Sunday, May 27, 2007

11 year old killed a giant boar with pistol..

i saw this in the news, which i find very disturbing. at first i was very suprise to see the size of the wild pig that big, almost as big as a rhino! then i c, that it's dead, killed by the 11 year old child with pistol.

i was thinking like, hey, tat's a huge, rare animal, n they just kill it like tat, it's not like the animal is endangering you, or you want to hunt it for food, but it's for your own sick pleasure to kill the beast. aiti, i found this very disturbing indeed. and look at wat the boy has to say:

I was a little bit scared, a little bit excited,” said Jamison, who added that once he had brought the animal down he felt “really good”.
“It’s a good accomplishment,” he said. “I probably won’t ever kill anything else that big.”

damn, if you r tat good, go fight with your bare hands la, y use pistol?

i think it's really wrong to kill other beings for trophy. (if it's killing to food, that's understandable.).... sign...such rare animal like this have not yet made into a documentary but got shot already...very pitiful.

i also pity the boy, of his mentality, using firearms with power in your hands to hurt other weaker beings. i think it's also very wrong for the report to champion him of his bravery and skills. WTF, where's the honor of killing something that is unarmed and innocent?

i was thinking whether to put the picture on this blog, but after thinking i better not. so guys if you want to see the picture and article , here it is:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

state of blankness... is a hard day at work, dealing with customer and difficult issues and running around....i was so tired after my work that i was so lazy to think of anything else. thus my brain enter a state of blankness.... haha, almost lar...if 100% blank then means die liao.

suddenly i remembered a funny scene from malcom in the middle, whereby malcom's brother sort of "shut down" his brain. very idoitic and funny, haha.

it was almost when i reached home and i discovered about that apparantly nothing went thru my brain on the journey way, meaning i wasn't thinking of anything at all. my eyes are on the road, my right hand on steering, my left hand finger digging gold.

hmmm...i find that i can drive without really thinking, my hands and legs would set it on auto drive, i could still watch out for incoming cars, but in this mode, i'm more likely to go wrong direction:P

anyway, i think that tis is quite a good way sometime for the brain to take a break. haha although while driving it's a bit dangerous. please don't try this at home. eh...oh ya, u can try it at home, cos it's much more safer than while driving.

i've read an article about this whereby it's one of guy's behavior. Cos as a guy, you face many things in life and sometime they would just retreat to their own place and drift into idleness. it's a way of recharging the brain. hmm...i quite abit agree with that, but if want to recharge brain i would preferably to go sleep.

so tat's all for now, my brain needs charging...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No spanking day!

i saw one article, it appears that 30th of April is NO SPANKING DAY. (means no hitting on children)

it say's that we shouldn't spank children lo, cos it's violence, and it has a bad influence on their growth, mentally n physically. it says that children actually can reason with them. if we adults are patience and we should show them to behave like adult. some way i agree with that, but i also think that sometime spanking is necessary lo. although spanking is the quick and easy way to teach a kid, but sometime if the kid is really hard-headed that i think some spanking is necessary.

i say this because me myself also got spank by my parents when i'm naughty at young. although i don't understand why the real reason they spank me, but i do know now.

i think they're not trying to teach me that i'm naughty therefore i cannot get the toy,
but they're trying to teach me that, there's nothing in this world that you can get it by just crying, but you need to work hard and earn for it. hmm...i think tat's the lesson behind it, after all those years...

dad spank, mum tell me nicely...i'm lucky to have this balance. if both spank...then not gud for me, if both too nice i may get spoiled. haha so again, it stress the importance of balance. i think i would spank my children (haha if i have) , as i still think there's importance in it.

haha, tat's all. this is an old post that i save as a draft and finish it later.