Wednesday, October 13, 2010

9 years without MAS airline

Last weekend i flew back to Kuching to attend my bro's graduation. Luckily that my dad has accumulated tons of MAS Enrich Card Reward point so he asked me to use it up (does not include airport tax of RM30 though:P) to take a free flight home.

Ever since AirAsia came to the market, i've not flown MAS since, the last time i flew MAS was in 2001 when i'm in Form 5. Wow, that's around 9 years ago! i almost don't quite remember the experience.

I even need to research on which public transport to go to KLIA. I found that the cheapest way is to take the Airport Coach from KL Sentral, which is RM10 one way. The bus is located at the same place as SkyBus in KL Sentral.

As i reached KLIA, i was abit loss actually because the place is very huge compared to LCCT and i need to walk quite a distance before i reach my destination. There weren't many people around eventhough during sunday noon.

A simple equation begun to form in my head:

Big place + Few People = Under usage = Waste of Resources.

Oh well, the main reason is because there are more people flying AirAsia of course.
hmm....with such high maintenance and low customer it's not difficult to imagine how KLIA account book looks like.

For MAS flight, if you online checked in you need to be at the departure gate 30 minute before the flight,compared to AirAsia which is one hour. you board the plane, there's a tray of newspaper you can pick from to read, which is good if your flight would take a while and this is unvailable in AirAsia.

Once i went into the plane, i saw that seat are filled with different colours which is a good sight to behold compared to AirAsia's singular black colored seat. What i mean by this is that somehow for me, looking at a variety of bright vibrant colors would make my eyes more at ease when air pressure build up in plane.

I also observed that there's only two seats located near the emergency exit, which i think is more appropriate because it give sufficient space in case of emergency compared to AirAsia whereby there are three seats.

Then the highlight of the journey was of course, the food! Yes, the Food! 9 years without MAS made me forgot that they serve food for free during the trip. well, not exactly free as it is add up to your bill. Nevertheless i was as excited as a little kid, hey come to think of it. Last time i tasted airline food was 9 years ago!

I opened up my lunchbox and was surprised to see they didn't gave one, not two, but three Ferrero Rocher as dessert! wow such luxury! Beside the main dish, they also have a fruit cake, a small mineral water and another cup of drink, choices of fruit juice or tea or coffee.

I savored and took my time to wipe clean every inches of the dish. I was beginning to like it because the whole eating process actually is a good time killing method and a perfect distraction on plane compared to like, sleeping.

And yes, you can get unlimited drinks refills, you just need to ask nicely which i glad i did, muahaha. I heard from my friend that if your flight is very empty, you could actually ask them to give you another extra dish!

Haha, anyway, the whole eating experience was the highlight, you can't really compare this part with AirAsia whereby the food is not included in your flight. As the Chinese saying goes "一分钱,一分货" .

Hmm...but if given opportunity if i don't need to pay, of course i'll go for MAS:P