Monday, February 9, 2009

adventure to johor~

hehe, i like this super ego kick ass quote from Julius Caesar.

This mark another conquest by me as i set foot on johor, the southern gateway of penisula malaysia.

it was quite a last minute trip actually, i checked the calendar on friday and found that monday is a replacement public holiday for thaipusam, n luckly my fren at jb is also free for the weekend.

this is my first time, traveling by myself for such long distance trip, haha, duno y sudenly feel a little adventurous:) frm puduraya kl to jb took about 4hrs, RM31 per trip.

when i reach jb, i was greeted by a warm meal of home made steamboat which consist of the most variety of food that i've ever eaten in a steamboat meal! it's been a while since i ate steamboat. it's quite enjoying to grab the food with chopstick and blowing it to cool if off and eat it like that.

well, after stuffing and pumping my power of will to the limit, the best way to do is to take good walk to help disgestion.

JB has just a gud place for that - Danga Bay. somehow, it reminds me alot of Kuching's Waterfront. except that this one is by the sea and Kuching's one is by the river. It's heard that you can actually see singapore from here...but that night somehow didn't see it:P

the place is bustling with people, there's alot of food stalls, restaurants,open air market, theme park, bicycles to rent, sands to walk and sit, pointed stones to let u walk barefooted and shout...etc.

the place is quite huge and it would roughly take about 30minutes to walk from one end to another. One unexpected thing is that Gary Chou's is supposed to go there for a CNY performances but the problem is that we don't know what time he come. haha, luckily we did wait long enought and did not assume that he's gone home already. my guess are correct, VIP owez appear at the end of the show...oh well, it's the trumpth card to keep people waiting until the end:P

this is my 3rd time seeing Gary. wow...this time he sang 6 songs! we also managed to get quite near to the stage but we're only managed to see him sideway, luckly got a big projector in front of us to see:P haha, was glad that he sung 世界唯一的你 cos i like this song very much, first time hear him sing live also..haha,luckly remember to take video with my camera:P

the night ended with a spectacular 6 minutes long of fireworks. wah..this is my first time seeing fireworks in such a close distance as they lit it very low. so we are like wah...wah...wah... all the way:) but then, thinking many millions is being spend on the firework display and how many of our tax payers money is being used..sign...

next day i start off the day with a good bowl of soup pan mee, complimentary of sz's mum:) actually i prefer dry pan mee more, but as i tasted this one, it really taste good..honestly this is the best soup pan mee that i've tasted so far. haha, or maybe it's becos of special request of extra ikan bilis hohoho...

today i got also get another special request...that is to go to the most southern tip of Asia...Tanjung Piai which is about almost an hour of journey from JB.

The area is basically covered with mangrooves trees and there' also some wild life to be sighted. haha, like this bunch of monkeys. hmm...compared to the ones i met i Bako National Park , Kch i'd say they're more friendly alot.

there are also many motivanational wordings along the way. as we're walking i suddenly realize that i can upon the same wordings again. i was thinking whether the park ran out of wordings anymore so they reuse the wordings again...then i began to realize other familiar geographical features. damn...we've walked an extra big circle! all thanks to those stupid workers who use wood to block the entrance which make it look like it's under maintenaince so we took the other way.

hehe at last, we're finally there! haha now i can tell other ppl i've been to the southern most tip of Asia!

hmm...but truthfully speaking i'm a little bit dissapointed because it doesn't really looks like being at the most southern tip. maybe because in my mind, it should looks more like a long long corridor of rocky high cliffs that leads to the open sea like the end of the world!

JB's kueh chap recommended by my friend, it taste quiet similiar to Kuching's kueh chap, except the meat is separated from the soup.

hm..that sort of wraps up those interesting places that i visited in JB in a tight weekend schedule. my friend keep telling me on the trip, JB is not fun to go one! nothing to see!

haha, oh well, for me, first time experience is always worth something. hmm...does that means that Johor State should work more harder on it's tourism? haha, it's abit hard also having Singapore as its neighbour:P

specially thanks to sz and her family's hospitality. although she's a tour guide that can sometimes get lost, haha, but nevertheless she did try her best and we have a enjoyable trip:)

hehe, where would i go next?