Friday, October 26, 2007

sour plum^_^sour plum:P

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this post is dedicated to one of my favourite food, sour plum!

i think maybe i've inherited this from my mum which like to eat sour plum. hmm..beside that i also enjoy other sour stuff. but sour plum would be my most enjoyable sour food.

hmm..after eating for so long, i still didn't recognize any brand that specially made good sour plum. i can only judge it by looking at the fruit itself and you'll be able to tell whether it's nice or not before you buy it.

sour plum is good when you're in low energy and by eating it it would surely boost you up mentally like during afternoon time in office. sour plum also taste good to make plum juice or eat together with pak kia.

i was eating sour plum with pak kia just now. and i accidentally swallow up the whole sour plum together with the seed! i try to split it out but it's too late. oh gosh...i don't know whether my stomach acid can digest it or else it would need to come out through my butt>_<

my dad said y i'm so careless, all his life he's never swallow it before. he told me tat most probably it would come out my butt...

nooo!!!!....... be careful next time guys when eating sour plum, dun end up like me. maybe after tis incident i wouldnt' be eating sour plum for a while haha.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

this is my response to kenny sia's post:
who should take the first move, guys or girls?

i was browsing through kenny sia's blog and saw this interesting post. As always he never fails to throw down laugh bombs. furthermore this time got prize for the best comments. A Hugo fragrance!

hmmm...although i don't use it but i think i should give it a try. besides,i've already have some comments that i want to write regarding that post, so i would write a little bit longer to try my luck on the prize and also to keep in practise. below is my comment which i wrote the for the second time. the first comment i wrote was not posted as i accidentally close the browser:(

well, i think both gender deserves the right to pursuit their happiness and the that person they like, haha but we need to bear in mind that everyone deserve the same right as to reject you:P

i think the most important factor is to show your utmost sincerity when you make the move. if u don't look too bad, if the target is available, and if the target can feel your sincerity...i think the success rate would be quite high.

it would come down to personality, whether you're a girl or guy. If you're the more active type, normali they would be the one who make the move. Else if you're the more passive type, u'll do all those signals to attract the other's attention and hoping that they'll notice.

normali it would be guys taking the first move, but hey, time changes. girls are now getting more bolder and bolder and i think this is good news. most of the time, guys would find girl's passive signals hard to understant, so it would be easier if girls would take the first move on guys.

i honestly think that the success rate for girls to take the first move would be higher compare to guys taking the first move.

lastly i would like to end this comment by saying that we should also learn to reject people politely. you know, when you see some of the leng lui or leng zhai rejected people till like insulting them. argh.....i think these type of people is not worth for you at all.

anyway all the best to all the first movers out there, gambate! :)


my comment ends here:)

i suppose one of my sweetest moment that i would cherish forever is the moment when i've finally decided and gather courage to ask a girl her name but instead she take the first move and ask me instead:P

oh well, although we didn't end up being lovers, but still to me it's a good memory:)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

不能说的秘密~ Secrets

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oh...yet another movie i look forward to watch but didn't get to watch in cinema before it's too late. and ended up watch dvd at home.

aii...i think i'm being too passive le, if next time got movie want to watch, should actively seek frens to go watch.

well, i think like most people the major attraction for this movie is that this is Jay Chou's first movie as a director. wow, you gotta admire his talent, a few years back he just acted in Initial-D, then curse of the golden flower, now became director already. previously i know that he's begun to direct his own MTV, but to go direct a movie in just a few years of prepartion and trully not a simple thing.

since it's his first directed movie, i am just curious to see how the movie would be like, i'm not putting up too high expectation. but as i slowly watch it, and hey...i think it's not so bad either. there's a lot of quite good camera views, angles and story line. The overall feeling i got is like "hmmm...not bad leh". of course, not forget to mention the interesting showcase of Jay's and a Nanqian mama's member piano playing skills. and also 黄秋生 also contribute alot of comedy to the movie. 桂纶镁's girl next door image and natural look also add point to the movie. she's not really the very beautiful type of girl, but she's more like the type that is easily likeable and you would enjoy looking.

