Sunday, December 7, 2008

K2J season 1

(this pic was taken on mooncake festival night, suddenly we all feel very shiok to take family photo, the old fashion style>_<)

the story of K2J season 1 started in June 2008 with its 6 original founding member, cheng,xia,sam,albert,houg & yuen.

the story started with the initial three housemates, each bringing a roomate from their hometown to begin their new life under one roof:)

times flies when u're doing lots of stuff and busy with lots of things, work, play, going to variious trips, sleep...etc...half a year just flew like that in an brink of an eye. my roomate yuen is finally going off to begin his other new chapter of life in adelaide, australia.

(hmm...why i look so short in this pic huh?:P)

haha, wish him all the best in his future undertakings. it's good to have a good old friend as a roomate, furthermore this is my first time living outside. one obvious thing is that now that my event manager is gone, i think i'll definitely gona slow down my pace abit. also getting more n more also>_<

new roomate would start to move in in january. haha, it's a complete stranger so don't know how things will be, hopefully it would be ok gua haha. tat would be k2j season two story already....

hehe, life is gud in kl. got good housemate that take care of each other, so no worries, i'm ok:)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


hmm...recently quite like this song, recommending it to everyone. the song's sung by david archuleta, 2008 this year's american idol number 2.

i didn't really watch this year's idol. frankly speaking, i just know that both finalist are both named david and i've only heard david cook's time of my life. i think his name is quite unique as well, ar-chu-le-ta. in the mtv, we can see that david archuleta's quite talented, can play piano and guitar somemore, and he's only 17!

i heard this song in radio and already like it first time i hear it. also went to search for the lyrics and sort of like the lyrics as well, haha, maybe it sort of reflect my current feelings as well?>_<

the song's quite fast pace, haha, not my specialty type of song after i tried it out a few times. quite exhausting actually just to sing along with the song.

too bad youtube can't allow it to embed the mtv here. don't know why last time it can be done. most probably of copyright issues. last time it's easier, can directly embedded into blogspot, now kenot le...need to find from other sources.

enjoy it! here's the lyrics and video, taken from here

From LYRICSMODE.COM lyrics archive
Lyrics | David Archuleta lyrics - Crush lyrics

I hung up
The phone tonight
Something happened
For the first time
Deep inside
It was a rush
What a rush
'Cause the possibility
That you would ever
Feel the same way
About me
It's just too much
Just too much
Why do I keep running
From the truth
All I ever think
About is you
You got me hypnotized
So mesmerized
And I just got to know

Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this can go
Am I crazy
Or falling in love
Is it really
Just another crush
Do you catch a breath
When I look at you
Are you holding back
Like the way you do
'Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away
But I know this crush
Ain't goin' away
Goin' away

Has it ever crossed
Your mind
When were hangin'
Spending time girl
Are we just friends
Is there more
Is there more
See it's a chance
We've gotta take
Cause I believe
That we can
Make this into
That will last
Last forever

Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this thing can go
Am I crazy
Or falling in love
Is it really just
Another crush
Do you catch a breath
When I look at you
Are you holding back
Like the way you do
'Cause I'm trying,trying to walk away
But I know this crush
Ain't goin' away
Goin' away

Why do I keep running
From the truth
All I ever think
About is you
You got me hypnotized
So mesmerized
And I just got to know

Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we can be
Where this can go
Am I crazy
Or falling in love
Is it really just
Another crush
Do you catch a breath
When I look at you
Are you holding back
Like the way you do
'Cause I'm trying, tryin to walk away
But I know this crush
Ain't goin' away
Goin' away
Goin' away

personality test~

woke up blur blur on a saturday morning when i received this link from my housemate to do a personality test.

the personality test is available only in chinese:P

here's my result:










最難達到的美德:果斷 (Right action)
最難克服的執念:懶惰 (Sloth)

hehe, i'm lazy to translate it to english.

in summary, it says that i'm quite a gentle, friendly, easy going, patience and dislike conflict kind of guy.

haha what you guys think? i think it describe most of my personality, but there's few that i don't think is accurate. like e.g. i'm not really not active type, usually more towards the passive type, depending on situations and people around me.

