!

I heard that this horses are those ex-racing horses that either is too old to run, or is injured to run. So they end up being amateurs riders. Hmmm...thinking back now, i feel abit pity for them not being able to run freely in the wild, splashing waters apart as they cross rivers etc as seen in many movies or pictures of horses.

Anyway, it is a fun experience, i feel like i've achieved a great feat that day, something good to remember:)

Thanks darling for help me take picture:)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Captain Malaysia

I was doing a facebook quiz - Which Marvel superhero are you?

I got Captain America as my result.

My friend, Mike suggested that I just need to change the five star into fourteen star and add a crescent moon then I'll become Captain Malaysia!

As i was LOLly, (laughing out loudly) Inspiration struck me and i actually think this can be a good idea! Not me being a superhero of course, but the changing of the design.

It is quite easy to design Captain Malaysia due to it's flag similarity with the USA flag.

Actually since primary school i was wondering if our Malaysian flag is copied from USA.

So i rush and grab my pencil began to draw a rip off version of Captain America and incorporating my friend's idea and adding some design myself too. I figure that i should color it to make it more eye-catching, which i glad i did.

I was doing what typical Malaysian do best. copy-cat other country's work of art and turning it into our own. Yeah, Malaysia Boleh! Hey, before you complain, be reminded that after Captain America, there's also Captain Canada, Captain Britain.

Oh well, to spice it up, I didn't just stop at re-designing the star. I replaced Captain America's antenna wing to Petronas Twin Tower mini replica! The fourteen stars is very difficult to draw so i didn't draw it accurately. I even made up stories like actually on Captain Malaysia's chest there is a fourteen star shape scar that he obtained during the communist insurgency. Hmm...something like that to make it cool, i wonder if i should continue to imagine more and then maybe i'll get a complete story!

Finally, i've also decided on a tagline for Captain Malaysia!

Captain Malaysia, Every Country Needs a Hero!

You know, in case they decide to make it into a movie, a superhero movie is not cool without a cool tagline!

Things would not be so great if i did something that many people already did. So,I google it to see if i'm the first one to design it, but unfortunately someone else did it first. And the photo got copyrighted some more! Don't Play Play!

Oh Dammit! But anyway, ladies and gentlemen let me present you, my latest syiok sendiri piece of art, Captain Malaysia!

Teng, Teng, Teng! Oii...please clap hand lar~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

9 years without MAS airline

Last weekend i flew back to Kuching to attend my bro's graduation. Luckily that my dad has accumulated tons of MAS Enrich Card Reward point so he asked me to use it up (does not include airport tax of RM30 though:P) to take a free flight home.

Ever since AirAsia came to the market, i've not flown MAS since, the last time i flew MAS was in 2001 when i'm in Form 5. Wow, that's around 9 years ago! i almost don't quite remember the experience.

I even need to research on which public transport to go to KLIA. I found that the cheapest way is to take the Airport Coach from KL Sentral, which is RM10 one way. The bus is located at the same place as SkyBus in KL Sentral.

As i reached KLIA, i was abit loss actually because the place is very huge compared to LCCT and i need to walk quite a distance before i reach my destination. There weren't many people around eventhough during sunday noon.

A simple equation begun to form in my head:

Big place + Few People = Under usage = Waste of Resources.

Oh well, the main reason is because there are more people flying AirAsia of course.
hmm....with such high maintenance and low customer it's not difficult to imagine how KLIA account book looks like.

For MAS flight, if you online checked in you need to be at the departure gate 30 minute before the flight,compared to AirAsia which is one hour. you board the plane, there's a tray of newspaper you can pick from to read, which is good if your flight would take a while and this is unvailable in AirAsia.

Once i went into the plane, i saw that seat are filled with different colours which is a good sight to behold compared to AirAsia's singular black colored seat. What i mean by this is that somehow for me, looking at a variety of bright vibrant colors would make my eyes more at ease when air pressure build up in plane.

I also observed that there's only two seats located near the emergency exit, which i think is more appropriate because it give sufficient space in case of emergency compared to AirAsia whereby there are three seats.

Then the highlight of the journey was of course, the food! Yes, the Food! 9 years without MAS made me forgot that they serve food for free during the trip. well, not exactly free as it is add up to your bill. Nevertheless i was as excited as a little kid, hey come to think of it. Last time i tasted airline food was 9 years ago!

I opened up my lunchbox and was surprised to see they didn't gave one, not two, but three Ferrero Rocher as dessert! wow such luxury! Beside the main dish, they also have a fruit cake, a small mineral water and another cup of drink, choices of fruit juice or tea or coffee.

I savored and took my time to wipe clean every inches of the dish. I was beginning to like it because the whole eating process actually is a good time killing method and a perfect distraction on plane compared to like, sleeping.

And yes, you can get unlimited drinks refills, you just need to ask nicely which i glad i did, muahaha. I heard from my friend that if your flight is very empty, you could actually ask them to give you another extra dish!

Haha, anyway, the whole eating experience was the highlight, you can't really compare this part with AirAsia whereby the food is not included in your flight. As the Chinese saying goes "一分钱,一分货" .

Hmm...but if given opportunity if i don't need to pay, of course i'll go for MAS:P

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Malaysian Day

Thanks to Najib, starting 2010, 16th September 2010 shall be a holiday every year. For some it may be just another holiday. But I believe this day holds more meaning for Sabahans and Sarawakians than West Malaysians.

