Wednesday, January 30, 2008

another round of b'day dinner at chicago 7

thanks siao hui for burning the photo for me, haha.

oh well, i was wondering where to go next to celebrate my b'day with my daydream's frens. then i saw kenny sia's entry on chicago 7. that's why i decided to go there. i think kenny really did help to boost up the business. i wonder how many cow burger did he received from them, haha.

as my other frens also haven't went to that place, so i think might as well give it a try. it's fun to visit new place anyways. food wise, yeah i did try the cow burger, it actually taste not bad. the cow is sweet and taste different from other cow burger that i've eaten before.

hmm...but today i've heart that my colleage complained that he went there and ordered the chicken burger and the burger's meat is like a few piece of A4 paper only! haha so funny his description..

here's a summary of what i received this time, haha.

i received a mug, a big one indeed. i laughed saying that i normaly wouldn't drink so much water in a row. haha. but there's a wording in the mug saying "behind every successful person is a loving family". hmm...quite true also. if you got a family to take care of, that would drive and make you strive for more in life.

next is a water bottle. i laughed as i suddenly remember the last time i used a water bottle is in primary schools. cause in secondary school i switched to use mineral water, as it is more convinient and a less heavy. haha, i've received a mug and a water bottle, does that mean that i need to drink more water this year? :p

next is a pair of stocking and a wrist band. haha i've never use a wristband in games before, because i think it's quite unecessary and it's a bit show off. but i don't i'm gona wear it because of the wording. it says "Ali 23". in the field of basketball, everyone knows that the number 23 only belongs to Michael Jordan's Chicago Bull jersey. so ahahaha i forgive my fren who's not into basketball but to wear this Ali 23 wristband would be pai seh lo. >_< but nevertheless, thanks also.

next is a bird. i think it's a decorative wood made ostrich which has a clipper to clip messages.

haha but i like the bag more, which has a very cute bear singing.

i also received a Universal Rewards card from my friend for free! (it usually cost RM10). Universal Rewards card is something like a Bonus Link card, you can purchase many different kinds of products and collect points, difference is that the points collect are stored in the UR cards and you can use the point collected to directly buy other things at any UR store. i didn't take the picture of the card as the flash is too bright, but since my friend's selling it so i thought i should give him some support by writing in my blog haha. >_<

a million thanks, my friends, for all the gifts.

the best gifts i received that night are not these presents. but i received the news that one of my fren is gona get married! and she's gona get married and go live in australia. wah...we all feel very happy for her^_^

haha, tat's all for now:)

Friday, January 25, 2008

MCD and me~

image taken from here

when i'm tired and stressed after a hard day's work, i would go to one place, McDonald to tapao(takeaway).

i would tapao McValue meal no4, double cheese burger, french fries and coke. i would eat fries, drink coke, listen to music and drive slowly back home. i would clear my mind, dun think of anything, and let my hands and legs do the rest, eating, drinking and driving. i found this to be quite enjoying and an unique way for me to release stress.

hmm..if eating can release wonder there's so many overweighted people. haha, luckily not everyday my jobs is superstress. or else i would really get fat. haha, imagine inserting french fries non-stop to your mouth... it's fun in a way, but it's not encouraged regularly haha.

oh...if i'm not driving my kenari which has a water stand beside the door, i wouldn't be able to drink coke and drive>_< and the burger would need to wait until i get home cos i don't think i'm able to eat burger and drive at same time haha.

i remember when i was young, i ate my first mcD burger and gosh...i hate it! because i don't like the mayonaise in the burger. i took one bite and left the rest aside. and for a long long time, i don't go to McD.

then at uni years....i got a fren who's always crazy about McD. when ask where to eat, she would owez shout happily "McD, McD!" hmmm... i think maybe i got abit influenced. then i suddenly realize that not just i can endure the burger's mayonaise, i also tend to like it as well. haha, people can change, taste also can change.

image taken from here

yes, the fries. i believe MCD makes the best french fries around. i've eaten many fries before, but they doesn't taste as good as McD.

image taken from here

haha, although i like the fries, but i really dun like Mr. Ronald. when i'm young, after i saw steven king's horror movie "IT". i began to have paranoid for clowns and i tend to remember "IT" when i saw Mr. Ronald. it really took me quite some time to shake off the fear. haha, so as i grew up, i also tend to hate clowns>_<

as i am searching for pictures for this post i also came across this interesting site about MCD

haha, that's all for now... conclusion, tasty things are always unhealthy. it's in a sense unfair, but you will tend to neglect it's uniqueness or tastiness if you eat it regularly. haha, so in way, it would balance it up.

