Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Wing Chun Encounter

Fully fuelled up after watching IP MAN & IP MAN 2, I started to search on the web to see where I can learn it in PJ area. Then I found one which is: Lara’s Place at SS2. The place is actually some sort of activity center where the Wing Chun class seems to be renting the place for the training. It is located in the same block as “New Paris Restaurant”. It is on the 1st floor whereby you need to go up a lift as I didn’t see any staircase.

Anyway I was told I can get a free trial on phone, but when I arrived I was asked to pay RM10 if I want to participate in the training. Oh well…the best way to experience one’s martial art is to take part in it yourself instead of just observing from the bench.

As I entered the room I was surprise to see a diverse group of people practicing there. People of all races, ranging from secondary school goers to 40plus uncle and aunties all train together there which feels a bit overcrowded.

But anyway it is ok because Wing Chun uses more hand technique and less leg technique because kicking would require more space. The class began with practicing the stance and how to move around in their stance, I wasn’t able to join in until the second session due to space limitation.

The second session we practice “Chi Gong”, whereby it train us to clear our mind, to focus on our flow of body energy while doing minimal subtle hand movement. Haha I don’t know whether I explained it correctly but it is quite aching for beginners as there are many movement that requires you to hold your hands up for a long, long time. It seems like eternity but I believe it is also one part of that trains your discipline and focus.

They say the basics is the most important step in doing everything, get the basic right before you can proceed to other advance method, although it is very tempting to just start off with the more flowery pattern the seniors there did.

The third session is what I most anticipated, the punching session! Hell Yeah~
I’ve done a bit of reading on Wing Chun before and it seems that Wing Chun punch is quite different from other martial arts punches. I was quite disappointed as I got defeated at this early basic stage already.

Wing Chun basic punch is straight and forward, the punch extend in a straighter line from your body and your right hand thumb will be either facing the top or outward right against your body and does not apply waist energy. conclusion-vertical punch.

I find this very hard to achieve and adjust as I’ve trained Soo Bahk Do for a few years and Wing Chun punch is like the other way around. Soo Bahk Do’s punch launches from the sideway of your body to the middle, the punch will twist your wrist and your right hand thumb will be facing to the left and does apply waist energy. conclusion - horizontal punch.

I applied a lot of Soo Bahk Do punch instead as I found it quite hard to throw away the habit as it already sticks to me like instinct. My body reacted naturally like it’s hard to control sometime. Old habits die hard.

Sign…now I understand the frustration of entering a new martial art. It is really not that easy as one should somehow throw away previous martial art habit and start all over like a plain white paper. Wow, then I really do admire those martial artists out there that can master many different martial arts.

Conclusion, I think Wing Chun is not suitable for me. However I would have continue if I’ve never learn any martial art before, as Donnie Yen looks so cool while practicing it with the wooden dummy:P

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robin Hood

Can anyone tell me why the arrow is at the inside (on top of the index finger instead of thumb,like the pic below) is there any difference by the way?

Everyone knows the story about Robin Hood, i was quite curious and skeptic why they wanted to make another film about it. i initially thought it would be a remake of previous robin hood films, initially i also feel that Russell is a bit too old for the role (previous Robin Hood actors are quite young looking) and i think he's too muscular to be an archer...hmm...i mean...when is the last time you see a muscular archer? Usually if you're muscular, it'll be more practical to be a "Tanker". But then...with Russell Crowe + Ridley Scott Gladiator Combo i figured that it would be a worthy movie to try.

wow...and what a remarkable movie it turn out to be! The whole movie is actually the prequel to Robin Hood, the story behind and before how Robin Hood become the legend and familiar folklore.

Yes, there's many medieval sword clashes and arrow barrage to be expected from the film and some scene maybe a little violent for young kids:P Russell Crowe as expected from an Oscar winner did a very good job and he portrays a more tougher and meaner,yet sometime also can be humorous Robin Hood.

Hmm....but my most favorite Robin Hood actor is still Kevin Costner. Beside more good looking, he possessed some style and charm that Russell didn't have. Oh well..then again, it would be weird if a tough guy looking Russell to behave otherwise. Hmm...Kevin Costner's The Prince Of Thieves is just epic.

Then there's this funny Robin Hood i saw before. The most funniest scene i can remember is Robin using an iron wrist glove to slap someone as revenge when the other guy slap him using a leather wrist glove:P

My gf asked me why they get an older actress to play Lady Marian, hmm...oh well...i guess that is to fit Russell's age. If is too young then it would look weird. But the actress did perform a good job too. As conclusion, it's a movie worth to watch at the cinema and a great story but there's some part along the Two and Half hours long movie whereby the tempo is a bit slow.

Haha, i've been on a movie streak lately every Wednesday movie night...starting with IP Man2,Iron Man2,Robin Hood, plan to watch Prince of Persia when it hit the big screen soon. many summer blockbuster this time around yahoo~

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Street Fighter Legacy

wow, saw this video via a friend's link in facebook...and all i gotta say is...awesome! double awesome! Finally..for god's sake, a Street Fighter film that is loyal to the Video Game.

It is only a 3 minute short film, but i do hope that it can be made into a movie. The slow time fight scenes look good, and yes...Hadoken and all the essential combo all are available:D

For Video Games turned Movie genre, the character is the most important and must look as similar to the original Video Games as possible. From the short clip, yes...i'm happy to see that...especially the actor playing Ryu is not fully Ang Mo. Ken really looks like the Video Game's copy. Getting martial art based actor is also a lot better than getting actors who don't and requires additional training, because all this would contribute to the quality of the fight scenes.

Their custom and cinematography are great too! The little watery effect makes them look somehow real and somehow CGI. Yes..i like this effect becomes it looks more like a Video Game Character + Live Action Character effect hahaha.

Previous SF films are just terrible, the director's doesn't seem to play the game before and don't pay attention to detail. Remember the Jon Claude Van Damn as Guile in SF? Ngaiti...crappy storyline and i hate the fact the Ryu who is supposed to the main character is downplayed as a side kick. Many of their character outfit and looks poorly resemble the Video Game character.

SF - The Legend of Chun Li, hmmm....this film is much better than the first SF movie. First,Actress is pretty. Things i don't like is that Balrog/Vega the masked guy is not cool enough..although there's many improvement that can be done, but at least it raise up the standard of what SF movie should be...the ending that shows they will be looking for Ryu packs a punch! BTW, did anyone notice that Chun Li's master is actually the Mortal Kombat's Liu Kang?>_<

Hmm...All things said, i really hope that they can make it into a good movie this time around:D