Saturday, December 29, 2007

feeling abit beh song lo...

haha, heineken christmas tree,(actually it's not heineken, a reader corrected that it is grolsch!) taken from here

oh well, sometimes i just don't really like those people who sort of force you to do things you don't like to do. a very gud example for me - drink beer.

actually it's a mystery to me why people like to drink beer, taste so bitter, why choose bitter if you can choose sweet? like coca cola? furthermore, we are not living in temparate country whereby we need to drink beer to keep warm.

anyway, i was attending my company annual dinner, as i went to the toilet, i got "pulled" to sit down on a table and drink beer. during that sort of situation it's very hard to reject or to tell them that i don't drink beer. (damn, i hate it)

so oh well, what the heck, i quickly finish half a small cup that one of my colleage poured me. i was thinking to finish it off quickly and quickly ran off. but right after i finish it, a boss who's sitting at the table, say, hey...i haven't give a toast to you yet...then he poured me another cup.

i was like...oh shit...i say i cannot lar...but then all others say drink lar..drink lar with their devils horn poppping out. the second was much more difficult for me, as the bitterness from the first cup is still in my throat. but i eventually finish it and as i set off, another boss at the table try to toast me another cup.

but i quickly decline,shaking my hand and head. and to be more dramatic, i even used hand language showing a cut throat sign. hmm...thinking back, i think this sign language is quite effective, haha, should use it next time.

after that as i return to my seat, my face started to turn red and hot. and started to feel abit dizzy but i'm still consious. the worst feeling is that i feel abit like almost want to vomit but cannot vomit. oh...and thanks to the beer, i lose my appetite for the night.

sign...i should have been more firm and rejected them and show them the cut throat sign language next time.

although i know that it's a socializing way for people to drink beer and to get business, but hey, not everyone like it. example lar,the durian theory: if you like to eat durian, it doesn't mean that all people like to eat durian.

so please do respect others that are non alchoholic.

for me so far, if i want to give face, half a cup is almost limit, if you want me to drink more...haha sorry cannot. drinking beer is definitely not my cup of tea.

christmas DIY project round two my disapointment, it was a guy who received the gift. ngaiti....maybe recently i didn't do enough charity so this happen to me.

aiyo, it makes me abit beh song, but what to do, aii...i think i wouldn't do a DIY gift for present exchange liao next time. although that guy was very suprised also that he received a DIY gift, but nevertheless, you wouldn't feel so good if a guy received it compare to a girl, which would cherish it more.

but then i have another chance as i would be meeting up with a fren of mine, who happens to be a leng lui and likes DIY also. (haha, i send my first DIY christmas to her last time)

making another mini christmas tree is too time consuming so i decided to make a simple stand instead:P

at first i thought of cutting the green sponge again into christmas tree shape and sticking it on the stand, but later i find it difficult to cut the green sponge into a small size christmas tree shape. so i decided to draw it on a piece of paper and cut and stick it up instead.

i thought of drawing santa, but i couldn't manage to draw a cute looking santa, so i try out drawing reindeer and eh...i think it's not bad also. at least it looks much more cuter than the santa i drawn.

and also not forgeting to add some inspirational words at the back, this sentence is copied from a DIY card from technographic

when i saw this sentence i found it to be quite meaningful and i quickly take note of it. haha, hope it would you guys some inspirations or encouragement too.

finally, merry jingle bells number two from me:)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas 2007~

first of all, a very merry christmas to all^_^

and behold my christmas DIY gifts!

tomorrow i would be attending a yearly small dinner and christmas exchange gathering with friends. usually i would just buy gifts but this year i've got some inspiration to do DIY gifts.

as you can see in the picture, the DIY includes the christmas tree,the little present box and the background card. the display box is borrowed from a friend's gift to me last time:)

the christmas tree is actually not a new idea as i made one before two years ago as a gift to a friend. but then this size is the 1/4 of the original size. i was quite proud of the first original one, as all the ideas is original. too bad i didn't take the picture as rememberance:(

it's actually not hard to do the christmas tree, just that it's pretty time consuming for me to do. it took me 2 nights to finish everything up. one night for the christmas tree, and one night for the present box and the wrapping.

the christmas tree is made from those hard green sponge cut into circular shape and stapple together, but it's hard to control it to a perfect circular shape like the christmas tree. haha, but if you see from far, luckily wouldn't notice that much. the body of the tree and the christmas tree star is made by bending small iron wire.

the original version i use disco dust as decoration for the tree, but this time somehow i couldn't find it. so i tried to use golden string to hang it up as decoration but it ended up as a disaster, not i took it all off. but luckily i manage to think of something, which i cut color paper into tiny pieces and scatter it on the christmas tree instead.

overall i'm satisfied of the result. but i'm concerned of the christmas tree's condition if the box got shaken badly and it would collaspe! ahha, it's a smaller version (therefore more fragile) and the display box got many space for the tree to collaspe into. ahaha, when the present is open you see the christmas tree collaspe, not nice le...haha

i've always have this feeling after i finished my DIY project. since i spended some time on it and has some relationship with it i would tend to like it myself and wouldn't want to give it away. but it would be more meaningful if it given as a gift rather than to made it for yourself to keep.

anyway, i hope that the person who received the gift tomorrow would like it and cherish it and take gud care of it. ahha, hopefully it would be a girl, as girl would cherish DIY gifts more than guys.

once again, a very merry jingle bells....

it's been a while~

image taken from here

the picture above is Team Shohoku, it is the main team of a very popular basketball manga called "Slam Dunk"

this is the link to my old post in frienster about slam dunk.

it's been a while since i played basketball, actually i've forgotten when is the last time i even touch basketball, 1 year ago? 2 year ago? ahha, makes me a bit pai seh (embarassed) to say that basketball is one my hobbies.