Monday, January 21, 2008

thanks my friends for a wonderful weekend

first of all, i would like to convey my greatest thanks to my friends who celebrated with me on my birthday last last weekends. haha, sorry i know this is a late post>_< me like everyone is busy preparing for chinese new year.

anyway i was thinking and abit worried how to celebrate my b'day. as i got a few different groups of people to consider, frens from secondary, uni, n work. but luckly as it was nearing my big day, one by one started to plan and invite me out and more luckly the time they selected also does not collide with one another! wah seh so accurate, so chun!

on 11 jan friday afternoon my colleage told everyone to get to the pantry to help catch mice. i was reluctant to go as i think u wouldn't need everyone just to go and catch mice. but in the end i get out of my seat and when i went there i saw the cake....wah i was so suprise! the witty organizer even carefully make sure we din notice the b'day cake. hmm..i dun really enjoy cheese cake, but i still eat two pieces haha.

the 3 january baby of my company:)
photograph complimentary of uncle lim

thinking back...ngaiti! i actually believe that about the mice! so easily to get fooled. hmm...need to improve on that>_<

next stop is saturday nite, whereby i go eat steamboat with my uni frens. after that we went to The Spring to take a walk. then later we decide to go for some drinks. while we're at 3rd mile area, i suggested to go the karaoke box to sing a few songs then drink as they are also karaoke kaki.

as the clock struck 12 they suddenly sing happy b'day song. hahaha. although it's not a big suprise...(shocking level not as the one by my colleages) as i already know the reason but they purposely din mention anything about it throughout the nite rite untill that moment. during the steamboat i'm also thinking whether they really did forgot or purposely dun say, haha.

i received a parker pen from them. haha, they say i can use it to sign autographs if i became famous next time:P thanks, kelly n teckboon.

on sunday morning, i went to popwave with my colleages and we took the lunch package. it's been quite a while since i went with them to was looking forward to it. and wah seh...there's another cake. this time is tiramisu flavour. yummy:)

i realize that i should preserve some energy for later that night as i would be going to popwave again with another bunch of frens>_<

so i didn't choose too many difficult songs. this is the first time i go popwave twice a day. but luckily afternoon got some time to rest. i don't think i would have the energy to go for two rounds straight.

at sunday nite i went with my frens to richmond's place. haha, my fren called it "rich man place". and then walao another cake...this time is american chocolate. wah seh..veli veli chocolate. the chocolate is so thick that i need some extra effort to cut through it. when i realize i should have taken the picture of the cake to put my blog...the cake is gone already:p

haha, i admit, i really like to eat b'day cake. when i c b'day cake, my eyes would brighten abit and my mouth would get wetter abit. cos b'day cake looks nice and taste nice. most importantly it's a gift full of happiness. so when u eat it, you'll also feel a part of the happiness.

i was very suprised that one of my fren who usually don't go singing turn up as well. he say this is my big day so he come...wah...feel so pai seh. but luckily he did have some fun as well at popwave there.

haha, so that's the summary of my b'day weekend. i would like to thanks everyone again who participated and help me to plan for it. really really thank you from the bottom of my heart. i dunno why, i just feel very gratefull lo, to have this bunch of nice people around to celebrate b'day with.

so, one of my b'day wish that i would always wish, is for this bunch of nice be happy and healthy:)

thank you. arigato gozaimasu!

Monday, January 14, 2008

advertlets....disappointed lo.

first of all, i'm writing this post out from my own opinion, i'm not being paid haha.

well as you may know, Malaysia currently have two blog advertising company which is


Nuffnang being the first and Advertlets being the fierce competitor. from both reviews and experience that i have with them, i think that both have their own advantages.

there's an interesting article here that interviews the founder of both company.

from the interview you can see that founder of Advertlets is quite charismatic and agrresive in the interview. i myself is quite drawn to what he said.

the comment section is very interesting also, one new word that i've learn from the comment posted is "N.A.T.O" (No Action Talk Only) not the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization. One guy uses this abbreviation to describe the founder of Adverlets>_<

one guy complain that Advertlet's website design is very ugly and not so user friendly. this one i've gotta agree. i mean for an IT company this shouldn't happen rite? the navigation bar is very out of place, and the first page display is too big, (need to scroll up and down to see) Nuffnang's website looks much better.

so after i took some time studying both company, i'm thinking why not? i decided to put up both ads from both company in my blog. not that i'm hoping to be able to make big money, i'm doing it just for the fun of it.

but things are quite ok, untill last year the transition of 2007 to 2008, a few days advertlets encounter some problems, causing the blog that has advertlets in their blogs to be redirected to another webpage.

