Friday, February 29, 2008

cars, football, handphone...

i duno why, most guys like cars,footballs, handphones, but i don't.

haha, does that mean that i'm weird or i'm special? different interest? or this just proves that the fact not every people are the same. people even say that cars is men's second wife, but really so far i dun think so...or perhaps i haven bought my own car yet? so no feelings develope for them yet haha.

i just know them enough for my own usage,maintenance knowledge and for some topics to talk about. i also don't enjoy driving fast. haha, among my frens, i'm the slowest driver>_<. but one thing i like about driving is to drive slowy,eat,and listen to music. but that is considered like to drive, not liking the car itself.

oh except for one car, i sort of like volkswagen beetle as i think the shape is very cute. haha but just like only, don't have any ambition to want it yet.

about football, i just watch during world cup, because it's unavoidable during that season ahah. i prefered basketball actually. they are many reason why i like basketball more than football, the court is smaller(so less running around), the pace and speed is faster (so no need to wait long time to score a point), and playing in court is much more cleaner than football field. i hate the feeling of sinking my whole feet into muddy field, haha primary school bad experience!

i remember in my primary school days whereby i played football my short's pocket got torn. ngaiti...i end up have to hold my bag very close to me the whole day to cover up.

haha, somehow, my legs are not very good at kicking balls, haha only good at kicking people. hmmm....if i know martial art and football, does that i mean that i would be good at kicking people's ball ? >_<

here's a video of some cool moves from both football and basketball from youtube: offence, football lovers, but after i watch the video, although i think the football tricks is very fancy but i think they still lack the power of slam dunk:)

when my frens talk about the latest handphone models, the only thing i can do is to nod nod nod... gosh among the three, my general knowledge of handphone is the worst. cos usually i just use the most basic type of handphone. just talk and sms, no cameras and others.

behold my nokia handphone.

one thing great about it is that it's very durable. no matter how many times it drop, even till the extend when the whole pieces come off, when i put it back, it still can be used:)

i don't fancy expensive handphone as i don't really have a need for those function at the moment, furthermore i'm very clumsy with my handphone, always drop one. if buy expensive handphone, sure die. beside, less ppl would want to steal old handphones.

haha, but i think, more social purpose, i really should increase my knowledge on this field. maybe that's also one of the reason why it would took me some time to get to know some guys,haha, especially if their top hobbies is the above three.

hmm..i really need to work hard.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

suddenly feel like a girl>_<

well...i have a tendency to put alot of things in my cloth's pocket especially when i work. pens, keys, tissue papers, notes, coins... all those things that are convinient to me. but then when i bent down, all those things in my pocket would drop off. so in order to prevent so from happening, i started to develope a habit of using my hand to cover the pocket when i bent down.

then i suddenly realize...

girls would always do one action when they bent down, they would use one hand to cover the opening of their clothes to prevent some "not for display" thing for others to see.

suddenly i realize that this habit i picked up would make me look like a girl! >_<

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...!!! oh no!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


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picture taken from here

saw this funny comic from rivercomic. at the same time i was thinking whether one day i would become obsolete, not being needed and would be send to the old store room like the dvd?

hmm..haha..that's why one should not stop learning and improving. if cannot catch up we would be left behind.

haha, there's many funny comic at rivercomic which i displayed in my links. but sometimes some of the comic is hard to understand as it is taiwan related issues or the jokes is too cold:P

Friday, February 22, 2008

old frens gathering

meet with up a fren who didn't met for 4 years. wah... so long. he was my form 4 neighbour.

since he came back to kuching, so he invited us a few bunch of secondary school frens out for a gathering. haha, it's glad to know that when we talk, he still kept some of his behaviours, including the bad words he use is still the same,haha.

haha, as the night goes on, whereby it's all guy's gathering, some dirty jokes are prone to pop up and we have a gud time laughing our heads out:P

there's always those safe and secure feeling and warmth when i'm with my bunch of secondary school frens, each others familiarities of knowing each other for so long. hmm...i think tat's an irreplacable bonds. hmm...i think this would be similiar to Naruto's konoha ninja bond>_<

oh...i din take photo tat's a pic that i dug up from old photobooks.

haha such age of innocense, when i look back:)

hmm...they say i still look the same...haha

all the best, my frens, in your future, wish that all you will be happy and heatlhy, safe and sound. gambate kudasai~

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

stuck in words...

something funny to share with you guys.
i went to a regular eating place with my colleages for lunch today at BDC point one food court. (where they serve the best curry rice i've eaten so far)

as a waitress (who's quite familiar with us) come and take drinks order, i realize that she change her hairstyle. being realize that girls would feel happy if other people notice and complement on their new hairstyle, i told her in mandarin "wah~, new hairstyle!". but apparently, she don't understand mandarin as she's indonesian chinese. then i told her in english "new hairstyle". but she also don't know.

i know she speaks hakka, but at that moment i couldn't think of how to say hairstyle in hakka. i got lost and stuck in words... it was pretty embarrassing, i feel like a chicken talking to a duck>_<. from her expression, i think she thought i say that there's something wrong with her hair or something instead.

i quickly give up and say "tak apa, tak apa" (nothing, nothing).

i told my other colleage who arrive later, n he said i've should have just told her "rambut kamu cantik" (your hair looks beautiful).

haha, so simple yet so difficult.

