Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Future is...

Damn! I was quite disappointed that all those hype on Copenhagen Green Talks doesn't really produce an effective result...sign...that's why i hope for a better greener future and it's what inspired me to write this blog together with the HP-MSN-Future Is event.

So here it goes...

Hmmm...the future is...

1. Human Wash.
I got this idea when driving my car to an automated car wash centre. I was thinking hey....why not next to the tunnel we create another tunnel whereby human can stand on a moving treadmill that will wash, apply shampoo, body lotion, scrub and dry a person up? so while you wash your car, you also wash yourself! A bit crazy idea, but who knows?

2. Grocery Shopping Delivery Service
In future, you don't have to go the grocery, the grocery will be delivered to you! Since grocery products are quite generic and most people usually would just stick to the same brand, they just have to order it online and the shopping complex will deliver them to your house. Oh..did i say shopping complex? hmm...maybe you could just have them delivered from fresh from the factory? Of course, all goods must have warranty. Having goods delivered to your house also will reduce the use of plastic bags.

3. Bio-degradable organic "plastic bag"
Plastic=Pollution, but seriously we can't live without plastic at the moment. One simple question will be: if i don't have plastic bag, where do i throw and keep my household rubbish? So scientist should come up with a more eco-friendlier and really bio-degradable plastic bag. haha, I don't think the ingredient will be plastic though, maybe they'll use paper? i just use "plastic bag" with brackets as i couldn't find another name to refer to it. But strangely, you’ll see that in U.S. in T.V. when they buy groceries, they put it in some brown recycled paper bag to replace plastic bag…it doesn’t seem difficult to do, so why are we not implementing it? We only use plastic bag to store or keep something, after that, we wouldn't be using it anymore. so, scientist should invent a plastic bag that will eventually be degradable and can be put inside the food waster(item no.5)

4. Recycle Plastic Bag Factory.
Hmm...if item 3 cannot work, or if it takes scientist to produce more pollution in the process just to make a really bio-degrable plastic, we still have item no.4 to make up for it. This can be a household machine or a community shared machine. What this machine basically do is to create plastic bag from plastic bag! If you have this machine, you'll be able to throw your entire plastic bag or other plastic material into this machine. When you need a plastic bag, you'll press a button on the machine to select the size you want and the machine will "print" out a plastic bag for you!
At least if all plastic can be recycled, then there's less reason needed to create new plastic from factory. Haha, don’t think this is a really good idea:P

5. Food Waste Keeper.
This "thing" will be the place you dump your food waste at home. the more expensive model will not let out food smell. All food waste will be temporary stored here and by each weekend, a special collector will come and collect the food waste from each house and this would eventually be send to biomass energy center or to farm as fertilizer. Of course, if this can be incorporated into current rubbish dumper car, then the better. Collecting food waste will be like collecting old newspaper, you'll get some money in return! The food collector will also have a special scanner to scan make sure you didn't add in anything else that is not suppose to be in there.
Hey, who know the food collector guy can also be the same grocery delivery guy! If so, they can provide discount for the things you buy! hmm...or maybe not..maybe consumer is not mentally prepared yet to buy food from the waste collector:P

6. Electrical/Electronic Waste Collector.
Hmm...if you have old or spoiled electrical or electronic, where do you dump? Rubbish bin of course! They have not even invented a recycling bin for this category yet! This category will be harder to manage than food waste as some product can be hazardous. Maybe can set up a business to collect all these from house to house, and it'll be brought to a specialized electrical/electronic salvage company to use it to make into spare part or raw materials? Or the collector company will deliver the products back to the factory according to their specific brands.

I was thinking whether or not if I post this up, some people will just grab and steal the ideas from me. But I was thinking...hmm...if I have the confidence in my creativity, then i shouldn't be afraid of this, I can still continue to think of more new ideas, it's not like they have my brain right? besides, if there are serious businessmen who really want to start a business based on this idea, haha, it'll be better for him to look for me as partner as I’ll be able to contribute more new ideas!:P

Sunday, December 20, 2009

comic fiesta 2009

When i saw an advertisement about this event i knew i must go there!