each question only offer two choice of answer and some of the question both answer are not my answer but i still need to choose one that is the nearest.

i like to do personality test actually. it sort of help me understand myself more. although it may not be accurate sometimes but it's fun anyway n who knows wat u'll discover next about yourself which you least expected.

by understanding myself more, it would somehow made life easier for me and i'll know which part i should improve on myself. my own's life long journey of self discovery. haha, to be a betterman as in the song sung popular by robbie williams.

hehe, do try it out!:)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


image taken from here

went to one Utama today to meet friends and played some bowling and coincedently ASIMO was in town! it attracted alot of audience when the show started, especially parents bring their children to see it. this robot has travelled around the world and of course, we wouldn't miss the chance to see it.

ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovate Mobility. i heard of ASIMO before and read some of it from advertisement, especially it's symbolic slogan "it inspires us to dream". but one thing for sure, to see it with your own eyes really amazed you. i was thinking like whether if there is a human within the suit or not, because ASIMO's movement is quite fluent like human and has many humanlike behaviours.

it can mimic other people's movement like run, dance, wave hands, claps hands and many more. more amazing is that it is not pre-programmed to do all this movement but instead it is able to respond according to its environment.

image taken from here

one of the gigs that i know it perform is that it can received a tray from a human personnel, walk to the other end of stage and put the tray on the table.

ASIMO's voice and design is quite alike children. i think maybe it's because to don't make it look too intidimating and make it more friendly and lovable looking instead like children. after reading from the website, i've get to know that it's 120cm height is idealy for operating in a living human environment,whereby it is tall enough to open the door, operate copier machines, do stuff on the japanese really did alot of R&D on this!

image taken from here

i saw from the website, whereby it can even conduct a sympony! you should watch the video of how gracefull ASIMO's hand movements are while it is conducting! walao...really amazing..haha, i duno how many times i use amazing already:P

although the show last about 20minutes, i think it's quite inspiring (like the slogan) it somehow inspires hopes for a better future as well, whereby technology can bring many amazing changes to our lifes. it also made me think that robots or advanced intelligent are not necessary evil and would turn against human race like those in the movies haha, it all depends on our hands really.

for more information about ASIMO, check out it's website here

haha, i suddenly realize that my surname is in the middle of its name:P

Monday, November 3, 2008

an unordinary encounter~

i encountered something quite non-ordinary today.

as i got off frm my car as i reach home today, i was approached by a stranger. it was raining a little and he was soaked from the rain. a middle aged man, looks like indian and spoke to me in very gud english.

he say that he's just got robbed! he parked his car by the road side to rest and forgot to look the car. the robbers took away all his wallet, handphone and car. he just came back from the police station, and he say that the police wouldn't give him a lift home to PJ, even didn't borrowed him money. so he was disappointed and walk all the way frm the police station towards the major bus station, and hoping that someone could spare him money to take a bus back to his home, PD which is bout one hour from here.

i looked around and saw there is no one else around me. from my judgement i think he's quite genuine, from the tone of his voice, and by the looks in his eyes. and especially becos he speaks quite gud english! i may be biased, but i'm thinking if he could speak such good english, it shouldn't require him to come to be a cheater.

so, i've decided to give him money. i put down the tapao rice food container on the floor, and as i reach for my wallet, luckly i remembered to take a step sideway to keep a safe distance away from him. just to be on the safe side. he was very glad after receiving RM12 and ask whether how he could contact me to return me the money.

i was thinking ...aiyo, u've lost your car, your wallet, your hp need to me i told him no need, and bid him to be more careful next time. and then i saw walked and walked until the end of the road. i sudenly realise that if he walked to Puduraya bus station, it would take him one hour plus? i was wondering if i should offer him a lift, but then i think nola...i've done my part, it's too risky as you never know what will happen.

but then, there's another issue that is of personal safety. it's also hard to say, as maybe the safest action for me to do is to ignore him and walked away. you may never know when that guy is getting your attention, somebody else will attack you from your back. as you know, the crimes rates are quite bad. i've previous bad encounters before, so i know how it feel to be a victim. haha, or maybe i'm lucky that the stranger didn't turn up to be a robber.

