Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nescafe Versus Starbucks

Hmm...nothing beats a cup of Nescafe to start up a new day. Yes, i'm a coffee addict of Nesccafe three in one regular and i've no idea how many packets i've consumed daily througout the years. haha, oh well, but i do restrict myself of having more than 3 cups a day.

Anyway, last weekend i got the opportunity to go Starbucks as my housemate got discount vouchers. haha, if not for the discount voucher, i don't think i'm gona go there purposely because i was abit thrifty to spend RM10++ for a cup of coffee, whereas compare to drinking 10times of Nescafe.

so that to the discount voucher, i get to have the chance to taste premium starbuck coffee:) i ordered the Blueberry Frapucino and read alot about the brochure explaining starbuck's coffee.

hmm...after drinking...i still couldn't see why starbucks coffee cost 10times more than Nescafe. Does it make me more song(feel good in hokkien)? Maybe it's just my expectation for a good coffee is not so high. or maybe i agreed with my friend's saying that he'll rather spend money on food than drinks as you can taste more with food.

anyway glad that i've tried it as i think it's gonna be a long while before i have another cup. But still...i still love you Nescafe>_<