As a small town boy, i'll never get such a chance, so since i'm in KL now and i'm such a hardcore anime and manga fan, nobody can stop me from going there~

So i gathered up my army of three little kitten: mike, my bro and i and we set off to conquer comic fiesta 2009 at sunway pyramid convention centre on 19th December.

My bro who is a more hardcore fan than me, deliberately come from Kuching to attend this event! Kudos for his spirit!

This was our first time attending such events, so we're not sure what to expect as well.

Hehe, none of us have been to Sunway pyramid convention centre, but luckily we spot some cosplayer in the complex, so we just follow them:P

The first cosplayer i took photo with, er...not sure who's she cosplaying but just by looking at the death scythe it's already worth it to take picture with her>_<

One of the most impressive cosplay is this towering Grande Ghost from Bleach!
We're joking how they made it up,e.g. just using a balloon to float it inside, or it's a combination of two people standing on top of another..haha, but i've only notice after i took this picture i can see the inside cosplayer's reflection behind the think layer of black veil.

The two guys from the three kingdom series game,haha, they did a good job on the costume and weapon!

Mr. Ichigo berserk hollow mode shopping for goodies...i saw a lot of ichigos that day.

Tifa of Final Fantasy posing for the shots.

I think he cos-played Squall quite good, he has the natural coolness of the character and the costume and weapon are quite lookalike as in the game. hmm..i'm wonder if he got draw Squall's scar on the head as well?

This guy is quite creative to play Mickey Mouse in Kingdom Hearts. Haha, but i think it would really freaked me off if suddenly see this version of Mickey Mouse at night!

Sexy Lara Croft..too bad didn't take picture with her haha.

Bleach arrancar dude and Naruto's Sasori. Notice the black circle patch of the arrancar dude and the fake puppet behind sasori...

I like this notice, very creative and funny, it's from LOTR.

This Orichimaru is also quite good, even have a fake snake!

L....With his lollipop. I think he's a friend of Orichimaru, haha, what do they have in common? Face white white lo.

Sid,Barret,Cloud and er...oii...why is there a SWAT Team member in the group?:P Cloud is one of the most hardest character to cosplay thank to his hair.

There's many on-stage cosplay performance and competition too.

i think the most important thing of on-stage cosplay performance is that you should have as many stage objects as you can that will make the audience easier to visualize.

Some are good, some are bad, there's funny ones and some are just pointless>_<
Some did a very bad singing performances but luckly there's one fantastic songbird to save the day in the end. Oh...by the way, both the emcees are funny and did a good job too:)

Oh...one thing, cosplayer really like to dance. In the end all hell break lose and the stage become crowded. The Storm Troopers even joined the party!

Yup...most important is to have fun:)

The event ended around 630pm... and i bought myself a cute souvenier:)

Yeah...for first timer experience it's definitely worth it. In future, i'll like to attend bigger comic convention like those held in Singapore, hehe:)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blood Diamond

photo grabbed from wikipedia.

The movie is about 2hours and it's filled with action and lessons of life..Leonardo put up quite a good performance for this movie.

I was quite shock when i knew the plot of this movie, it was such an eye-opener. Never before that i've imagined those beautiful diamond that are symbol of love and joy could come from such a bloody and heart-torn background.

Some of the diamonds mines in Africa are controlled by feuding warlords that terrorize the land and the people. The worst and saddest story of them all is that they abuct children from villages to brainwash them into killing machines. I mean children should be in school or playing ball in the field,not taking drugs and taking up arms and killing people.

Everyone should watch this film and think about it themselves. It is up to consumer themselves to decide whether the diamond is conflicted or not.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kuala Selangor+Sekinchang Adventure

Hehe, set foot on another new place away far far away from the busy and hectic city life=>Kuala Selangor+Sekinchang.

Luckly my roomate's grandma lives there so we got ourself a tourguide to bring us around:)

First stop we took our late lunch a restaurant by the river. And wow...this is one of the best seafood that i've ever tasted! cooking is nice and most importantly, the seafood is fresh:)

The bill, it's worth it:P

How do i know it's fresh? The fishing boat is just below the restaurant!

The restaurant we went to, recommend:)

Next stop, we went to see monkeys in Bukit Malawati as it is insisted by the tour guide. (There is another place call Bukit Melawati in Wangsa Maju).