Probably it's because most Malaysian especially West Malaysian are more familiar with our 31st August National Day rather than 16th September Malaysian Day. In fact, Tunku Abdul Rahman would want to make Malaysian Day the same day as 31 August if not for communist and other issues from Indonesia, Brunei,Philippine and etc during that period.

Which reminds me of the History lesson that i learned in secondary school whereby early Independent fighters spread Nationalism through written press. Without this freedom of press by British Administration, Nationalism would not spread as quickly as it would. It's ironic, today, now that we are independent after 53 years, our government would not allow the full freedom of press, we Malaysians are being denied by the very own platform that our grandfathers used as a Nationalism tool. I was thinking about this issue because of the recent news of a Malaysian cartoonist being arrested for publishing his work as it is deemed too sensitive.

I don't think the general public is still too un-educated to know how to judge for oneself.'s all because of those incumbent political players playing the race cards.

As we see more and more of these negative headline, it really made us think about the good old Malaysian days, like those Yasmin Ahmad Merdeka Day Petronas commercial. Recently i came upon this video link in facebook and i found it very interesting.

I think it is a great short movie that every Malaysian should watch. This is the first movie that clearly and truthfully projects how the general Malays, Chinese and Indians view each other. It even made me a bit discomfort, which is good as truth is not always a sweet candy. By openly expressing our view, although it may hurt it is the first step to further understand one another.

Instead of vainly hiding all these facts pretending it does not exist, isn't it better to face it truthfully and with courage and a open and rational mind? What would be the most amazing thing is that despite all the difference, we would still be able to put our differences aside and live harmoniously and work together for a better Malaysia.

It is just like in personal relationship, the difference is that this is in a much more larger scale.

Anyway, do take your time to see the short movie and slowly digest and think about it.

Gadoh from Pusat KOMAS on Vimeo.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 53 Year Old Malaysia

I was arranging my excess coin one fine day whereby i suddenly received an inspiration to use coins to buil my own replica of the Petronas Twin Towers. Actually i've always think the building's design are like as if it is being pilled up with multiple giant coins.

Too bad i couldn't pilled up 88 floor due to limited 50cents and 20 cents coin which are more stable. 10 cents coin are not stable when pilled up very high.

Anyway i contribute this magnificent work of art as a birthday gift for my beloved country - Malaysia.

picture taken from thestaronline.

Earlier this year, i came upon a comic book - Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj: His Life Journey Leading to the Declaration of Independence (1903 - 1957) By Eugene Yu.
It's an illustrated cartoon describing our very own "Father" of Malaysia's childhood days to the day Malaysia obtained Independence.

I quite enjoy reading this humorous book and i highly recommend it especially to the younger generation of Malaysian to get to learn our history in a fun and entertaining method.

It describe how our ancestor fought bravely to achieve Independence for our country and we are proud to do it without bloodshed. It also highlighted the importance of the early MCA-UMNO alliance that formed the Barisan Nasional.

Back in those good old days, MCA was a founding parter of BN, nowadays it seems more like MCA is an employee of UMNO. What has happen to this trust and partnership throughout these years?

Some people may say we are lucky to live in a peacefull harmony country so we shouldn't complain about it.

At 53 years old, actually we can do better. I was a bit upset to learn that during the 1970s Malaysia is even more developed than South Korea. But look at us today. Oh well...we don't need to look so far, just a bridge away our neighbour, Singapore. Look how they thrived and developed.

Every country has their own problems, this we cannot compare, but one thing we can compare and one thing that makes the difference is the country's Management. It all comes down to how you allocate and use your country's resources, wisely or wastefully.

This is Houg, signing off and hoping for a better Malaysia.

Happy Birthday, Malaysia~.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


多年前,被林俊杰的 <<豆浆油条>> 给骗了。

因为没有想象中那么好吃。也许不合我的胃口吧!我倒觉得配 Sarawak Kopi-O, 粥,mayonnaise, Kaya 比较好。

picture taken from here.

多年后, 一天在One-U 看到 <<老油鬼鬼>> 的店。


picture taken from here.

结果 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。





突然觉得自己好懒惰....这个post的两个照片都是用google image找出来:P


在Facebook上看到这个MV,看了好感动,所以就放在这里与大家欣赏。 简单的故事,动人的歌声,虽然没有字幕,但却可以让我体会到故事里老伯伯的欢乐与悲伤。其实,这本来只是个相机广告,可是没想到用多一些心思就可以创造出这么美丽的作品。


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Last Air Bender - what went wrong?

This was one of my most anticipated movies for this year but the results turned out to be more of a disappointment. Friends and movie reviewers mostly give bad comments and all blames fall on the Director M. Night Shyamalan.

I’ve watched the original, critically acclaimed animation series which this movie is adapted from and I find it very interesting.

The first thing I notice about this movie is that this is the first time I’ve see an American made animation that doesn’t have a single Caucasian character! The characters and background are heavily Asian influenced, thus providing the audience a breath of fresh air. The main attraction is of course its fantastic storyline, a variety of characters, its attention to detail in describing each tribe difference and furthermore the moral lesson and entertainment provided.