conclustion is that i will never know if i'm being cheated or not, but at least i can still answer to my heart if he's really in need. at least i could make up his day for all the bad things he went through. and if i'm being cheated, oh well...
cheated mah cheated lo...count me as unlucky then.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

meeting up dad

went to meet up my dad last night as he was here to work for a few days. it's been quite some time since i met him, and seems like everytime i met him, he seems to grow more white hair.

sign..seeing him like that makes me feel that i am no longer young and my dad is getting older day by day. Feel that i should improve myself more, be more mature, work hard for a good career, and live a healthy life to make my parents less worry and proud. furthermore i feel more obligated being the eldest to set a good example for my brothers.

parents cannot stay together with us forever, that's why we need to grow up and next time we will be raising our own children. i hope i have the strength to go through in life, take the challenges of life, and hopefully meet up to my parent's expectation.

i'm quite look up to my dad, he's a good example to me. a very hardworking, responsible fellow and a very handyman at home. haha, i wonder if i would managed to learn half of his skills from him. although previously we don't really talk much, but undoubtly he's the person that i most respected in life.

i feel quite heavy hearted as i bid farewell to dad, haha, suddenly miss my old home in kuching. living outside made me miss home and my family more and makes me able to appreciate my family more. 3 more months to go before returning to kuching for CNY.

haha, really look forward to it:)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a thought while creating albums in friendster....

i told a friend that she should arrange her pictures in friendster into different albums instead of jumble it all up in public photos for easy viewing.

oh well, she did it. and i realized that me myself is quite lazy also so i decided to arrange my friendster pictures into albums as well. haha, after telling others to arrange, if i don't arrange myself that would be not gud rite?:P

while i'm dividing my photos into different albums i suddenly feel like as if i'm reviewing my life these few years and labelling them into different sections. haha, felt alot of feelings lo as i look back along the years i've came through until this very moment.

first there's my crazy yet memorable secondary school life. haha,if i can turn back time, i would surely want to relive my secondary school days again. sometimes i stil even dream of coming into a classroom full of my secondary school friends. it's amazing how deep secondary school life stays in your memory.

then there's uni life. feels like a more mature version abit. i believe uni life is the best time for you to play, meaning that you're at the stage when you're more mature than secondary schools and you haven't step into the busy stressful working life yet, and you'll earn your driving license already by then. it's also a period of learning and maturing as you get exposed to alot of new things.

then, there's the big brave step to working society. whereby u feel like you're entering a new world totally different from the previous two. that the first time you'll be faced with harsh reality of life and pressure and hope that you'll be able to stay back at your uni life or secondary school life. but you can't so you must learn to adapt and survive and improve or else you'll be overtaken and beaten by others. as you look at uni or secondary school students you'll suddenly feel that your'e much older than them and they are like green bird:P

then, there's this part of my life that i came to work in kl. actually i'm quite proud of myself as this is something i've never done before leaving my comfort home to whole new place to begin a new life. i can feel that this the biggest step and decision that i've made so far in my life. haha, most importanly i hope i would make my parents proud. life at work can be quite stress, haha, much stress than what my previous job but nevertheless i'm not afraid, as this is the path i chosed.

you'll just have to keep on believing that things would become better and you can do it. i'm glad that i'm able to learn to think positively. positive thinking sometimes even suprised myself of the results! haha, i would stil feel down sometimes, but i'll try to get myself up after that.

there would be many more sections in my life that i would arrange into different albums as times goes by. i feel that every section is important to me, as it all adds up to make me who i am today, or perhaps who i will be tomorrow?

haha, wana took this opportunity to give a very big thank you to all my family and friends. thank you for being there, for being a part of my life. i will not be here and what i am today without you guys:)

image taken from here

Monday, October 13, 2008

thoughts while drinking with colleages...

last friday went to an open air style music cafe in kepong for drinks with colleages for an farewell event. majority of them ordered beer while i drank ice lemon tea. haha, luckly didn't went to a pub, else i would need to drink beer also.

anyway it started out quite ok, but then as they drank more beers, one of the girl colleage who drank quite alot suddenly mention that she doesn't understand why some guys like to smoke and she ask from them to try one.

