Sunday, November 29, 2009

Broga Hill Adventure

Went to Broga Hill last sunday, located at Semenyih which is about 45 minute drive from PJ. We set off our journey at 430am in the morning and with the help of google map and some intuition, we managed to reach our destination at 530am.

The climb itself is not very tiring as the trail is quite easy. (roughly tooks about 45minute) the only difficulties is that we set off early morning and we need to use torch light to light our path.

We reach the second peak at around 630am and we waited for the sunrise there. (they say that the third peak cannot see sunrise)

Too bad it's abit cloudy so we couldn't see the sunrise clearly.

As the sun slowly rise, we began to see more beautiful scenery around us.

Broga Hill was filled with these golden wheat-like grass!

Even took photos with other friendly hikers:)

This is the third peak, we didn't managed to climb there as suddenly it started to rain...

Lucky it was only a few we continue to take more pics.

Dunno whether can eat or not..haha:P

This is me posing with the golden wheat, too bad i don't have a samurai sword to make me look more fierce:P

xia got influenced by me:P

Due to the xia's comment,i've no choice but to put her pretty pic as well:P

ching taking a little monster pose:)

Even little doggy also can climb...i've seen two dog that day on Broga Hill.

Conclusion, the scenery is quite nice + the hill is quite easy to climb = an outdoor hiking trip everyone can go. (even dog can climb)

Broga Hill, I'll be back!


Oh...wait...the story not finish yet!

I later discovered that i accidentally left my car key in the car. As i was trying very hard to try to unpick my car lock, the parking attendant uncle come and see if he could help. He came and directly open up my front passenger door, which is actually unlocked without my notice....sienz....

(>_<) (>_<) (>_<)

Haiz...this did not happen to me for a long long time liao. Taught me a good lesson to be more careful next time.

That's all for now. Cheers:)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Life without limbs

I was browsing through Mr.Jam's curious diaries when i looked upon this inspiringpost.

A man with no arms and legs, and yet still live a life full of dignity and further inspires others as well!

Nowadays i feel that younger generations are getting more pampered and many don't know what they really want to do in their life..

After seeing this clip, don't you think that you should do something in your life?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

uncle selling fruits...

sometime ago, while i went out for lunch with my client at a coffee shop somewhere in selayang, i met an uncle selling fruits.

it was my usual habits to get some fruit to eat after lunch,( yes, i know fruit should be eaten in empty stomach for maximum effect!) i ordered a RM1 papaya from him. As i waited for my papaya, i notice something different. why this uncle is sitting down instead of standing up?

then i looked down the table, and i saw that his legs are not there. i realized then he's handicaped. i was suprised and yet astound by the same time.

uncle, i salute you for being a man!

even at his stage, he still work hard to earn a living instead of just go around begging for money. i don't like,even feel ashamed of those beggars that is fully capable,not handicaped but still go beg for money.

i just smile and i didn't say words of encouragement, i was still stunned i guess. but it has made my day and i hope to share this inspiration with you guys.

no matter how hard is life, never give up! :)