Overall, the animation is a huge success. So bringing a successful franchise to the big screen just seems very logical and it is what we would expect from Hollywood.
Actually the animation was called “Avatar: The Last Air Bender”. Due to the fact that they didn’t want this movie to be confused with James Cameroon’s six foot tall blue skin alien, they took out the word “Avatar” . Ok… by doing so doesn’t hurt anything.

Now, the question is “what went wrong?”

When the assembled cast was revealed, many fans of the series complained that the directors are not using Asian actors to play the role (except for Dev Patel who plays Prince Zuko). But in my opinion, this is nothing to complain about because Hollywood still couldn’t manage to take this big leap of faith in casting a non Caucasian as a lead.

I was thinking…Nevermind…as long as the acting is good and appearance are not too different, I can still accept it.

Then came the trailer, it was so awesome especially the CGI fight scene. The director previously has minimal CGI experience, so when I see the trailer can be this good, I started to have confidence that this will be a good movie after all.
Then came the screening time, I was surprised that it didn’t reach the number one spot on the box office. Then I began to read more and more negative comments about the film. I began to get more worried but still I wanted to watch it with my own eyes.

Without putting too much expectation because of the many negative comments, I watched the movie.

I then realized most the negative comment is true>_<

The movie was too packed. Imagine squeezing a 10plus episode (each episode is around 20minit) into a 1 hour 45 minutes movie. It’s like a summary of many episode in which new audience will find it hard to catch up as the linkage between different events is not solid enough. The limited time also makes lesser time to develop character depth. In the movie, you see the actors do this and that, but you couldn’t feel why they are doing it and you certainly couldn’t feel the impact of their actions.

I think at least should allocate 2 hour 30 minute, in which more time is given for character development. But then, maybe the budget is not enough. Maybe the CGI cost too much.

But I do have some good comments. The CGI is perfect as it is very real and believable. All major 4 element water fire earth wind techniques looks good on screen.

The backdrop, costume is also nicely done. The director did a good job to transform the animated world into the big screen which is not too different from the animation.

There are only two funny moments, whereby Kitara accidentally freezed Sokka and whereby Aang tries to hide behind Zuko. It should have more! The animation is originally a kid’s movie so they should have plenty of laughter. If there is more laughter, it will surely make up for it. They are just too much seriousness and monotone feeling in this movie. Even kids find it not fun to watch as they said that “It is not the same at all!”

The movie was planned to be the first episode of a trilogy. If they do make a second movie, I hope the director would improve on it and do a better job next time.
Oh ya…I do have the original animation full set so if you’re interested you can get from me:)

This is Houg signing off in search for another good movie to watch.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not So Brave

Wah~ i was quite nervous when preparing and practicing this speech for the Toastmaster humorous competition, i think i rehearse around 10 times plus! I am glad that i'm able to deliver the speech smoothly. Hehe, a good start from me, hope to do better next time. so below here is my speech:)

Graduation Trip, The last trip you take before you step into the working world!

How was your graduation trip like? Was it interesting? Was it fun? Was it enjoyable?

Back in 2006, My friends and I, 5 of us, had just completed our degree courses. Having studied and lived our life so far in Kuching, Sarawak. We decided that we should plan something special for our graduation trip, and so we choose to visit KL.

The highlight of our graduation trip is our trip to Genting Highland Theme Park. This was actually a first time experience for us all, so it’s quite fun as we explore the place together.

The First stop, The Spinner~

It is the first game located just after the entrance, it like a more extreme version of Mary-Go-Round. You have this many individual seats, which is connected to a long wire and as they spin faster and faster your seat will slant until 60 degree flying in the air.

It is still considered not too extreme and it’s the perfect warm up!

As it started to spin, we started to shout as the spin gets faster and higher. Suddenly I received a revelation.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know the reason of having a barricade around the spinner? Beside for anti-collision purpose it actually serves another purpose which I figured it out at that very moment.

To protect you from saliva! Yes, Saliva! I remembered I accidentally release a few drops of saliva for being too excited. Judging from the height and speed of the Spinner, I wouldn’t be surprise if some of it flew~ beyond the barricade and landed on some un-fortunate by-standers face. So Ladies and gentlemen, next time, don’t stand too near the barricade.

Next it’s the Roller Coaster ride. Initially I hesitated because I think it may be too extreme for me, but then my friends provoked and teased me of being “Not So Brave”. This is because previously we had dinner at Nandos and I ordered the least spicy one in which they have a little green flag written “Not So Brave” on top the chicken.

I was thinking “How can I let a chicken insult me like that? I’ll show that chicken…oh…I mean my friends that I am brave enough to take the challenge!”

Before we knew it, we are already seated in the roller coaster and as it plunged into the first dive I already started to regret but it’s too late. All Five of us are already screaming our lungs out like a little girl....Ahhhh!!!! The sudden speed and adrenalin rush is quite unbearable for me especially for the fast 360 degree turn and the bad thing is that there’s nothing you can do about it but to continue screaming along. Because if you don’t scream you’ll feel more uncomfortable as the pressure would build up inside your body so you can only scream to let it out. I even screamed until one point I got too exhausted whereby I actually need to take a few heavy breaths…..and started screaming again.

Finally Thank God, the ride came to a stop. I was so thrilled that it’s finally over. My friends and I were trembling slightly and it took us a few minutes before we are able to walk and talk properly again.