i was like huh??? you sure about that? the other girls colleage got try to advice her, but maybe it's because of the little high caused by alcohol she insist to go ahead. so the guy colleage taught her how to smoke, how to inhale the smoke, blow out thru ur nose, how not to breath in into the lung for social smokers..etc..etc.
(i found the saying that "of not inhaling the smoke down your throat but blow it out after sucking it would not be harmful to your health" to be very ridiculus. ahem..never thought about the effect of second hand smoke to others?)

after a few rounds of smoke and beer, i saw her bending over a girl colleage, as if she has collasped to unconsiousness sleep. i heard that first time smoking would make your head dizzy. the guys suddenly felt bad and go comfort her.

i was signing all the way. i really don't like girls that smoke. they are many thing in life to try. but it doesn't mean that you've also got to try everything including bad things as well.

but then again, who am i to judge others, it's their life, their choice. haha, sorry if i sounded harsh, but it's just my thoughts that's all. not pointing to anyone here, just my view of the issue itself.

oh well, at least there's one thing to cheer me up that night which unexpectally came from a little girl. a primary year old who was there with her parents wandered off to our table and started talking to us.

when the girls colleage ask the little girl who's she think is the most handsome among my male colleage, the little girl pointed at me!

wah seh...i actually blushed and at that moment i can't think of anything else to do but to smile and wave to her at the other end of the table. haha,secretly in my heart i feel like saying "hao, xiao mei mei wo xing shang ni!" (well said little girl, i admire you)

nevertheless it's quite cute to received a naive and straigth from the heart compliment from a little girl:)

haha, dear little girl, hope you grow up to be a good girl ya.

aiyo i should have taken a picture with her for remembrance:P

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last Day at Hat Yai

sign.... last day and the end of our trip.

the girls are complaining last few days they don't have chance to go shopping yet. so the last day is shopping time!

i bought a few t-shirts for myself and family. suprisingly there's alot of funny designed t-shirt sold here.

like this one. it say's i'm a super gay lover. er..not me...the t-shirt. i wouldn't dare to wear this type of t-shirt definitely, just take pic of it only.

we also bough alot of local foods. i've bought a big packet of dried cuttlefish. i believe i got slashed by the seller. i forgot to ask for discount>_<

hmm...always remember to take enough water when going to trip especially in hot weather. i got frequently be reminded to do so as i saw one person who always keep drinking water from time to time.

coconut drink, cheers! unfortunately it tasted more like sugar water than coconut drink >_<.

a few thai word that i've learn from this trip beside the well known sawadikap are:

kou rai - how much
ku pon kap - thank you (to guy)
ku pon kar - thank you (to girl)

haha, that's all that i've remembered.

at the end of the journey, everyone was quite broke! My wallet left only RM20plus something only. there's no malaysian atm here to withdraw money. overall, for penang trip and hatyai trip, i've spend about RM500:P

i felt quite insecure for not having much money on hand. if stil got extra money we would sure go for one more round of massage!

From this hatyai trip, i've get to know two new leng lui frens.

sexy and funny jh. haha, how do i look in pink?

cute cute sz. this is a nice pic, the colors of the clothes matches the staircase while the color of the umbrella matches the sky>_<

But as the saying goes where there's gain, there's lost. My long time good fren, yuen will be going off to Australia for further studies le. So this trip i feel is sort of like a farewell trip for him. haaha need to thanks alot to him also for being
the organizer and the tour guide. with him i've travelled to lots of places here in west malaysia in a short time since coming here to work.

all the best to you in your future endeavour dude:)

haha, and i somehow entered their SK Group membership.

a tradition of SK Group after every trip, we'll write our feelings and wishes in each others post card.

hmmm...i think this is something quite nice for rememberance in future.

A very memorable Hat Yai trip, haha, all the best to my fellow travel mates and keep in touch:)

Part 2 - Hatyai n Songkla - Day Two

Day Two
we decided to go and took the Tuk-Tuk car, which is their local version of taxi.