just that to play basketball it's a bit harder as you need to find basketball court, have basketball and a few players to play. i really miss the time when i'm in my old house whereby my dad set up a basketball net for me and almost every evening i would play basketball with my neighbours.(thanks dad!)

anyway, last sunday my friend suddenly called me to play basketball at a park at arang road, so thinking that it's really been a while since i lasted played and i miss it so much, i quickly agreed.

i reach there high spiritly and to my amazement i scored my first two short. oh...i was thinking, not bad, seems like i haven't loose my touch:P

as we played 3 on 3 with other people, and as the game progress. i started to get tired and so my accuracy gradually drops untill i scored air ball too many times. argghh.. kek tiok. and we played 3 rounds loose three round.

i think playing basketball is more tiring and stamina consuming than badminton as you need to run a bigger space. and i think playing badminton is easier as it would require less thing in order to be played. haha i think that's why this few years became lazy to play basketball.

anyway i hope in hope i would have more chance to play again in future.

haha, tat's all for now:)

Sunday, December 23, 2007


today is dong zhi (冬至), a traditional chinese festival that marks the coming of winter. strangely, other festival such as chinese new year, lantern festival, duan wu jie, all got stories of how and why the festival is celebrated, but not dong zhi. haha or does anyone know?

well according to mum, long ago, when winter comes, most daily activity would be hindered and winter would be a very tough time for most people to get through the bitter cold.

so celebrating dong zhi is equal to having a small feast before the long, cold winter. cos after the winter in spring, they would be celebrating new year. dong zhi is also a time to worship our ancester. hmm...i think it's because we need to burn something for our ancester to eat also during their winter up there;p

i think it's hard for me to imagine their situation as living in in Malaysia all my life i've never experience the cold of winter before. the weather here it's either sunny, rainy, or foggy.

for me the highlight of dong zhi is of course the "汤圆" (tang yuan), as it's the only time of the year we get to eat it. nowadays tang yuan comes in a variety of choice but i still sincerely prefer those home made ones.

image taken from here

i can still remember from my childhood memories the fun of rolling the tang yuan and making it into other shapes as it seems like playing plastesin.

anyway, i would like to wish you all a happy dong zhi.

Monday, December 10, 2007

a brief encounter with gangster at the auction in kuching airport

picture taken from here

it was a few weeks ago that i went to visit the auction at the airport where i've always heard rumours that there's alot of tattooed people controlling the auction. well, it appears that the rumour is quite true.

haha, you just gotta see it with your own eyes to believe it. the gangster would controlled the auction by being the only dominant bidder. They aim to sapu (buy all) the auction item and resell it to other bidders at the end of the auction at a higher price.

If there's other people who want to bid, they would stare or shout at them and tell them not to bid. If other bidders want to bid, they must need to find the gangster and pay an additional commission to them to get the item they want.

it is very unfair as the public would need to pay for the unecessary additional payment. it's also very sad that the local authorities cannot do anything about it.
there are 5-6 policeman standby beside the auction hall but they can't do anything about it also. i think it's also because what the gangster is doing is unfair but it is not illegal. tat's the problem here.

picture taken from here

oh well, one thing that caught my attention though, is tat i saw of one of the police officer helding a MP5 submachine gun! Ngaiti~ an auction like this need to bring sub machine gun meh, handgun not enough ka? i suddenly feel a bit not safe. but i notice that the magazine of the gun is not loaded;p haha he even wear sun glassess. i dunno whether it is for him to look cool like terminator or he don't want people to recognize him in case he shoot down some people>_<

picture taken from here

later i even have a chance to talk to the sub-machine gunner as we walk by. it was something like this:

police: oh...ada beli kereta ka? ( bought any car?)

me: oh..tiada, cuma datang tengok saja, ini MP5 ka? ( oh no, i just came to have a look, is that MP5?)

police: eh..macam mana kamu tahu? (eh, how u know about it?)

me: oh..saya ada main game. saya tahu lo. (oh..i've played computer games so i know)

police: kamu tahu apa maksud MP dalam MP5 ka? (you know what's the meaning of MP in MP5?)

me: er...tidak (er..nope)

police: haha, ia sebenarnya maksud Mini Pistol! (haha, it actually means mini pistol!)

then someone called him, and the conversation end like this.

it was an interesting short conversation. ahha, i was about to ask him y he didn't put on the ammunition? or he just use it to scare people only?:P

but i half half believe him about what he say about the meaning of MP5 becos he answer it with a proud wide grin. i've even go check up wikipedia, but it didn't mentioned the MP stands for Mini Pistol.

oh...back to the main topic...

as conclusion,this has been a new experience for me. if you guys want to see them gangster auction next time, you can go there and see for yourself.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

technographic saberkas closing...sob....sob...T_T

i passed by technographic saberkas last week and saw that they're having stock clearance sale from 1st december 2007 to 1st January 2008... i ask a fren of mine who's working there and it seems that they're moving back to their HQ in rubber road. the current shop lot in saberkas shall be rent to a computer company.

aiyo, although they're having stock clearance discounts (oh guys, they're selling it off cheap, go there and get it!), but i still feel abit sad lo. cos last time i used to spend alot of time in technographic doing DIY stuff and school art projects. now kenot no more:(

my relationship with technographic started back in my secondary school days. my fren who's working there happens to be my fren's girlfren's sister. so that how i get to know her. My fren's who's working there is very frenly and helpful. so along with my other frens, we used to go there alot to do art projects, (haha where else can you find a shop that let you use their place to do your art work without charges? , oh it was last time, now cannot:P)

my fren would also give discount when i buy stuff from time to time. she also become my mentor of DIY projects and sometimes i would go there to seek her advice, or seek inspirations or discuss art stuff with her. i think if there's no technographic as a standing stone, i may not love to do DIY stuff as much as i like today.

so as a token of gratitude i'm now writing this post and do a free promotion for them. so do drop by, cos i think in future to drop by their rubber road HQ is abit off the way for me, not as convinient as it is in saberkas.

this is what i bought from the sales, haha i know it's little, i bought the picutre colour paper as i think it looks nice and maybe would have future use. i bought the metalic gold pen as i also think got future use in doing art work. i got a silver one previously also bought from technographic.'s really sad. it's like a small little part of me being taken away. my fren there also feel reluctant to move. aii... can't say anything more...aii...aiii...aii...

i really gona miss da place.