The roller coaster was a thrilling experience worth to try at least once before you die. I’m glad that I did take up the challenge and specially proved that I AM “Brave Enough”. However I think this one time experience is already enough to last me for a lifetime.

We had a wonderful time in our graduation trip, serving both as an eye-opener and life’s lesson. Graduation Trip is special because that’s the last trip you can enjoy yourself as a student and getting student discount too. Oh..Unless you have a young face like mine, which I admit I use it a few times for student discount even though I’m working already. It is important that you have the most fun out of it as you may not be able to enjoy this much of fun anymore in your future working life.

As we grew older we’ll eventually need to take up more responsibility and adhere to more rules of the society which would slowly strip our innocence apart bit by bit. Most importantly is that we try to remain young-at-heart and to achieve balance in our lives.

Over to you.

My 2 Years in KL Report Card

Wow, time flies…. I’ve already been in KL for 2 years now. So it’s a good time to do a self evaluation of what I’ve achieved and where I need to improve. Hehe actually I missed out my yearly evaluation for 2009 and planning for 2010 so I combine it all in this post:P

1. Career – Yeah..i’m glad that I took the brave leap for myself to come to KL to seek a better career. I like the job scope and the challenges, the fact that the company is stable, although pay is not too high, but it’s still o.k. for the moment and I’m glad that I’m able to save up some money.

2. Girlfriend – Hehe, this is more of my personal achievement that ended my years of single status quo. Being in a relationship taught me a lot of thing in life, broaden up my horizon, and makes me a more mature person.

3. Personal Financing – Having item 1 & 2, it further propels me to have a better grip of my personal financial planning. Learned quite a lot of stuff by myself and I don’t think I would be this encouraged to do so if I’m still in my own comfort zone in Kuching.

4. Cantonese – Yes, after 2 years in KL, my Cantonese still sucks. Feel quite pai seh lar,,,ooppss…that is Hokkien, see what I mean? Learning new language is certainly not my strong point and I still have a long way to go.

5. Driving skill – Haha, driving constantly in KL really would improve one’s driving (& swearing) skills, especially when there’s so many KNS driver out there, plus many confusing road sign and traffic directions. Due to the fact that I’ve spend all my skill point investing in my driving skill, at the same time it makes me an noob in KL public transportation>_<

6. Communication skill – I’ve felt that I need to improve in this area, especially public speaking. Yes, it is another challenge for me to step out of my comfort zone to improve myself. Initially I did thought of joining a martial art club, but then I’ve felt that it is more important for me to improve on my communication skill at this stage of life since I’ve already did martial art previously. So, I signed up for Toastmaster club!

7. Sport – I’ve played new sport~ Tennis. I’ve also glad that there’s still Basketball kaki here which I can still participate time to time so that I wouldn’t lose my touch and passion. Football~ Haha although I’ve not played it but I learned quite a lot of stuff by reading “The Sun” football section and now I’m able to engage in Football conversation!

Hehe, I’ll stop at 7 because 7 is a good number. (Actually it’s because I’m lazy to think more) It’s time to wrap things up and get pumping for the future. The Best is Yet To Come! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

离岛-Karen Kong

I came upon this song in namewee's blog and i instantly fall in love with it.

Although this song was released a year ago, but i didn't get the opportunity to know it. Haha i feel quite lucky that i found it now so that's why i posted this in my blog for sharing, better late than nothing!

This song reminds me of my hometown and i suddenly feel like wanting to go home at that moment. The lyrics and music video is directed by namewee himself, wow...i was quite amazed at his other talents, contrary to popular believe that he only make videos criticizing the government.

Oh, and the singer is our very own local Malaysian singer. hmm..heard of her name before but didn't heard her singing until now. Very glad that there are more talents coming out of Malaysia, but sadly speaking to be successful in Chinese music industry one must travel abroad as they are not so many opportunities locally.

Anyway, lets just sit back, forget reality for a moment, relax our mind and listen to some good music:)




Sunday, June 20, 2010

Full Metal Alchemist

Finally Full Metal Alchemist has come to an end...

I've been following this manga (short for FMA) for a few years via recommendation from my bro. It remains one of the best manga i've ever seen with it's uniquely original story. It is unique because previously there was no manga that touches about alchemy as a main subject. The world, the rules, the characters of FMA are all portrayed in details and you can feel that alot of effort is being made to research it.

The story is also unique in a way that it portrays some really harsh reality. It started off with two brothers trying to use a banned alchemy technique to revive their dead mother, The attempt ended in failure, not only their mother was not revived, the younger brother's life is also taken away because of the equivalence exchange rule of alchemy,

"if you want to gain something, you must contribute something of equal value in return"

The older brother, not wanting to lose another person in his life again, make a desperate decision to save his younger brother, he performed the ritual again and offer one of his hand and leg to secure his younger brother's soul in which he imbue it into an armor, so somehow securing his life. The older brother later have their friends make a mechanical arm and leg for him. Wow, at that moment i was thinking if i've have the courage to make this kind of decision if i'm in their shoes.

Thus, the two brothers set off on their journey to look for a method to regain their own body back. And of course along the journey they met many friends and foes and uncover many tales of adventures and mysteries.

This manga is one of those epic manga that one manga reader should read before they die!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 13th Warrior

Hmm...this was an old movie that i watched a couple of years back ago with my brothers at home. One day I stumbled upon this VCD which i don't remember where i got the VCD from.