The Tuk-tuk here is different than those Tut-Tut car in Bangkok. there's not much buses there compare to numbers of tuk-tuk. One thing u'll notice is there's alot of pickup trucks here as well. Mostly they use it to pick up people at the back, i'm not sure whether it's their family or strangers.

we went to more temples and took more pictures.

this is four faced-buddha. this is the first time i pray to it and need to pray at four directions because of it's four face. every place i go, i would go and pay my respect to local god with frens, hmm...not for religious purpose but just to pay respect to the local spiritual king and ask for a safe journey for everyone.

this is one of thai's elephant god. there's also four of them.

thailand is the land of elephants, big and small:)

we asked the tut-tut driver bought us to see Guan Yin temple.

as we approached the site, i was quite puzzled, and wondered isit Thailand's Guan Yin is different? How come it is covered in gold, and it has those tipped thailand hairstyle?

to take this pic, my friend need to lay down on the floor to take it. and the floor is also quite hot because of the sun!

very nice background view.

haha, i later found that this is not Thailand version Guan Yin, but a Hindu temple.

Guan Yin is located down the Hill, below the hindu temple.

this is me posing with Guan Yu, the brave noble warrior and my most favourite character from the Romance of the Kingdom.

i saw this structure and i thought it was a bird cage. at a closer look i realise that it is used as a place to light firecrackers. hmmm... i think it's sort of a good idea as this way it would be more safe. i wonder why i didn't see any of those in Malaysia before.

i like this fat fat god. i forgot it's name, he looks very hohoho (i don't know how to describe! >_<)

next we decided to go for massage. Massage in Thailand is quite cheap, for a whole body massage which lasted 1 hour plus, it cost only RM20. haha my friend say if he live here, he would go for massage once every month.

haha, but too bad the massager is not so pretty. but nevertheless she is quite skillfull. At one point, i almost thought that she is going to break my waist and kill me as i've never heard my bones cracked so loud! >_<

you'll definitetly feel very refreshed after the massage. haha, i would definitely
come for massage again if i come back to thailand again.

In the evening we visited another thailand's unique showcase- Ah Gua show. haha, i was abit worried about how the place would be like, and i was suprised that alot of people even brought their children to come see the show! Most of the visitors are malaysians, so the announcer got speak mandarin, they've even played modern Chinese Pop song before the performance!

the ticket was RM35, inclusive of quite not bad dinner, so i think it is quite worth the money.

here comes the "Ladies"

some their performances and customs are quite good. although the songs are definitely not sung by them, haha but this is not an ordinary performance anyway:P
some of the custom and background are richly design. you can see that they really did put some effort into it.

i think this egyptian style clothes and background is most richly decorated.

i was thinking that it would be impossible if throughout the whole event they is only traditional dance, turned out that the show did have some hidden suprises.

this "lady" comes out and did some very funny performance and suddenly she ran down the stage, kissing some of the male audience, and even grabbing their hands to touch
"her" "boobs"

pheuww...luckly i was not sitting at the front! i dare not imagine myself kena kissed by them or if i touch their fake boobs>_<

towards the end of the show, the "ladies" did some sexy dance show for the audience. you can see the difference as when they shake their body, their "boobs" wouldn't move as rhythmatically as real boobs should>_<

after the show, the "ladies" went off to the entrance to let visitors take photos and hopefully to get some tips.

we even took a pic with one of them.

it's quite hard to sleep that night, knowing that it is our last night in Hat Yai before returning back to Malaysia 2molo.

Day Three next.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Part 2 - Hatyai n Songkla - Day One

next day early morning we took a van which took us from butterworth to hat yai. the journey took around 3 hours and for a 2 way trip cost around RM70. so most of the trip i slept like pig again, there's a tv on the van, but that tv is for display only cannot function.

haha, the tv reminds me on my bus trip last time to Sarikei whereby i watched Lord of the Ring on the whole journey from the start til the end and stil haven't reach detination yet.

thailand is the second foreign country that i've set my foot upon after singapore. as i've entered hat yai you'll feel that it is not to so different from other city or town in malaysia except that all the place is filled up with words i don't understand. even the road sign, is mostly in thai.

one thing u'll notice on the road is that they've put up alot of their king's potrait in many many places outdoor. seems that thai pay alot of respect for their king, compared to malaysia, we mostly only get to see the sultan's picture inside government office only.

luckly we didn't drive our car there, cos it would be very difficult to find our way and due to language differences and it would be hard to ask for directions also.

however,they are some thai that can speak hokkien and little english, so at least it's not so bad la. and if they don't know, we really need to use hand language to communicate lo.