Monday, December 3, 2007

the wedding singer- part 2 the actual performance

thanks to ai min for the photo:)

here is part 2, the actual performance itself.

hmm....after a few practises,i think i should be able to do it ok. But nevertheless, i still feel very kinteo before i went up the stage. and as usual, if i know that i'll be performing, i wouldn't be able to eat alot as i'm very nervous and would lose my appetite. besides, eating too much is also not good as the extra weight you gain would make you a little bit harder to sing! haha.

my colleagues ask me to sing earlier so that i would have the appetite to eat. but i didn't expect them to ask me be the first. oh wow...being the first to sing has more pressure le. but it was the host himself that start the performance with 2 old songs and then i was the first from the audience to go up.

as usual, i was quite nervous as i went up the stage. the mic is plucked inside a holder beside a small tv in front of the stage. the music is already running when i'm trying to unpluck the mic from the holder, which make me more nervous is that i have a little difficulty in unplucking and i'm afraid that i wouldn't be able to make it in time to sing when the song starts. luckily it didn't happen....pheww...

as i pick up the mic, luckily things go back to normal abit. haha, when got mic in hand and start to sing, my nervousness lessen as my attention all goes to my singing. i think it's because the presense of my boss and my big boss that suddenly make me kinteo again. at one time i even feel that my legs got tremble abit but i quickly try to hold it off, at least i still sing it normally. (but later i think i should have been able to sing better:P)

and yes, i've been able to sing the shouting part o.k. after the song when i went back to the table, the nervousness that i was trying to hold off on the stage suddenly all burst out. haha, that's what they say, when upstage, kenot let the audience see, must tahan until you go downstage. i was trying to held a chopstick and my colleagues laugh at me seeing my hands trembling. i also feel very funny as previously in my performance i'm never been this much nervous.

but anyway now that i've done my part. i can start to enjoy the food and listen to other performance. there was one performer that night that is very special and although he sang old song, he's very active and playfull and entertaining on stage. i need to thank him alot as he reminded me that i should relax more and tone down alot of my nervousness.

that whole night i was the only performer from the younger generation audience (oh except for the bridge and bridegroom, they sang "ni jui zhen gui" ) maybe that's why my colleague ask me to sing another song.

oh well, at least i've prepare for my backup song- "more than words". this time i sang it with less nervousness far more better than the first. in the beginning i've thought of doing something different and be like westlife cos when they sing this song, there's one part showing them sing while sitting in front of the stage. hmm...but aiya i dun dare! the mic is wired so it'll be a bit hard to do it too. but as i think back i think it would be fun and i should've try it. haha, at least it would be a new experience for me.

hmm...after that as i went back to my sit, my colleagues ask for another one, haha, but i say no la, enought for 2nite cos i think i should also give other people opportuniy to perform as well.

but there's one thing no good about singing in a wedding dinner is that not all people would be looking at you while you sing as some would be eating, chatting or doing "yam seng", too much distraction. although this might make u less nervous cos less people look at you, but it'll make u feel abit like you're not appreciated lo. haha, but at least when i went up stage and sing and as i quickly scan through the audience i found some of them looking at me smilling, especially younger generation, haha cos i sing new song mar~. haha then i feel abit worth it lo and it would boost my confidence as well.

overall i feel ok lar, satisfied. but still got alot more to improve. wat is very funny is that after the dinner my frens ask me to go podwave to sing k, and they also got choose the same two song that i sang.

thanks everyone for your support in asking me to sing and saying my voice nice. i really appreciate it. haha but i know i'm not that good, i just like to sing and dare to perform, there's still many things to learn and improve.

ok, tat's all for now, cheers:)

the wedding singer- part 1 preparation

oh ya, first of all, a very congratz to my colleage Mr. Peter Ho on his marriage to his beloved wife Ms. Sophia:)

last friday i became a wedding singer. oh... not the paid wedding singer tat people invited, just that my other colleages have been requesting me to sing a few songs at the wedding, so i sing lo. (actually i also very much wanted to sing myself:P)

my last singing performance before this was a long time ago sometime this year, it's on my cousin's wedding and it is a much smaller scale and i totally didn't prepare for it. i was in the toilet and suddenly i heard the MC saying my name tat i would be singing. (somebody pass my name to the MC) so i just simply pick a song and sang. i sang 张栋梁's "北极星的眼泪". haha...i know it was not a suitable song to sing in wedding as it is a sad song, but that was the best song i can choose from the list of songs available there. my performance after i self evaluate is also just cincai cincai lo, no preparation.

anyway tis time is different as i've prepared for it. luckily i've already got the karaoke version of the song my colleage requested me to sing which is 曹格's "世界唯一的你". (previously i've written a post about this song in my friendster blog) but sadly my home's karaoke set is not working so i've been going to K-box to keep in practise for 3days before the event. there was one part where u need to shout "woah woah wooooo~~~" and i was worried because sometimes i cannot sing that part well (3.44-3.52min)

having some previous experience, i decided that i also need to prepare a back up song just in case. i was thinking of singing english song and the first thing that came into my mind is Westlife. y Westlife? becos for me i like da song and it's easy to sing and i've sung them before in previous uni performance;) but problem is tat i don't have westlife karaoke! so on the night before the wedding i went to scout around kuching's pirate vcd heaven- kenyalang to try my luck.