I'm pointing to the monkey that is sitting on the canon:P

Notice the golden baby monkey? Can anyone tell me why the baby is golden but adult not golden???

The monkeys here are very familiar with people and you can feed them food! Luckily they didn't mistaken my banana for food>_< .

The monkeys here are more tamed than the ones i met in Bako National Park.

Be reminded that they are two type of monkeys, one which you see in this picture and ones that lives at the bottom of the mountain which is more aggressive. You are not advised to feed them! The way to differentiate bottom mountain monkey is that they don't have David Becham's hair like these dudes:P

Next stop, Sekinchang padi fields.

hmm...i've seen alot of beautiful photos of the green green padi field so i was quite excited when i finally reach there.

but then...somehow, i feel abit disappointed.

hmm...it's not really as beautiful as i imagined. The pictures that I've seen previously looks better. Felt like being fooled by the camera, or maybe i didn't come at the most beautiful time???

Reminds me of Broga Hill

Conclusion, I'll be back for the Monkeys, not the Padi.

Haha, luckly the best is saved for the last.

At around 730pm we set off to Kampung Kuantan, the natural habitat of fireflies in Kuala Selanggor. It's around RM10 per person if you got 4 people. After we put on our safety jacket, we are guided to a sampan.

wow, this is the first time i sit in a traditional, man-powered pedal sampan.
i was quite nervous at first because the surface of the water is very close and there's nothing but darkness up front.

However, the fear was quickly erased as i begun to see little by little twinkling lights by the horizon. As we move closer, we are treated with one of the most beautiful and precious sights nature have to offer.

We are greeted by thousands and thousands of fireflies that is resting on the trees by the river. Never before I've seen so many fireflies in one place. The sight was truly a marvelous sight to behold, it's like Christmas trees on the riverbank!

The boatman took us very close to the trees until we are able to touch the leaves and even the fireflies too!(the trees are not tall, just above the water). Luckily that night there was no moon and we go there after the raining stop, so it's actually the best time to see fireflies^_^

Too bad fireflies cannot sing like cicada, or else it'll be something really out of this world haha. The sky was very clear that night filled with stars, hehe, we also got our own stars too down there by the river:)

Sign, cannot take photos as remembrance as it was too dark, but the wonderful image would remain with me for a very long long time:)

This is truly a Malaysian and world heritage, everyone should go and see it once in your lifetime while it's still there:)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Broga Hill Adventure

Went to Broga Hill last sunday, located at Semenyih which is about 45 minute drive from PJ. We set off our journey at 430am in the morning and with the help of google map and some intuition, we managed to reach our destination at 530am.

The climb itself is not very tiring as the trail is quite easy. (roughly tooks about 45minute) the only difficulties is that we set off early morning and we need to use torch light to light our path.

We reach the second peak at around 630am and we waited for the sunrise there. (they say that the third peak cannot see sunrise)

Too bad it's abit cloudy so we couldn't see the sunrise clearly.

As the sun slowly rise, we began to see more beautiful scenery around us.

Broga Hill was filled with these golden wheat-like grass!

Even took photos with other friendly hikers:)

This is the third peak, we didn't managed to climb there as suddenly it started to rain...

Lucky it was only a few drops...so we continue to take more pics.

Dunno whether can eat or not..haha:P

This is me posing with the golden wheat, too bad i don't have a samurai sword to make me look more fierce:P

xia got influenced by me:P

Due to the xia's comment,i've no choice but to put her pretty pic as well:P

ching taking a little monster pose:)

Even little doggy also can climb...i've seen two dog that day on Broga Hill.

Conclusion, the scenery is quite nice + the hill is quite easy to climb = an outdoor hiking trip everyone can go. (even dog can climb)

Broga Hill, I'll be back!


Oh...wait...the story not finish yet!

I later discovered that i accidentally left my car key in the car. As i was trying very hard to try to unpick my car lock, the parking attendant uncle come and see if he could help. He came and directly open up my front passenger door, which is actually unlocked without my notice....sienz....

(>_<) (>_<) (>_<)

Haiz...this did not happen to me for a long long time liao. Taught me a good lesson to be more careful next time.

That's all for now. Cheers:)