i was quite angry as i couldn't visit and update my blog. until to the state of tulan, i deleted advertlets from my blog. well, although advertlets did send an email to explain and appologize, but i'm still thinking, this sort of thing shouldn't happen to an IT company rite?

so currently, my tulan period have not passed yet. see how it goes. anyway competition is inevitable and it will be interesting to see how both companies grow and compete in the future.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

投名状 Warlords!

image taken from here

went to watch this movie with frens as it is one of the movie i anticipated. i enjoyed the genre of war film and this film was the first time andy lau, jet li and Takeshi Kaneshivo participated together.

yes, there's alot of actions sequence, if compared to 300, it's actually more bloodier and violent as the scenes are fast and vicious. unlike 300 which has many cool and slow motion cut scenes which are quite entertaining to watch, this movie display a more real-life battle scenes.

but what caught me unexpected, was that the movie was very, very sad. after i finished the movie i also feel very sad for the characters.

went to riverside to watch it as star cineplex after 6pm is RM9 (even on movie day). there was less than 15 ppl i think who watched this movie, so it was freezingly cold. first time i watch a movie while trembling with cold.

ai...when golden screen open, will riverside survive?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

new year resolution 2008 took me quite a while to think about it. also i'm being lazy these few days.

but before that let me look back at my 2007 resolution and see how much i've done.

1. work hard, earn more money. hopefully dun spend more also, haha.
2. take up japanese language at swinburne japanese language club. gambate kudasai!
3. do more exercise at home. or dumb bell sitting at corner very lonely.
4. read more books! increase my limited knowledge. "if i could know it all, i will!
5. i wana say, hopefully found "the one", but haha this thing can considered a
resolution kah?

1. yes, i've work hard. learn quite alot of stuff from work. but i think should improve more. learn more skill enhancement stuff. especially those that can help me to get better paid. haha. see how it goes. as of spending, oh well, i did try to limit myself to play games at cyber. but i still cannot resist the temptation of karaoke>_<

2. unfortunately i've only attended 3 classess as the time is not suitable for me. too rush. but i did really enjoyed the class. arigato gozaimasu for the opportunity. who know i'll pick it up again?

3. hmm..exercise ar..recently picked up badminton with fren. as for the in house exercise at hum,i still need to work hard.

4. yeah, read some, i've bought a book called "lazy dog can even be important person". it's a short collection of many motivational and success stories. haha the title can be misunderstanding but that also the reason it attracted me to read. hmm..but still need to read more.

5. yeah, i got found "the one", in 2007 i get to know the ONE organization. so i'm still single. haha. maybe i should put my resolution to be more precise? oh well, i know this sort of thing cannot force, i'll just let it flow naturally like water.

hmm..this what i can think of for the moment. my new resolution is to still improve on the previous resolution. hopefully would get a chance to travel somewhere i've never been to before?

anyway wish everyone a very happy new year ahead.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

world of houg blogspot 2007 review

image taken from here's year 2008.

i've been watching alot of taiwan satelite tv, so two thing pop up in my mind for year 2008, one is the presidental election of taiwan and of course, the anticipated 2008 Olympic in Beijing.

anyway as i look back to 2007 is the year i first tried out blogging. and the result is with 52 post in blogspot and 37 post in my old frienster blog.

hmm..tat's a total of 89 post! (haha i still need calculator to count:P) so it's almost like 1-2 post weekly. which i think is quite a gud start. haha i hope that i would continue this new hobby i picked up in 2007 and see how far it goes:)

among my highlights for 2007 would be:

1. first time started blogging.
2. first time went to open sea and swim in the open sea.
3. first time played paintball.
4. first time got "kiss" by a fren
5. first time encounter gangster auction

ahaha, tat's what i can remember at the moment:P seems that people would like to know new things in blog. so maybe in 2008, i would try to approach more new things and blog on new things? i hope that i would be able to be more hardworking to put more photos in my post.

i found blogging to be a gud sort of medium to let your fren's know what you're doing currently. haha, which you make you more well prepared to talk when you msn with them. it's also sort of like a personal life documentary of yourself that would last forever on the internet even when you're off to a better place in life.

most of my post depended on sudden inspiration to write, maximum is two post a day. whereas sometime when i lack inspiration or slack off, i would have no post for one week plus:P

haha i found that later blogging actually needs some committment in it. i actually sometime need a few hours just to complete a post. (research, find picture, upload picture, writing, checking) if you slack off too much, then it would slowy become a habit of not to blog. so, i'm quite impress of those regular bloggers who would post up things every 2-3 days.

i hope that i would continue to post up more gud stuff in the coming year andy many years to come. and most importantly thanks to all the readers out there who read or just drop by. feel free to drop any comments for improvement.

anyway wish you guys have a wonderful year ahead:)