the biggest store didn't sell it as expected becos it's not a new song and it's quite hard to find English Karaoke song compare to chinese karaoke song. i think perhaps Westeners didn't like to sing karaokes as much as Asian. (karaoke is invented in Japan by the way) tat's y it's hard to find. but as i go to the other store, i flipped thru the old cds and gotcha! i've finally found it.

i was so happy:)

they got all the good songs tat i wanted: flying without wings, if i let you go, more than words. too bad don't have: my love, i lay my love on you.

it took me a while to decide which of these 3 songs to sing as backup.

flying without wings - best lyrics to sing in wedding, i've sung this before in another wedding, but it's harder to sing and requires some strength (for me). the atmosphere that is created from this song feels abit like 世界唯一的你 so i feel tat i should choose another song.

if i let you go - lyrics a little not suitable to sing in wedding, but among these three song, i feel tat the melody is the most cheerful. i've also sang this song before during my uni days student council's installation dinner. i actually wanted to sing this song as backup but considering the lyrics...aiya too bad le.

more than words- lyrics ok la, suitable for wedding, most easy to sing among these three. i've also sang this song before back in my uni day's prom nite. so being playing safe, i choose this song to sing among the three.

i've also dug up some of my available karaoke songs by 张智城 & 林俊杰 as extra backups.

ok, tat's all for part1. part 2 i'll talk about the actual performance.

P.S. please note that i'm not trying to promote pirated vcd:P
it's actually very hard to buy original karaoke disc in kuching.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fish Leong (梁靜茹) - 崇拜

my friend introduce me a very nice song which is "崇拜" from Fish Leong's new album. i listen very carefully to the lyrics and melody with my earphones and not doing other things beside listening. wow~, it's such a nice and sad songT_T. you know it's those type of song that if you listen to it on radio late nite, you'll feel very lonely and sad (but you'll still love the song cos it's very touching)

when i see the music video whereby fish sing and shouted thru the hole on the wall, it makes me feel that she's very lonely and have nobody to talk to so wat she can only do to release their sadness is to shout and sing through the hole on the wall.. wah seh...maybe i think too much.

but inside the mv i find it weird to use the story of a young woman falling in love for an old man. haha, cos i find it very difficult for me to imagine a love relationship with someone tat is old enuf to be your grandma or grandpa.

here the video and lyrics, enjoy:)

你的姿态你的青睐 我存在在你的存在
你以为爱就是被爱 你挥霍了我的崇拜

我活了 我爱了 我都不管了 心爱到疯了恨到算了就好了
可能的 可以的 真的可惜了 幸福好不容易怎麼你却不敢了呢

我还以为我们能 不同於别人
我还以为不可能的 不会不可能

你的姿态你的青睐 我存在在你的存在
你以为爱就是被爱 你挥霍了我的崇拜

风筝有风海豚有海 我存在在我的存在

所以明白 所以离开 所以不再为爱而爱 自己存在 在你之外

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paintball in Kuching~~~

image taken from here

"over~over~ paintball confirmed this sunday 12 noon!"

this is what i received from my friend's sms:P

There's a place to play Paintball in Kuching and it's only open for like 6 month and it's starting to attract more crowds. The place is situated at Pasir Pandak, somewhere on the way to Damai. The outdoor paintball field's area is about the size of two basketball court. The area is covered with dry short grass and full of obstacles for players to hide. It even have a bridge in the middle of the area with a small river that separate and mark each team's territory.

the rule of the game is simple enough. each team start from their home base and must blast their way through untill they eliminate every member of the opposite team. if one team member got shot, the bullet from the paint ball would burst into paint, indicating that they're dead and out of the game. this continue untill the last man standing or if they manage to capture the enemy's flag at home base.

we've played for 3 rounds and it last about 2 hours (including resting periods). haha all our team members got eliminated on the first round. but we won the second and third round. it was very very exhausting but exciting at the same time. it's very hard to describe the thrill and fun of exchanging fire and charging into the next obstacles hoping not to get hit.

Ngaiti it does hurt when the ball hit you on the part that is not protected by the head mask or body vest. i received 2 hit on left shoulder and 1 hit on my right leg. one thing that made the game very exhausting is because of the head mask. although the head mask protect your life in the game but at the same time, it's also very suffocating as you would be very excited in the game, causing some difficulty in breathing. at many times i would want to take the mask off and breath some fresh air but it is strictly prohibited in the field. They would be four Marshalls or referee inside the field to uphold the rules of the game and ensure the safety of the players.

overall despite the pain of my legs that i need to endure for 3 days after the game due to overstressing the muscles, it was very fun and i would recommend everyone to try this game!

haha will upload the photos after i've received it from my friend:)

so here's the video taken by a brave soul and they even posted it up in youtube.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

one week of alang-alang soar throat and coffing

It’s been a week of alang-alang coffing and sore throat for me. I thought it would cure but it did not so I’ve finally went to the clinic to take medication. Aiyo…when think of that, I’ve should have long gone to clinic, then no need to suffer for one week. Maybe I’m too confident with my health or antibody that I would be able to fight off the germs but it turns out that maybe I’m not good or healthy as i was before in secondary school?