Aha~ Fate wanted me to take a look at this movie~

The main attraction of wanting to watch this movie is nevertheless because of the lead actor, Antonio Banderas, i quite like this actor actually, the name itself is so damn cool already. (wondering why my name is not as cool as this?:P)

Anyway, i like to watch action sword fighting medival movie too so i think it's worth a shot. Besides,watching VCD is free hahaha:P

I quite enjoy the movie actually, or maybe because i wasn't putting any expectation?
The fight scenes are ok, story ok, it's not very very impressive, but overall ok lar, but then the highlight of the film is what it's worth blogging for and worth remembering.

Just before the fight, the viking warriors chanted their warrior code aloud~

"Lo there do I see my father. Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers. Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me, they bid me take my place among them, in the Halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live...forever"

Wow...the epic quote spell strucked us, and me and my bros feel like wanting to pick up our axes and shield and charge to the battlefield with the vikings.

It's like casting a spell of invulnerability to the viking warriors! wow...

Good epic quotes can remain in our minds for a long time, although the quote above is too long to be remembered exactly, i only managed to remember the last sentence hehe but nevertheless the fighting spirit is there, you can feel it!

But this movie didn't perform very well at the box office and is not popular but i'm glad that i watched it, if not i'll never get to know this quote.

so, here's me sharing them to you. if you need a battle booster, remember the above quote, here's the video of the quote for sharing:)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Wing Chun Encounter

Fully fuelled up after watching IP MAN & IP MAN 2, I started to search on the web to see where I can learn it in PJ area. Then I found one which is: Lara’s Place at SS2. The place is actually some sort of activity center where the Wing Chun class seems to be renting the place for the training. It is located in the same block as “New Paris Restaurant”. It is on the 1st floor whereby you need to go up a lift as I didn’t see any staircase.

Anyway I was told I can get a free trial on phone, but when I arrived I was asked to pay RM10 if I want to participate in the training. Oh well…the best way to experience one’s martial art is to take part in it yourself instead of just observing from the bench.

As I entered the room I was surprise to see a diverse group of people practicing there. People of all races, ranging from secondary school goers to 40plus uncle and aunties all train together there which feels a bit overcrowded.

But anyway it is ok because Wing Chun uses more hand technique and less leg technique because kicking would require more space. The class began with practicing the stance and how to move around in their stance, I wasn’t able to join in until the second session due to space limitation.

The second session we practice “Chi Gong”, whereby it train us to clear our mind, to focus on our flow of body energy while doing minimal subtle hand movement. Haha I don’t know whether I explained it correctly but it is quite aching for beginners as there are many movement that requires you to hold your hands up for a long, long time. It seems like eternity but I believe it is also one part of that trains your discipline and focus.

They say the basics is the most important step in doing everything, get the basic right before you can proceed to other advance method, although it is very tempting to just start off with the more flowery pattern the seniors there did.

The third session is what I most anticipated, the punching session! Hell Yeah~
I’ve done a bit of reading on Wing Chun before and it seems that Wing Chun punch is quite different from other martial arts punches. I was quite disappointed as I got defeated at this early basic stage already.

Wing Chun basic punch is straight and forward, the punch extend in a straighter line from your body and your right hand thumb will be either facing the top or outward right against your body and does not apply waist energy. conclusion-vertical punch.

I find this very hard to achieve and adjust as I’ve trained Soo Bahk Do for a few years and Wing Chun punch is like the other way around. Soo Bahk Do’s punch launches from the sideway of your body to the middle, the punch will twist your wrist and your right hand thumb will be facing to the left and does apply waist energy. conclusion - horizontal punch.

I applied a lot of Soo Bahk Do punch instead as I found it quite hard to throw away the habit as it already sticks to me like instinct. My body reacted naturally like it’s hard to control sometime. Old habits die hard.

Sign…now I understand the frustration of entering a new martial art. It is really not that easy as one should somehow throw away previous martial art habit and start all over like a plain white paper. Wow, then I really do admire those martial artists out there that can master many different martial arts.

Conclusion, I think Wing Chun is not suitable for me. However I would have continue if I’ve never learn any martial art before, as Donnie Yen looks so cool while practicing it with the wooden dummy:P

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robin Hood

Can anyone tell me why the arrow is at the inside (on top of the index finger instead of thumb,like the pic below) is there any difference by the way?

Everyone knows the story about Robin Hood, i was quite curious and skeptic why they wanted to make another film about it. i initially thought it would be a remake of previous robin hood films, initially i also feel that Russell is a bit too old for the role (previous Robin Hood actors are quite young looking) and i think he's too muscular to be an archer...hmm...i mean...when is the last time you see a muscular archer? Usually if you're muscular, it'll be more practical to be a "Tanker". But then...with Russell Crowe + Ridley Scott Gladiator Combo i figured that it would be a worthy movie to try.

wow...and what a remarkable movie it turn out to be! The whole movie is actually the prequel to Robin Hood, the story behind and before how Robin Hood become the legend and familiar folklore.

Yes, there's many medieval sword clashes and arrow barrage to be expected from the film and some scene maybe a little violent for young kids:P Russell Crowe as expected from an Oscar winner did a very good job and he portrays a more tougher and meaner,yet sometime also can be humorous Robin Hood.

