Sunday, July 10, 2011

9th July 2011

Fellow Malaysians will remember this day as the day we stood up for a free and fair election for our beloved country.

Me, like many other fellow Malaysians who did not have the gut to march to the streets in KL, truly salute the bravery of those who dared the streets, the water cannons and tear gas.
We stayed at home, following the latest news and hope that things wouldn’t turn violent.

I was thinking, would the situation be different if I’m still single with nothing to lose?

During the 1st Bersih movement around 50,000 brave souls gathered in KL and were later disperse by police with the same fate. I think many people did not realize that this is actually the second Bersih rally. The news of the first rally was obviously banned in main local media and can only be found in internet. But imagine this, during the first rally, there was no major road block towards KL. If this time there was no road block, just imagine how many would turn up! By then, even if they assembled every policeman in the country, they will not be able to stop it!

I was quite surprise the normally neutral Agong would interfere with the situation. Before this I always believe that Agong was only a symbol and he don’t really need to do anything. Haha, now I have new respect for our Agong for his timely intervention to diffuse the tension.

But then, if it even requires Agong himself to come out, it really shows the weakness of the current government which failed to compromise with the Bersih movement and even need Agong to step in.

When Najib agreed to the solution to held the rally indoor in stadium, there was suddenly a great relief among the people. Finally a compromise has been made and everyone can be happy. I was even thinking, since it’s held in stadium and not on streets, it’s gonna be quite safe and then I can probably join too!

But the people can only be happy for one day. The next day Najib did a U-Turn saying that stadiums in KL are not available. I was like….WTF? For sure, Bersih would not agree with it. Why make things worse if you let them have the rally in the stadium in the first place? Now, they have no choice but to take it into the street, and by doing so would actually cause more havoc.

By doing so, it just reflect that the government is unable to keep their words. Most importantly, it shows that the government is afraid to revamp the election commission to be more fair and just, because deep down, they know, if the election is fair and just, they would lose more seats.

The way Najib handles this issue is just terrible. He choose to be a paranoid and narrow minded just like Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa. Come on lar….if Bersih is illegal, why Agong would want to meet them?

By denying Bersih to use the stadium in KL, this also shows disrespect to the Agong.
I’m sure Agong will remember this as well.

Of course the rally would be held in KL. KL is the capital for Malaysia. When you held international events, do you hold it in outskirts? Of course not!

If they say the rally itself would disrupt the business and security of the public, I don’t think so lo. I think those disrupt the business in KL are the road blocks, with nobody coming to KL, where will there be business. Actually if they are so many people coming into KL from other state, if I’m a businessman, I would have more customers to buy drinks, food, umbrella…etc.

I have a friend working at PWTC Home Deco, he says due to the road block, business is horribly bad, and yet they still need to pay for rental.

Another thing, if police just stand beside, let the people march without resistant would things turn chaotic? If the UMNO youth and Perkasa wouldn’t held counter rally on the same day, (which I’m glad the two groups didn’t met head on) would things turn chaotic?

No need to send riot police lar. Just send traffic police, instead of directing vehicles, appoint them to direct people marching. Direct people marching from one street to another street, like a city marathon. In the end, the people are able to express their point, no violent case reported, police able to perform their duty, people respect police more, and everyone go home happy.

But instead, the police choose to view the people, the very people they sworn to protect, as a threat and most be stop with water cannons, tear gas and batons. Sign…big big sign…

Previously when he launch 1Malaysia, I still actually think that BN still got some tiny little hope under his leadership. Even after he declared the wasteful Warisan Merdeka project, I just think that he’s just wasting the country’s money, that’s all. But then, for me, the way he handle this issue this time, he really cross the line. I now, officially and very clearly…… hate him. Too bad we cannot go to his facebook page and click dislike on his profile.

The way BN handles Bersih only increase the people’s hatred for the government. And I believe the people would remember very well this day when the next election comes.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t register as a voter yet. Quickly go to the nearest post office to register, as the process may need to take a few months to complete, you’ll never know when they will declare the next general election. Exercise your rights and do your part for a better Malaysia by casting the correct vote.

Hey, after you read this article, don’t just simply came to a conclusion, read more other news and see what is the majority of Malaysians thinking. Read more, hear more and you’ll know yourself how to determine the truth.

Once again, a big salute to those brave souls that dared the streets.