By the terms of suffer, I don’t mean the suffering of the throat but for the fact that I couldn’t be able to sing a complete song during that time. for me, singing is a hobby and a way to release stress or a form of expressing myself. so this week, without my voice, i think i'm less happy by 10% haha. haha i do actually feel that way.

when it's at the more serious stage, i even find it hard to finish a sentence. sometime to the extend of talking half way then suddenly i lose my voice. haha, this week i don't know how many fisherman's friend or woods i've taken. i found that wood's extra strong seems more suitable for me as it's more strong, stronger than fisherman.

actually somewhere at the beginning of the week, i'm still able to go sing k. but of course also cannot preform as good. but strangely once you held the mic. in your hand, it seems like magic and when the music start you would magicly push the soar throat and coffing away temporary to sing. haha, although i think my coffing and soar throat went a bit worsen after the k, but for singing lover like me, it's worth it! >_<

by the time i'm typing this, i think i'm cured already as i am able to sing a complete song now ahhaha. i'm learning a song called 你是我的眼 by 蕭煌奇. it's a blind singer from taiwan. the song is popularize by 林宥嘉, the winner from the popular taiwan singing competition, 超級星光大道. haha hope to sing it at k next time, the lyrics also very touching. before i've seen the lyrics, i've never think from a blind man's point of view regarding love, so it's quite an eye opener and helps me to understand more about their feeling.

haha, anyway i'm quite happy again now that i could sing again. welcome back my voice!:)

Friday, November 2, 2007

yet another sleepless night post...

wah seh...i really shouldn't have too much of these sleepless night posting, furthermore each one is whereby i need to work the next day.

but i feel more relief now that i've received an answer. i've been thinking alot or thinking too much recently about a gal, tat i even dream of her these few nights. yup, she's the one who "kiss" me before.

for a long time finally i've gathered enough courage to tell her my feeling for her. i was afraid previously because i cherish the friendship alot and i was afraid if i am too greedy and cross the line i might severe or lose this friendship. but then i think that if i didn't tell her how i feel, i may regret it for the rest of my life.

so, finally i've said it to her. and i've received an answer. and the answer is that my status quo is still single. at least we are still gud frens;) at least i've finally managed to lift up the heavy rock that is inside my heart. at least i'm still far better than 樱木花道's record of 50 straight rejection from gals>_<

hmm...which made me think as i try to self evaluate myself. Am i the type of guy tat is too kind to gals that gals would want to be gud fren with but not till the extend of being consider as lover? cos i've came to this conclusion a few times. hmm....hey i think tis may be an serious issue tat i need self evaluation. if you guys have any comment for me, please tell me so that i can improve.

or like they say gals like bad guys more? haha but i'm a good guy and i would still stick to it. ohh.... did i say i'm a good guy? sorry, correction. i'm still improving.

k lar....dun think too much liao. still need to work 2molo:)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I love you~

recently i've seen this mtv while i'm surfing channels, usually i would skip mtv's by singers that i'm not familiar with, but when i heard this song, it made me stop and listen.

this beautiful song entitled "i love you" is from 陳偉聯. the song's very touching and sad too. he's the winner of a singing contest in singapore and won by overwhelming votes, and furthermore, believe me or not. he's blind. yes. blind. it's very inspiring to see what he can do to bravely to live his dream.

i hope it would ispired you guys too. recommend it to your friends, it's definitely a good song:)

Friday, October 26, 2007

sour plum^_^sour plum:P

picture taken from here:

this post is dedicated to one of my favourite food, sour plum!

i think maybe i've inherited this from my mum which like to eat sour plum. hmm..beside that i also enjoy other sour stuff. but sour plum would be my most enjoyable sour food.

hmm..after eating for so long, i still didn't recognize any brand that specially made good sour plum. i can only judge it by looking at the fruit itself and you'll be able to tell whether it's nice or not before you buy it.

sour plum is good when you're in low energy and by eating it it would surely boost you up mentally like during afternoon time in office. sour plum also taste good to make plum juice or eat together with pak kia.

i was eating sour plum with pak kia just now. and i accidentally swallow up the whole sour plum together with the seed! i try to split it out but it's too late. oh gosh...i don't know whether my stomach acid can digest it or else it would need to come out through my butt>_<

my dad said y i'm so careless, all his life he's never swallow it before. he told me tat most probably it would come out my butt...

nooo!!!!....... be careful next time guys when eating sour plum, dun end up like me. maybe after tis incident i wouldnt' be eating sour plum for a while haha.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

this is my response to kenny sia's post:
who should take the first move, guys or girls?

i was browsing through kenny sia's blog and saw this interesting post. As always he never fails to throw down laugh bombs. furthermore this time got prize for the best comments. A Hugo fragrance!

hmmm...although i don't use it but i think i should give it a try. besides,i've already have some comments that i want to write regarding that post, so i would write a little bit longer to try my luck on the prize and also to keep in practise. below is my comment which i wrote the for the second time. the first comment i wrote was not posted as i accidentally close the browser:(

well, i think both gender deserves the right to pursuit their happiness and the that person they like, haha but we need to bear in mind that everyone deserve the same right as to reject you:P

i think the most important factor is to show your utmost sincerity when you make the move. if u don't look too bad, if the target is available, and if the target can feel your sincerity...i think the success rate would be quite high.

it would come down to personality, whether you're a girl or guy. If you're the more active type, normali they would be the one who make the move. Else if you're the more passive type, u'll do all those signals to attract the other's attention and hoping that they'll notice.

normali it would be guys taking the first move, but hey, time changes. girls are now getting more bolder and bolder and i think this is good news. most of the time, guys would find girl's passive signals hard to understant, so it would be easier if girls would take the first move on guys.

i honestly think that the success rate for girls to take the first move would be higher compare to guys taking the first move.

lastly i would like to end this comment by saying that we should also learn to reject people politely. you know, when you see some of the leng lui or leng zhai rejected people till like insulting them. argh.....i think these type of people is not worth for you at all.

anyway all the best to all the first movers out there, gambate! :)


my comment ends here:)

i suppose one of my sweetest moment that i would cherish forever is the moment when i've finally decided and gather courage to ask a girl her name but instead she take the first move and ask me instead:P

oh well, although we didn't end up being lovers, but still to me it's a good memory:)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

不能说的秘密~ Secrets

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oh...yet another movie i look forward to watch but didn't get to watch in cinema before it's too late. and ended up watch dvd at home.

aii...i think i'm being too passive le, if next time got movie want to watch, should actively seek frens to go watch.

