Thursday, January 14, 2010

eyeshield 21

I've started reading the hardcover manga back in Kuching a few years ago after a recommendation from my bro. But when i came to KL all these while i didn't follow up with it until recently.

i continue to watch from the part that i left and this few weeks i continue all the way to the finish line via one manga.

haha, but i didn't expect once i started, i would read the manga like crazy until the very end. Eyeshield 21 is special in a way that i think it's the only American Football manga out there...and the writer is also quite to draw a not so popular sport manga. But then again, i'm quite impress with the storyline in a way that it is able to attract someone like me that have no interest in American Football to actually follow a manga about American Football intensively and even grown a bit to like the sport! Haha, but i don't think you can play American Football anywhere in Malaysia though!

I thought American Football is all about brute force. haha, it's true! but then it's not enough! There's actually alot of strategies and teamwork behind it. Each player would need to memorize hundreds of strategy code in their head. Haha, so actually i think the main attraction of watching this manga is Haruma's trick play.

I'm quite touch with the storyline whereby at first the club only started with three person and then they slowly build up the full team, and eventually formed the all-star team. yup, definitely eyeshield 21 qualifies as one of my favourite manga:) i think beside slam dunk, this is the best sport manga that i've come across.

i can feel that the writer really likes American-Football and did quite alot of research about it.

Hmm...conclusion, i highly recommend this manga! anyone who considered themselve a manga and anime lover should watch it!:)

I'll like to end this post with an inspirational quote of Darrel Royal,an American-Football coach which is extracted from the manga:

"On the field,anyone will face humiliation once or twice while playing.

A player that never suffer from it never exist.

But the first class players, as a tribute to all their efforts will quickly stand up.

The average players will stand up after a little while.

And the losers will keep lying on the ground"