the only thing to complain is that i don't really think it's necessary to add the sci-fi genre thing to the movie. i think it would still work out o.k. if it's just a simple love story movie. i think it's because Jay wants to add some spice to it or to make it different.

anyway Jay say that he's too stress while he's directing (considering all the media attention that is upon him) and maybe he would not be doing some movie to direct in near future:(

haha dun give up Jay! oh...the main theme song for the movie is also 不能说的秘密. the song's quite short. hmm...having seen the movie, now i could enjoy listening and singing the song more.

Friday, October 19, 2007

yet another sleepless night....damn...

Ai…talk about wrong timing, today at 2.23am in the morning I still couldn’t sleep . Worse again, tomorrow I’ve still got work. Haha, I think I would be very blur 2molo morning at work and would need extra dose of caffeine.

I arrived home around 1am, after attending fren’s karaoke b’day at podwave. It’s one of my gang from secondary school. It’s been a while since I attended a gathering with them, this is also an opportunity to do some follow up of what each other is doing.

The singing part and b’day part was fun as the gang was very funny and playful. The guys would play gay around which is very funny. Haha of course I watch from a safe distance and watch and laugh only.

But got one bad part lo. Near ending, one by one start to smoke. Aiyo…the smoke immediately spread all over the small air-con room. And the smell….especially smoke in air-con room, I really kenot tahan anymore, so need to leave the room to get some fresh air.

Ai…for this I feel abit sad lo. Although I’ve no right to tell them what to do. Although I strongly object to smoking and liquor myself. If they choose to smoke it’s their own choices. Aiyo, but please respect those non-smokers like me mah~. Haiya.

But other than that, it was fun.

Haiyo, I hope I can fall asleep soon, else can sing 张智成’s 凌晨三点钟。

Good night people :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

worst day of my life~

ai..., although i don't like to mention this thing tat happen one year ago, but i feel that it is also part of my lesson i learned in life and so i would want to share with you guys.

it happen at 15th January 2006, sunday around 1150am. that time i was inside my house, then i heard someone coming into my house carpark area, so i went out to check it out. there's this guy asking me "ini rumah ping hung kah" (is this ping hung's house? or something like that.) i told him no, then he ask for the time, so took out my handphone and tell him. he seems like didn't heard me, so i show him the screen.

the next second i knew, he just snatch the handphone away and ran! damn. i was like shock for a second but i then i suddenly realize it. i quickly ran after him, (i was still not wearing shoes) when i ran out my gate, i saw that he already went into a kancil with his bloody associate inside waiting at the driver seat already.

but still i continue to ran. and as he close the door, i was able to grab his shirt through the window but they quickly press on the acelarator and ran off! my hand was still grabbing him, not letting go as he struggle to let go of my hand. as the car momentum increased, my hand that was holding him was knocked by the window and the force was so strong that it made fell into the ground like a pumpkin, i've no time to use my hand to land, i landed on the tar road with my body.

again i got shock from the momentum, then i suddenly realize that i didn't see their vehicle plate number! stupid me! i quickly drag myself up, dispite all the pain i received from the bruises to see the number. but unfortunately the car plate was too far already to be seen. damn! i let out a cry of agony and anger.

the neighbour's dog are barking like crazy. damn, if the gate was not close or maybe the door would have go bike the hell of the thief. then i drag myself back to my house and my family of course was suprised to see me having bruises all over the place. this is the first time i got so many wounds on my body, i got bruises on both my knee, wrist,elbow, shoulder and both side of my palm.

i was really very angry during that moment as i would never have expected i would get snatched in front of my house and in broad day light! i was also very angry that i couldn't lay my hands on the thief. if i can, i would surely give him a good lesson and break a few bones to make sure that he cannot steal again. but most of all, i'm also angry that i didn't get to see the vehicle number plate so i would be able to make a police report.