well, i think like most people the major attraction for this movie is that this is Jay Chou's first movie as a director. wow, you gotta admire his talent, a few years back he just acted in Initial-D, then curse of the golden flower, now became director already. previously i know that he's begun to direct his own MTV, but to go direct a movie in just a few years of prepartion and trully not a simple thing.

since it's his first directed movie, i am just curious to see how the movie would be like, i'm not putting up too high expectation. but as i slowly watch it, and hey...i think it's not so bad either. there's a lot of quite good camera views, angles and story line. The overall feeling i got is like "hmmm...not bad leh". of course, not forget to mention the interesting showcase of Jay's and a Nanqian mama's member piano playing skills. and also 黄秋生 also contribute alot of comedy to the movie. 桂纶镁's girl next door image and natural look also add point to the movie. she's not really the very beautiful type of girl, but she's more like the type that is easily likeable and you would enjoy looking.

the only thing to complain is that i don't really think it's necessary to add the sci-fi genre thing to the movie. i think it would still work out o.k. if it's just a simple love story movie. i think it's because Jay wants to add some spice to it or to make it different.

anyway Jay say that he's too stress while he's directing (considering all the media attention that is upon him) and maybe he would not be doing some movie to direct in near future:(

haha dun give up Jay! oh...the main theme song for the movie is also 不能说的秘密. the song's quite short. hmm...having seen the movie, now i could enjoy listening and singing the song more.

Friday, October 19, 2007

yet another sleepless night....damn...

Ai…talk about wrong timing, today at 2.23am in the morning I still couldn’t sleep . Worse again, tomorrow I’ve still got work. Haha, I think I would be very blur 2molo morning at work and would need extra dose of caffeine.

I arrived home around 1am, after attending fren’s karaoke b’day at podwave. It’s one of my gang from secondary school. It’s been a while since I attended a gathering with them, this is also an opportunity to do some follow up of what each other is doing.

The singing part and b’day part was fun as the gang was very funny and playful. The guys would play gay around which is very funny. Haha of course I watch from a safe distance and watch and laugh only.

But got one bad part lo. Near ending, one by one start to smoke. Aiyo…the smoke immediately spread all over the small air-con room. And the smell….especially smoke in air-con room, I really kenot tahan anymore, so need to leave the room to get some fresh air.

Ai…for this I feel abit sad lo. Although I’ve no right to tell them what to do. Although I strongly object to smoking and liquor myself. If they choose to smoke it’s their own choices. Aiyo, but please respect those non-smokers like me mah~. Haiya.

But other than that, it was fun.

Haiyo, I hope I can fall asleep soon, else can sing 张智成’s 凌晨三点钟。

Good night people :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

worst day of my life~

ai..., although i don't like to mention this thing tat happen one year ago, but i feel that it is also part of my lesson i learned in life and so i would want to share with you guys.

it happen at 15th January 2006, sunday around 1150am. that time i was inside my house, then i heard someone coming into my house carpark area, so i went out to check it out. there's this guy asking me "ini rumah ping hung kah" (is this ping hung's house? or something like that.) i told him no, then he ask for the time, so took out my handphone and tell him. he seems like didn't heard me, so i show him the screen.

the next second i knew, he just snatch the handphone away and ran! damn. i was like shock for a second but i then i suddenly realize it. i quickly ran after him, (i was still not wearing shoes) when i ran out my gate, i saw that he already went into a kancil with his bloody associate inside waiting at the driver seat already.

but still i continue to ran. and as he close the door, i was able to grab his shirt through the window but they quickly press on the acelarator and ran off! my hand was still grabbing him, not letting go as he struggle to let go of my hand. as the car momentum increased, my hand that was holding him was knocked by the window and the force was so strong that it made fell into the ground like a pumpkin, i've no time to use my hand to land, i landed on the tar road with my body.

again i got shock from the momentum, then i suddenly realize that i didn't see their vehicle plate number! stupid me! i quickly drag myself up, dispite all the pain i received from the bruises to see the number. but unfortunately the car plate was too far already to be seen. damn! i let out a cry of agony and anger.

the neighbour's dog are barking like crazy. damn, if the gate was not close or maybe the door would have go bike the hell of the thief. then i drag myself back to my house and my family of course was suprised to see me having bruises all over the place. this is the first time i got so many wounds on my body, i got bruises on both my knee, wrist,elbow, shoulder and both side of my palm.

i was really very angry during that moment as i would never have expected i would get snatched in front of my house and in broad day light! i was also very angry that i couldn't lay my hands on the thief. if i can, i would surely give him a good lesson and break a few bones to make sure that he cannot steal again. but most of all, i'm also angry that i didn't get to see the vehicle number plate so i would be able to make a police report.

the only way i can think of to calm myself is to think that luckily it happen to me and not my family members. at least i'm the one who got hurt not them. the handphone being snatched away is only 2 weeks old, which is very kek tiok for me also. then for the following week i need to stay at home to wait for my bruises to heal. i even cannot use mouse as it would come to contact with the bruises so i can only sit and watch tv.

aii...this is really a harsh lesson for me. the right action i should have taken is to just let him went off and remember his car plate number to make a police report. i also didn't take a good look at his face as his wearing shaded glassess. but my instinct just tell me to chase that bloody thief and i must grab my handphone back no matter what.

so from this, i've learn that i should be more calm and think rationally next time rather rushing into action without thinking. it's been a year plus since the incident. the scars left from my bruises is still clear around my wrist, which is a constant reminder to me that there's bad guys in this world and that i must always keep alert of my surrounding. and also one should always lock their gate when they are at home.

ar...that was the worst day of my life, so far. but i've learn to live thru it. i don't know whether the thief is still out there or in jail. i hope that he would get punish for what he did. and i hope that it would be the slow and painful type.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

something about me...

went to watch resident evil 3: extinction with my fren just now. and i can say that i don't feel that it's worth watching:P

actually this post is not about the movie, but is about after the movie. After the movie my fren and i saw some commotion down there at the temple below star cineplex so we went to check it out. actually there was some sort of performance by some singers and dancers for some sort of events which i have no idea. cos it's the second day of hari raya, (oh btw, selamat hari raya haha) and i don't think there would be any chinese events.