Day one
We went to travel around by hiring a van via the tour agency. once arrived we went for a half day trip to Songkla, which is bout half an hour ride from Hat Yai. The van cost around RM200.

due to time limits, we tapao MC-D and ate it on our journey. hohoho, one good thing
about thailand's MCD is that they have pork burger! there's also a prawn burger on promotion, both taste quite good as well.

haha, this is Sawadikap Roland. oh ya, the chocolate dip cost RM1.2 only!

they are many beautiful temples over there.

Among the places we went is this sleeping buddha.

well, it is not as big and awesome as the one in bangkok, but still this is the firt giant sleeping buddha that i saw with my own eyes.

this the folklore museum. actually we wanted to visit another museum but the van driver bought us to this one instead. we're like thinking oh well, since we're there already might as well took a visit.

the entry ticket cost RM6. from the outside, the museum doesn't look very impressive,
but suprisingly the place is really huge!

we've walked and walked for a long time and almost got a little bit lost inside.

there are many items on display but mostly the items are not so different than those in Malaysia's museum as both culture is not so different.

haha, some of the artificial man looks very alike human like tis one jh took with.

if i didn't pay alot of attention i would mistaken it for a real man.

some of them even wore modern clothes! yeah, you've got to praise the artists' hard work to make them so life like:P

The museum is actually build on the side of the mountain and outside the musuem is a far away small fishing village.

here is a closer take of the fishing village, i quite like the peaceful scenary.

hehe, there's also a bunch of thai statues outside the museum and we took funny pics
trying to imitate their pose. yeah...these statues are quite unique n distinctly thailand.

next we went to another place called Tang Kuan Hill, whereby we need to que up for quite some time and we use some sort of cable car like elevator to go up there.

upon exiting the elevator we're being greeted by some motivational notice board.
yeah..i like to read motivational notice board, keeps u pump up in life, even if it is for a few seconds only.

hehe, took alot of pictures.

there so many bells on display, i can't resist to play with it.

haha, i deliberately stand behind the canon for this picture:P

i like shape of this tree:) it has

thailand there's alot of hot tom yam, it is quite a waste for me as i'm not good at taking hot and spicy food. haha, sorry guys, need to accomodate me:P

after we went to dinner we go and take a walk around a nearby beach, and i was quite suprised and very very disappointed to see how dirty it is!

it's all pilled up of rubbish! really can't stand it la. very uncivic minded.

luckly the sandy beach is not dirty. else it would really spoil the mood.

taking pictures with a mermaid statue on samila beach. the photo was taken by a malaysian tourist. we are quite happy to meet someone who speak the same familiar tongue after whole day of hard communication.

this island looks familiar, beyond the coastline of santubong, kuching there's also an island similiar to this shape!

day one was suprisingly tired, and everyone fell asleep like pig once we reach back our hotel at Lee Garden. oh Lee Garden hotel cost around RM150 per night. before i slept, i turned on the tv and as i surf the channel i've found that there're all in thai and mostly there's no subtitles!

amazingly, thailand got produce alot of local shows for local market, which is much much more if compare to malaysia. malaysian official tv has only a few channels whereas thai has alot lot more.

haha, of course how we waste our valueble time sleeping only, on around midnight we went to a nearby hawker stall to try some local delights.

Hat yai is a small town, so there's not much night life except those hawker stalls at the roadside, some pubs, massage centre..etc.

this is called "tou tang" a mixture of stuffs. looks nice, but sadly i think taste
so-so. i think it's not worth the price which is RM3-5.

i prefered the bbq cuttlefish more. eaten with chili and peanuts. they use a roller machine to roll the cuttlefish straights. it reminded me back in the old days whereby
my dad told us he uses hammer to straighten the cuttlefish as they is no roller to use.

Day Two coming up next!