the only way i can think of to calm myself is to think that luckily it happen to me and not my family members. at least i'm the one who got hurt not them. the handphone being snatched away is only 2 weeks old, which is very kek tiok for me also. then for the following week i need to stay at home to wait for my bruises to heal. i even cannot use mouse as it would come to contact with the bruises so i can only sit and watch tv.

aii...this is really a harsh lesson for me. the right action i should have taken is to just let him went off and remember his car plate number to make a police report. i also didn't take a good look at his face as his wearing shaded glassess. but my instinct just tell me to chase that bloody thief and i must grab my handphone back no matter what.

so from this, i've learn that i should be more calm and think rationally next time rather rushing into action without thinking. it's been a year plus since the incident. the scars left from my bruises is still clear around my wrist, which is a constant reminder to me that there's bad guys in this world and that i must always keep alert of my surrounding. and also one should always lock their gate when they are at home.

ar...that was the worst day of my life, so far. but i've learn to live thru it. i don't know whether the thief is still out there or in jail. i hope that he would get punish for what he did. and i hope that it would be the slow and painful type.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

something about me...

went to watch resident evil 3: extinction with my fren just now. and i can say that i don't feel that it's worth watching:P

actually this post is not about the movie, but is about after the movie. After the movie my fren and i saw some commotion down there at the temple below star cineplex so we went to check it out. actually there was some sort of performance by some singers and dancers for some sort of events which i have no idea. cos it's the second day of hari raya, (oh btw, selamat hari raya haha) and i don't think there would be any chinese events.

but i'm not going to talk about tat either. my fren ask me whether want to go to the temple to pai pai (pray)"拜拜" so i went along with him. well under normal circumstances i wouldn't usually do this, cos i usually only worship my ancestor during ching ming as a tradition( i dun usually worship chinese gods).

it's been a while since i did some praying, haha, last time during my adventure to sibu sarikei with him i've also go pai pai with him at the temple. hmm...when i first set foot on sibu, i feel that i'm in a new foreign place and it is a matter of courtesy to show some respect for those local temples and also sincerely wish for a safe journey. you can check out my old frenster blog about my sibu sarikei adventure here.

well, i'm not a religious type of person for sure. but i just feel that by burning the joystick and waving it towards to chinese gods and wishing for a better future is quite a good thing to do also from time to time. wat matters is sincerity rite? usually i would wish that my family and frens would be healthy and happy, safe and sound. (出入平安). i've also wish that i could get someone i like, but so far nothing happen yet, haha, but it'll still be in my wish list anyway. haha, when it comes back to reality, i think that (no offence) these stuff only serves as moral support.
all things would still need to depend on yourself.

haha whether i really believe in it or not doesn't matter to me. what matters is that i can have that moment of peace and hope while i'm "pai pai" ing.

yeah, i think as a chinese, preserving chinese traditions is also an important thing. although sometimes i also find it difficult and troublesome to do, but to think that to lose something that's part of who you are, something that has been pass down genearation from generation for 5000 years, hmm..i think that's not rite lo. it's sad to see that some of those things slowly fading away admist modernization.

this is a picture i've drawn from my childhood memories, it roughly looks something like this:

my dad is teaching me how to pai pai to my grandpa. i remember a little only ( i was too young), he say something like wishing to grandpa protect me from harm. "公公保佑我。。。” hmmm...i'm glad that i remembered this little childhood memory:) so if i have a child one day i would hope that i would be able pass on this tradition to them like my father did.

so tonite, i sincerely hope that my frens and family would be happy and healthy, safe and sound:)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

the coca-cola and mentos experiment

i've bet you guys have heard from emails saying that you can't drink coca cola together with mentos because it when these two mix togehether it would cause some chemical reaction and the cola would erupt like a volcano! urban legend has say that one kid actually died from taking coke and mentos at the same time.