but i'm not going to talk about tat either. my fren ask me whether want to go to the temple to pai pai (pray)"拜拜" so i went along with him. well under normal circumstances i wouldn't usually do this, cos i usually only worship my ancestor during ching ming as a tradition( i dun usually worship chinese gods).

it's been a while since i did some praying, haha, last time during my adventure to sibu sarikei with him i've also go pai pai with him at the temple. hmm...when i first set foot on sibu, i feel that i'm in a new foreign place and it is a matter of courtesy to show some respect for those local temples and also sincerely wish for a safe journey. you can check out my old frenster blog about my sibu sarikei adventure here.

well, i'm not a religious type of person for sure. but i just feel that by burning the joystick and waving it towards to chinese gods and wishing for a better future is quite a good thing to do also from time to time. wat matters is sincerity rite? usually i would wish that my family and frens would be healthy and happy, safe and sound. (出入平安). i've also wish that i could get someone i like, but so far nothing happen yet, haha, but it'll still be in my wish list anyway. haha, when it comes back to reality, i think that (no offence) these stuff only serves as moral support.
all things would still need to depend on yourself.

haha whether i really believe in it or not doesn't matter to me. what matters is that i can have that moment of peace and hope while i'm "pai pai" ing.

yeah, i think as a chinese, preserving chinese traditions is also an important thing. although sometimes i also find it difficult and troublesome to do, but to think that to lose something that's part of who you are, something that has been pass down genearation from generation for 5000 years, hmm..i think that's not rite lo. it's sad to see that some of those things slowly fading away admist modernization.

this is a picture i've drawn from my childhood memories, it roughly looks something like this:

my dad is teaching me how to pai pai to my grandpa. i remember a little only ( i was too young), he say something like wishing to grandpa protect me from harm. "公公保佑我。。。” hmmm...i'm glad that i remembered this little childhood memory:) so if i have a child one day i would hope that i would be able pass on this tradition to them like my father did.

so tonite, i sincerely hope that my frens and family would be happy and healthy, safe and sound:)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

the coca-cola and mentos experiment

i've bet you guys have heard from emails saying that you can't drink coca cola together with mentos because it when these two mix togehether it would cause some chemical reaction and the cola would erupt like a volcano! urban legend has say that one kid actually died from taking coke and mentos at the same time.

oh, if you don't know what i'm talking about, you can click to see this video footage.

well, out of curiousity, i've decided to try out this experiment! but just to be caution i've google it to see whether there's any information that i need to be aware of. from wikipedia it says that it would work on any regular coke as well (most effective is with diet coke).

so i bought a can of coke and mentos back home. call and gather my family members to watch the experiment.

and guess what......

to my dissapointment nothing like what i saw in you-tube happen! i use one can of coke, and add 3 piece of mentos inside and i just saw some little bubbles coming out. the amount of bubbles produced is even less than the bubbles produced if we add salt into cola.

oh well, and we even drink the coke after that and still nothing happen. hmm...i wonder if the video is lying, or the experiment requires diet coke instead?


Sunday, October 7, 2007

蘇打綠 小情歌

went to karaoke and my colleage pick this song. if not mistaken it's a band from taiwan called 蘇打綠 "su da lik" , duno the english translation, i also duno the chinese meaning. the name of the song is 小情歌 "xiao ching ge" (little love song).

wow, first time heard it like it already. it potrays a very simple and nice feeling. but one thing i feel that the lead singer's voice sounds feminine. before i seen the mtv, i tot it was a girl's voice!

so sit back and enjoy;)




lyrics from

Saturday, October 6, 2007

belated movie review of shrek3

again, this is one of my anticipated movies of the year but i failed to watch it at cinema and ended up watching vcd at home

for this short post, i've chosen to use stickgal's cartoon of shrek. i've known stickgal's blog thru kennysia. quite like it as all da cartoon are simple and nice:)
for those who haven't check out her blog, click here

having previously watch shrek1 & 2, which packs a bunch of humour. i've been looking forward to see more how the movie would continue to make fun of the fable story character. n after seeing it, haha it is not disappointing at all. i was eating laksa tapao at my home and watching it. at one point, there's one funny scene which made me laugh and accidentally spill my nose fluid into my laksa soup>_<

one character that i particular like in shrek is the gingerbreadman. i remember him got tortured by the evil king in shrek1 and in return he even spit on the evil king.

the voice character for Arthur sounds alot like Michael J.Fox, but when i see the voice cast, it's actually Justin Timberlake. their voice sound alike or is it just my own opinion?

according to wikipedia, the producers are on the way to make shrek4 and 5! hmm...duno true or not. haha, at least the funny green orge and his friend would still be around for sometime.

overall, it's definitely a comedy worth watching:)

image taken from wikipedia

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

gifts! gifts! gifts!

haha, one funny thing is tat on my fren's b'day dinner i also got received gifts! hmm...come to think of it, i think it's also the first i got received gifts while attending other's people b'day.

well, one thing is that my other two frens just return from their trip so they bought back some gifts. one went to Bali, haha, my fren say tat it looks like a bigger version of Damai. cos i see in some of the resthouse and inside the hotel room it looks a bit like Damai's design. hmm...maybe same designer? haha. i received a surfing board keychain from Bali. hmm...last time i've read in newspaper saying tat after the unfortunate terrorist incident, expenses in Bali drop. hmm..wondering whether would consider to go there in future.

