Sunday, March 6, 2011

Underdog Soldiers / Tomorrow when the war began

Warning! If you haven't seen this movie, they may contain spoilers below!

When i saw first this trailer half way...i wasn't too fascinated by it. But then when i looked at it the other day from the beginning something click!

I suddenly felt that somehow the plot is very familiar. Then it hit me!
It was an adaptation of a novel that i've read before when i was young, almost ten years plus ago!

Wow.... I can't describe my excitement as this is the first time, i found a film that is adapted by novel that i read a long time ago and most importantly the novel is not so popular. I suddenly feel like an underdog myself...hehe.

I don't know why the movie is renamed "Underdog Soldiers" whereas the original title of the novel was "Tomorrow - when the war began". I think the original title sounds way cooler. No wonder i couldn't figure it out when i see the trailer half way the first time.

The novel consist of 7 series (yes...i read them all muahahaha) and it was quite popular in Australia, however i think it is not quite popular outside Australia because i've never heard anyone mentioning it before.

I'm glad to say that it was a good cast selection and every members seems to be able to bring the character in the book to life. The main attraction would be the plot and storyline. It has a lot of action scenes too. But what i like the most is how they portray the characters development from ordinary teenagers to be fighting for their survival and homeland.

When i was halfway into the movie, i was recalling the plot at the same time, I was thinking how are they going to squeeze all that plot into one movie.

Then, i got my answer. The movie ended with an open ending. This means that they'll probably need to do sequel for it. In which i'm glad as well because at least they wouldn't squeeze the plot until they is no room for character development. I'm quite satisfied with the first movie, so if there's a sequel i would watch it too. This movie is great because it's entertaining and gives you something to think about, as if like you gain something, not like Drive Crazy which is somehow...shallow and purely pop-corn movies?

I would recommend this movie to all. Here's the trailer.

And before i end this post...i'll like to say it again...

It's so freaking awesome to know that a book you read which is not so popular suddenly got made into a film! Feel so proud and damn good about it!

Phew....i wonder if i am able to sleep or not because of over excitement.....