Hmm....but my most favorite Robin Hood actor is still Kevin Costner. Beside more good looking, he possessed some style and charm that Russell didn't have. Oh well..then again, it would be weird if a tough guy looking Russell to behave otherwise. Hmm...Kevin Costner's The Prince Of Thieves is just epic.

Then there's this funny Robin Hood i saw before. The most funniest scene i can remember is Robin using an iron wrist glove to slap someone as revenge when the other guy slap him using a leather wrist glove:P

My gf asked me why they get an older actress to play Lady Marian, hmm...oh well...i guess that is to fit Russell's age. If is too young then it would look weird. But the actress did perform a good job too. As conclusion, it's a movie worth to watch at the cinema and a great story but there's some part along the Two and Half hours long movie whereby the tempo is a bit slow.

Haha, i've been on a movie streak lately every Wednesday movie night...starting with IP Man2,Iron Man2,Robin Hood, plan to watch Prince of Persia when it hit the big screen soon. many summer blockbuster this time around yahoo~

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Street Fighter Legacy

wow, saw this video via a friend's link in facebook...and all i gotta say is...awesome! double awesome! Finally..for god's sake, a Street Fighter film that is loyal to the Video Game.

It is only a 3 minute short film, but i do hope that it can be made into a movie. The slow time fight scenes look good, and yes...Hadoken and all the essential combo all are available:D

For Video Games turned Movie genre, the character is the most important and must look as similar to the original Video Games as possible. From the short clip, yes...i'm happy to see that...especially the actor playing Ryu is not fully Ang Mo. Ken really looks like the Video Game's copy. Getting martial art based actor is also a lot better than getting actors who don't and requires additional training, because all this would contribute to the quality of the fight scenes.

Their custom and cinematography are great too! The little watery effect makes them look somehow real and somehow CGI. Yes..i like this effect becomes it looks more like a Video Game Character + Live Action Character effect hahaha.

Previous SF films are just terrible, the director's doesn't seem to play the game before and don't pay attention to detail. Remember the Jon Claude Van Damn as Guile in SF? Ngaiti...crappy storyline and i hate the fact the Ryu who is supposed to the main character is downplayed as a side kick. Many of their character outfit and looks poorly resemble the Video Game character.

SF - The Legend of Chun Li, hmmm....this film is much better than the first SF movie. First,Actress is pretty. Things i don't like is that Balrog/Vega the masked guy is not cool enough..although there's many improvement that can be done, but at least it raise up the standard of what SF movie should be...the ending that shows they will be looking for Ryu packs a punch! BTW, did anyone notice that Chun Li's master is actually the Mortal Kombat's Liu Kang?>_<

Hmm...All things said, i really hope that they can make it into a good movie this time around:D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

i saw this movie's trailer from facebook posting and think it's quite nice and it would be worth a try to watch.

And after watching it...what i can only say is...Two Thumbs Up!
wow, for the first time after watching movie for so many years...finally there's a Malaysian movie that i can be proud of!

Kudos for all the team behind the movie and for Ah Niu's hard work. The storyline is quite simple actually but with the right story telling and Ah Niu's down to earth humour and originality it can turn out to be a good movie.

It really reminds me of my good old childhood days (although i didn't play guli or fighting fish haha) those innocent's your lifetime's treasure worth remembering. I think it's this simplicity that touches the audience.

This is Ah Niu's first movie as a director for the big screen, and for a first timer, it is quite good! you can feel that alot of effort has been put into this movie, All other Malaysian Singer like Victor Wong, Gary Chou etc appears first time in movies and did a good job too.

The cinematography is quite impressive as well! i think this is a big leap for Malaysian movie. The camera, the angle, the lighting...i think it has those quality of those Hollywood movie!It feels so natural and comfortable when watching the whole movie.

Haha, if you're a Malaysian and haven't watch this movie yet, do go to the cinema and give your support!;D

P.S. Wait for the credits to end before leaving as there's something at the end too!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laughing At Our Differences

I stumble upon an entry of Mr. Jam about various jokes from different religion some time ago. I was quite amazed at seeing such topics especially those Muslim jokes whereby even living in Malaysia, a Muslim state I’ve never heard or read upon it before.

The jokes posted consisted of religion like Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Hindu alike. Haha, if the writer is in Malaysia, I think he would be in big trouble as our authorities aren’t that open minded sadly to say. Oh well, can’t blame them, we are still a developing country, not fully developed yet.

But what really amazed me more is that the respondent and the community of that blog. They are from different corners of the world with different ideology, religion, culture but yet still be able to talk and laugh out their differences in a mature, constructive and funny way.

Wow…behold the power of internet. Bridging different communities together to even people that never met each other before!

The world consists of many different people and therefore we need to learn to respect our differences. It’s the differences that make things special and unique. If everything is the same it would be very boring right?

Sign…but some people use this special difference to set path for conflicts. Perhaps it’s their inner ego of wanting to be special thus would reject people different from them. Alas…this prejudice is mostly taught consciously or sub-consciously from parents to their child. A child can easily be-friend another child, as they are not bonded by this adult rules, that is until they become adults themselves.

Hmm… no wonder in the movie Knowing, the aliens only come to save children and not adults.

Hmm….will the day come when we Malaysians can sit down and chat and laugh at our differences?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

CNY 2010 - The Year of the Tiger.