Monday, February 18, 2008

rooftop discovery

haha, i was doing my cny cleaning then i discovered something on my rooftop.

it was a CD. i was like come there's a CD on my rooftop? how did it get there? someone threw the CD up there? or some cat grab the CD and put up there? (btw, i got a few wild cats who always drop by behind my house)

so i opened up my rail window and carefully climb out of the window and walk on the roof to get the CD. The CD as expected is scratched. the front cover got two picture of 2 woman. just by looking i don't know the content of the CD, but i feel abit suspicious.

then late at night alone, as i played the CD, first thing i saw is a scene of a woman sitting on a bed being interviewed by a cameraman. immediately i know what the content is about. as i fastforward to confirm, i was right, but the quality and overall performance is unfortunately not up to par, i watch one time dun feel like wanting to watch another time>_<

haha, just how often can this happen? to discover a CD on your rooftop?

Monday, February 11, 2008


image taken from here

ar...cj7 or chang jiang seven, the latest movie by steven chow. sad to say, it's a dissapointment for me.

before this i've seen some magazine reviews saying how good it is. but after i seen it, i feel very disappointed. compare to his last movie, kung fu. i think this time the quality dropped alot. maybe becos it has less comedy or steven wants to find a different or new movie style.

although there are still some funny and touching moments but the overall story does not satisfy me. more disappointed is that steven took 2 years to prepare for this movie. i feel that his old movies is much more better. since kung fu, i think he relied abit too much on the computer graphics to generate those looney tune style cartoon humour.

i think his own acting style of humour is special and enough already. or maybe it's because he is coming to an age and it would not look right for him to perform those funny acts anymore. hmm..i don't know, what do you guys think?

i told alot of people that this movie is not good. haha, you need to see it for yourself and you'll know how dissappointed it is.

i hope his next one would be better.

Friday, February 8, 2008

starstruck cny:)'s not everyday you can get this>_<

i've met up with 张栋梁 at his house on cny visiting, cos i happen to know her sis. the real person doesn't look as tall as it is on tv. when i greet and shake his hand... i feel very starstruck.. i think i got stunned for half a second and i look at him and say "wah...好不习惯" (not getting used to it). he just smiled.

as i sit down and i looked at him walking around the house. i still find it hard to believe it. it's as he come out from the tv>_<. although i admit i'm not such as big fan of him, but nevertheless, i still have the starstruck feeling.

maybe becos i shake hands with him, i obtained a little luck when playing black jack later. i use one ringgit and won ten ringgit. but in the end, i think the power faded and finally i lost up five ringgit:(

haha, now i have something to hao lian (show off) to my frens.
here a youtube music video of him, this song is the song from him that i like the most.

hehe, i almost forgot, happy new year~ everyone. may this rat year brings you alot of gud health and happiness:)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

first time went to a dinner where i duno anyone~

well, there's always a first time for everything.

this post is about the first time i attended a dinner whereby i don't know anyone. it was a company dinner organized by a supplier of our company. my boss happen to be not in town, so he asked my manager to go. my manager who happen to don't know the place as he's not local, asked me to go on behalf of him instead.

i tried to reject but failed miserably. so here i am, going to a company dinner whereby i don't know anyone. the supplier company only reserved one seat for my company. i was thinking of not going, as it would be very boring if i don't know anyone there, besides i'm not good at socializing with strangers.

when i arrived at the dinner hall at merdeka palace, i was suprise that there's no one at the entrance to usher people. so i just when in, oh... and luckily i remember to that i need to find the parking chop so help myself by choping the stamp on my parking ticket so that i just need to pay for the 1st hour.

i was suprise later to see that it was free seating, so i was thinking since they wouldn't know that if i attend, maybe i can leave? but nolah...i arrived already, just sit and enjoy the dinner.

it's very pai seh..embarrassed to sit with a table full of people you don't know. but at least we did manage to have some small conversation along the dinner. i choose the table at the very corner close to the toilet. and i suddenly realize that the best place to see people (especially girls) is actually at the table nearest to the toilet as they would surely pay a visit there at least once.

as the dinner progress, i heard people start to sing karaoke. OMG, my heart actually feel itchy and wana go up there and sing! but later i think that it's very embarrassed for me to go, if i went up, other people would be asking "who the heck is this guy? is he a free loader?"

so i think...hmmm...ok, i wouldn't go sing, if people didn't ask me to. then a few minutes later, the aunties at my table told me "young people, you should go and sing!" i feel like striking jackpot.... then suddenly the pre-performance nervousness get to me again. i suddenly loose my appetite as i know i'm gona go to perform, and to stop this nervousness, i must really go up to perform and only after i sang the nervousness would stop.

so i went and pic a song, 林俊杰‘s 翅膀。

haha this is also my first time sing in front of people i duno. but since there are all strangers. it doesn't matter if i sing badly>_<. if i sing gud, maybe who knows i get to cheer up some girl's heart. but the vcd is not so co-operative lo. and i feel that i could fully release my voice. and worse more, when i started to sing, the "yam-seng" table to table toasting event just start>_<

oh well, so it was not a good performance by me. i didn't get enough of the singing of after the dinner i even went to k-box at 3rd mile to sing a few songs before i go home. haha. oh well, but going to a dinner whereby you don't know anyone is really not fun for me. i've experienced it once, and once is enough for me.