oh, if you don't know what i'm talking about, you can click to see this video footage.

well, out of curiousity, i've decided to try out this experiment! but just to be caution i've google it to see whether there's any information that i need to be aware of. from wikipedia it says that it would work on any regular coke as well (most effective is with diet coke).

so i bought a can of coke and mentos back home. call and gather my family members to watch the experiment.

and guess what......

to my dissapointment nothing like what i saw in you-tube happen! i use one can of coke, and add 3 piece of mentos inside and i just saw some little bubbles coming out. the amount of bubbles produced is even less than the bubbles produced if we add salt into cola.

oh well, and we even drink the coke after that and still nothing happen. hmm...i wonder if the video is lying, or the experiment requires diet coke instead?


Sunday, October 7, 2007

蘇打綠 小情歌

went to karaoke and my colleage pick this song. if not mistaken it's a band from taiwan called 蘇打綠 "su da lik" , duno the english translation, i also duno the chinese meaning. the name of the song is 小情歌 "xiao ching ge" (little love song).

wow, first time heard it like it already. it potrays a very simple and nice feeling. but one thing i feel that the lead singer's voice sounds feminine. before i seen the mtv, i tot it was a girl's voice!

so sit back and enjoy;)




lyrics from

Saturday, October 6, 2007

belated movie review of shrek3

again, this is one of my anticipated movies of the year but i failed to watch it at cinema and ended up watching vcd at home

for this short post, i've chosen to use stickgal's cartoon of shrek. i've known stickgal's blog thru kennysia. quite like it as all da cartoon are simple and nice:)
for those who haven't check out her blog, click here

having previously watch shrek1 & 2, which packs a bunch of humour. i've been looking forward to see more how the movie would continue to make fun of the fable story character. n after seeing it, haha it is not disappointing at all. i was eating laksa tapao at my home and watching it. at one point, there's one funny scene which made me laugh and accidentally spill my nose fluid into my laksa soup>_<

one character that i particular like in shrek is the gingerbreadman. i remember him got tortured by the evil king in shrek1 and in return he even spit on the evil king.

the voice character for Arthur sounds alot like Michael J.Fox, but when i see the voice cast, it's actually Justin Timberlake. their voice sound alike or is it just my own opinion?

according to wikipedia, the producers are on the way to make shrek4 and 5! hmm...duno true or not. haha, at least the funny green orge and his friend would still be around for sometime.

overall, it's definitely a comedy worth watching:)

image taken from wikipedia

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

gifts! gifts! gifts!

haha, one funny thing is tat on my fren's b'day dinner i also got received gifts! hmm...come to think of it, i think it's also the first i got received gifts while attending other's people b'day.

well, one thing is that my other two frens just return from their trip so they bought back some gifts. one went to Bali, haha, my fren say tat it looks like a bigger version of Damai. cos i see in some of the resthouse and inside the hotel room it looks a bit like Damai's design. hmm...maybe same designer? haha. i received a surfing board keychain from Bali. hmm...last time i've read in newspaper saying tat after the unfortunate terrorist incident, expenses in Bali drop. hmm..wondering whether would consider to go there in future.

the other went to singapore, melaka n kl. i've received a bear doll from singapore tat can be tied on handphone one. when i'm ask whether i would put it at my handphone i told them tat the bear's very cute, it would make me look less "man" if i put it at my handphone. they laughed and say tat they've lost confidence in me being "man" since from long time already....haha aiyo...i think maybe i should look at the wall and think about my mistakes after this haha:P

finally the shoe is all the way from Holland. it's a miniature version of the Holland's trademark giant wooden shoe. haha i think this is the most farthest gifts i've ever received so far. actually the shoe is given earlier by another fren who cannot make it to the dinner. i just display it and take together with them so that i can make a super combo of gifts.


haha, it shows the bear wearing the holland shoe and surfing!

thank you very much guys for the gifts:)