Hehe i know it's a late very late entry...anyway here it goes:P

Farewell to the Bull which has worked hard and passed a year of much economic turbulence and change.

This year we celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger, a beast that is traditionally regards a totem to ward off evil spirits.

Chinese worldwide celebrate this special occasion and I’m grateful and glad that I’m able to make it home for the family reunion dinner.

This year, the first day of CNY falls on February 14, yup the same date as Valentine Day! So some people couldn’t celebrate it on that day as they’ll be going back to hometown to celebrate CNY. I quite pity the flower sellers because they need to work on CNY and I don’t think the sales would be good for them as most people would be busy with CNY.

Beside all the Ang Paus, delicious food, beautiful fireworks, holidays spirit, I think the most important part of CNY is because for some, it is the only time of the year for friends and family to meet up together.

Specially for those not staying in hometown, like me I’ll go for family and friends gathering and to catch up on status as some of them I would only meet up once a year.
Visiting and planning gathering can be quite difficult as you get older you’ll have more different commitments and somehow you’ll feel more lazy>_<.

This CNY holiday I didn’t managed to find up most of my friends compared to last year. Sign…I guest I need to be more aggressive in visiting next year. I didn’t managed to sing karaoke too…big big sign…I was wondering whether my age of karaoke has passed and is now on the declining stages? Huh? Nooooooo…Tidakkkkkkk….Wo Bu Yao~~~~ T_T

Therefore I sincerely apologize if I couldn’t meet up with some people or didn’t send them CNY sms haha. (Now got facebook ma…) But really I still want to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year and may the roaring tiger brings you and your family an abundance of happiness and health! (and some extra wealth too!)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar & Siaw Hui wedding.

Two weeks before CNY, I traveled back to Kuching to attend a friend’s wedding. Luckily I was able to book early and the fare was quite cheap, both way only cost me RM68.

I’ve known the bride, Siaw Hui back in my Uni days. It was my semester break and I was looking for part time jobs. I happen to saw a notice board in Kuching Civic Center library and so I called her up and went there for an interview of a waiter’s position.

The name of the café was called “Daydream” and the place was quite a bit off the road and I remembered the first time when I met her. I got a 0.5 stun as I didn’t expect to meet up someone pretty haha. I was instantly put into work without interviewing and next minute I’m already carrying dishes and wiping and clearing tables. I even need to borrow handphone from her to inform my parents that I’ve gotten a part time job as my handphone was low bat that time.

So that is how I became a “Daydreamer”. Daydream was only 6 months old when I joined and I was quite proud to be first student from Batu Lintang Secondary School to work there. Hehe, it was quite fun to see that as years goes by, I was able to recognize all those faces from Batu Lintang waiter/waitress that worked there and I’m able to think of myself as some sort of pioneer haha.

Slowly I got more familiarize with Siaw Hui and her friends and I was quite surprised that we do have some friendship chemistry. This is something new for me in a way that this is the first time I build up a friendship outside friends from my school circle. So when we’re not working, we would go to have a drink/dinner, watch movies or even go for outing trips.

Hehe, my Daydream friends is guilty as charged for being the first gang to bring me to Karaoke. The first song I sang in karaoke is Jay Chou’s “星晴” from his first album and they say I sing quite ok and this is how I became a Karaoke Addict:P

This is the first time I become a “sister” of the bride. I helped out with some of the preparation of the games for the bridegroom’s “brother” and to print out the “love declaration” letter. The love declaration is written by Siaw Hui herself and is quite original and perfectly portrays her mischievous and down-to-earth humor.

Another funny thing is that the letter is written in Chinese which the bridegroom doesn’t understand, therefore he needs a translator to read it out to him before he can read out the declaration himself.

Their dinner was held in Pullman hotel, Kuching. It’s the newest hotel in town and this was also the first time I’ve been there. The place was beautifully decorated and the food taste good too.

I met an inspiring person on my same table. He’s in a wheelchair, getting government socso living allowance but this does not stop him from just being someone on wheelchair awaiting help only. He even run his own textile printing business and is quite an optimistic person. He even joked that he is the most crazy wheelchairer in town, constantly going around socializing, doing business like normal people do. Wow, I feel honored to know someone like this and I think it is quite inspiring for others.

Here's more pics of the wedding day.

They specially rent and decorated a bus for 'brothers' and 'sisters'.

Frozen bananas...brothers gotta eat this!

another obstacles, brothers gotta do push up while finishing licking chili sauce on the plate below their face>_<

Bear bear getting married:)

Sisters posing


what are they plotting? hmm....

show me the money~

white sisters gang posing, luckly i wear white...the bride forget to inform me! "tang yuan"..hehe very happy can eat "tang yuan"

Piggy bank, XXXL, gotta have one of these!

Siaw Hui is a good girl and I believe she’ll make a good wife. Haha, This is Houg, signing off with a big cheers for the newly wed.

Siao Hui, 要幸福喔:)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Blogging on Air!

Yeah…today I’m going back home to Kuching to attend a good friend’s wedding. Previously I’ve made my Skybus payment via online (cheaper RM2.50) but I forgot to print out the itinerary. I was cracking my brains on how I’m going to show the Skybus staff that I’ve already made my payment, else I have nothing to prove and I’ll have to pay the additional RM9 bus fee. So I took out my laptop and show the softcopy version to them! Haha, I think this was quite a funny and creative way but anyway it’s better if one could print out the itinerary to avoid the hassle.

I arrived a bit earlier on to LCCT today so I was going around looking for Breakfast. It turns out those fast food chain in LCCT pricing is more expensive than those in cities and they don’t have those Breakfast value meals. The cheapest I found is an Egg Burger + Coffee Combo of RM4.70 in Marry Brown.

I walk pass MCD, Mary Brown, Old town all pricing is a bit expensive for me. Haha I’m imagining myself as a student with no much money so I got to find the cheapest available breakfast in LCCT!

Beside Mary Brown, there’s an Emporium. I found that they got sell Gardenia Bread! Haha, those RM0.60 Gardenia Bun is the most cheapest breakfast you can get in West Malaysia. Even in LCCT, the price is still standard. No wonder I saw some customers took a basket full of Gardenia Breads! I think maybe they’re buying for their staff working here perhaps?

So I got myself a RM1.80 mini 200ml Peel Fresh orange juice and in total I just spend RM2.40 for breakfast in LCCT! Fufufu…I suddenly felt very proud of myself for able to find a cheap breakfast! Hehe, plus I go grab a free Malay Mail and sit outside MC-D to eat (without ordering MC-D food). Hm.. normally I would have grab an ice-cream in order to make myself to not look like a free loader but my tummy is still too early in the morning for that:P

Hmm…there’s no Wifi in those fast food store in LCCT except Starbucks, but I think in the waiting place before departure they have. I saw the sign but I didn’t use it. Hmm…I wonder when Wifi would be available inside planes?

After I checked in, I saw that now they’ve assigned a staff to test carry your hand luggage. I suppose they did it to manually measure the weight of your hand luggage, probably if it’s too heavy they would ask you to check in your luggage which would cost you additional RM15. Luckily I didn’t bring much stuff home.

When I put my luggage through the X-Ray checking point, the staff told me to open my luggage as he wanted to check on some weird un-normal looking things.

Haha, it turns out to be my good old cassette. Hmm… I think it’s because cassette is very uncommon nowadays and perhaps it looks like a dangerous weapon? Haha I was afraid the staff might want to check for pirated cassette and may want to take it away…but then…yalor…all cassettes are original right? :P

The reason why I bought those cassettes over to KL is because my car here is using cassette player instead of CD. But after the player “ate” one of my cassettes I decided to bring them all home and to retire them to become antics shelves display at my room.
Oh.. By the way, I’m using an MP3 modulator at my car now. It is a much cheaper and better choice than CD player. You can keep much more music and you wouldn’t be afraid of police stopping you to take away your pirated CDs>_<

The journey from KL to Kuching normally takes around 1 hour & 45 minutes. It is actually quite a long time if you have nothing to do…economic airplane seats are not the most comfortable ones to sleep and they don’t have Lobsters:P

I quite envy those West Malaysian people that they can go back to their home town in the weekends just by driving whereas East Malaysians have to go back by plane. Even if they are able to build a bridge but the immense size of South China Sea don’t know would take you how many hours of driving…hmm.. Perhaps I should use days?

Luckily there’s Air Asia, else I would not be able to come home frequent. Haha, I think it’s almost 10 years since I last board MAS.

I was about to doze off in flight when I suddenly remember while the flight stabilized you’ll be able to use electronic products. So, I asked a flight attendant for confirmation and next thing I know, I’m blogging my first post ever done on plane!

This is Houg, signoff at blah blah blah thousand feet above ground:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

eyeshield 21

I've started reading the hardcover manga back in Kuching a few years ago after a recommendation from my bro. But when i came to KL all these while i didn't follow up with it until recently.

i continue to watch from the part that i left and this few weeks i continue all the way to the finish line via one manga.

haha, but i didn't expect once i started, i would read the manga like crazy until the very end. Eyeshield 21 is special in a way that i think it's the only American Football manga out there...and the writer is also quite to draw a not so popular sport manga. But then again, i'm quite impress with the storyline in a way that it is able to attract someone like me that have no interest in American Football to actually follow a manga about American Football intensively and even grown a bit to like the sport! Haha, but i don't think you can play American Football anywhere in Malaysia though!

I thought American Football is all about brute force. haha, it's true! but then it's not enough! There's actually alot of strategies and teamwork behind it. Each player would need to memorize hundreds of strategy code in their head. Haha, so actually i think the main attraction of watching this manga is Haruma's trick play.

I'm quite touch with the storyline whereby at first the club only started with three person and then they slowly build up the full team, and eventually formed the all-star team. yup, definitely eyeshield 21 qualifies as one of my favourite manga:) i think beside slam dunk, this is the best sport manga that i've come across.

i can feel that the writer really likes American-Football and did quite alot of research about it.

Hmm...conclusion, i highly recommend this manga! anyone who considered themselve a manga and anime lover should watch it!:)

I'll like to end this post with an inspirational quote of Darrel Royal,an American-Football coach which is extracted from the manga:

"On the field,anyone will face humiliation once or twice while playing.

A player that never suffer from it never exist.

But the first class players, as a tribute to all their efforts will quickly stand up.

The average players will stand up after a little while.

And the losers will keep lying on the ground"