the other went to singapore, melaka n kl. i've received a bear doll from singapore tat can be tied on handphone one. when i'm ask whether i would put it at my handphone i told them tat the bear's very cute, it would make me look less "man" if i put it at my handphone. they laughed and say tat they've lost confidence in me being "man" since from long time already....haha aiyo...i think maybe i should look at the wall and think about my mistakes after this haha:P

finally the shoe is all the way from Holland. it's a miniature version of the Holland's trademark giant wooden shoe. haha i think this is the most farthest gifts i've ever received so far. actually the shoe is given earlier by another fren who cannot make it to the dinner. i just display it and take together with them so that i can make a super combo of gifts.


haha, it shows the bear wearing the holland shoe and surfing!

thank you very much guys for the gifts:)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

a belated birthday gift

on wednesday i went on to my fren's b'day dinner without knowing tat it's her birthday. cos previously when i ask her got any special ocassion she pai seh say it's her b'day. haha it's partly my fault for not remembering, i've always depend on friendster's b'day reminder to remind me of my fren's b'day. n ngam ngam she dun play frenster.

so it's the first time i attend a b'day dinner without gift. i was very pai seh lo. i said tat i would surely give her sumting. she say tat in two days it's her chinese lunar b'day, so i still got chance.

so 2day i was hoping that inspiration would struck me cos i'm thinking of doing sumting DIY. suddenly it thought of y not draw her a potrait? haha, it's not common to draw a person's potrait for their b'day gift. n i think it would be special.

well as a backup plan, i also went to hock lee plaza to look for sum gift in case my drawing fail miserably. haha, owez have a back up plan! i've one metal cat thing tat can be use to put stuff n also luckily a correct size b'day box to fit it inside.

when i went home, then the real challenge begins, i've not always been good in drawing potraits. it's very hard but i think i'll still give it a try. i have a picture of her by my side and started to try to draw. it did not turn out as i wanted. so i just close the photo and just draw the way i feel like it. it ended up more like manga rather than real life potrait, haha. drawing real life potrait is still a long way for me. i make alot of corrections and end up with this:

oh well, tat is the best i could come up to at the moment, if u look carefully u'll surely to find mistake here n there. but if you just look from a certain distance, it's oklar~.

she likes cat, so suddenly inspiration struck me again. on the next page i draw this:

hahaha, it's a more kawaii version with cat's ear, whiskers and paws. i like this drawing better as i didn't use alot of my mind to think. it flow more naturally compare to the first picture as i was thinking too much to make corrections.

the picture is placed beneath the metal cat. the metal cat is covered with a layer of silver paper. so the picture at first is hidden as a suprise. after she take out the silver paper she will see the picture of her inside. then i give another suprise telling her to flip the page over to reveal the cat-woman version. haha i hope it would work out in sequence.

haha, hope she will like it:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

happy mooncake festival~ moon sighted tonight, wat is mooncake festival without the moon? well at least still got mooncake >_<

image taken from: here

hmm..i wonder if it's tat i'm working already i don't really feel the astosphere of mooncake fest this year as much as before. well at least one good thing is that boss allow us to go back early at 4pm:P

this year i just eat some mooncake, try to find moon but din find. mum couldn't find where she put tanglung so din put also. haha so tat's how simple it goes. last year i remember i was at china town's mooncake festival. i was helping my fren manning day dream's bbq lamb store.

image taken from: here

oh...i miss the old childhood days whereby i use to take those paper made round lantern which you carry around with a wooden stick and go out walking together in the neighbourhood with neighbours. bck then grandma when grandma is around, we would take out and put outside tables and chairs to enjoy da scenary, along with yummy mooncake, a good cup of tea and of course,peanuts.

haha, anyway happy mooncake festival to everyone~ 中秋节快乐!:)

Monday, September 24, 2007

try this if you're feeling sleepy...

image taken from : here

i discovered this little technique back when i'm in form 5 studying for SPM at library. i was eating Hacks, and i have a piece of paper in front of me, i held the paper very close to my face and let out a deep breath onto the paper. to my suprise, the cool air generated from the Hacks sweet flow up the paper and into my eyes! thus for a moment i have a very sensual feeling tat straight away wake me up. haha, cool air blowing up right into my tired eyes. i even ask my fren to try it and they feel the same way too.

now do try it! it's fun. i think if use more stronger mint flavoured sweet like fisherman or Halls would be better but i haven't try it yet. haha.

oh, now i baru know, Hacks is from United Kingdom:)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Adventure to the open sea~

my fren is having scuba diving lesson test in the open sea and her coach says tat she can bring in some fren along, so tat's how we got to go in the first place. the scuba diving destination is located somewhere off-coast of sematan, i think is pulau talang-talang if not mistaken. sematan is about one and half hour from kuching n the boat ride is about 45 minutes. so tat day need to wake up early around 615am to pick up my frens and go for the long journey to sematan.

well this is my first experience going to the open sea on boat. so i was quite looking forward to it. my dad poured cold water on me saying that if it's the first time you go to open sea, you'll sure to vomit! ngaiti...luckily din vomit, or else will be very embarassing especially in front of my frens, which are girls somemore. well good thing is tat her coach got give us anti-sea sick pill before we set sail. the pill it looks like regular orange-coloured small round shaped vitamin c pill. hmmm....actually, i think it works more physcologically than chemically, cos if they give you vitamin c n they you it's anti sea sick pill, u'll also think tat it's real one and wouldn't feel so drowsy.

i've even bought a life jacket with me since it's my first time at sea. the life jacket my dad also don't remember where exactly it come from. well, i did't end up using it, but it serves to be a good pillow;p

the journey itself is not shaky when the boat is moving, it's only shaky when the boat stop in mid sea and then you will feel da wave n get drowsy. the boat stop at somewhere near the island, and my fren began to set up her gear and in no time, they all dive into the sea, leaving us three people on the boat with da captain of da boat n assistant.

well, this is when the boat get shaky, after a few delightful picnic which consist of hotdog, pear & sweet corn, we start looking at you and at me, take some random pic, my fren 4got to bring feeling abit drowsy we decide to sleep! once we lay down, it feels abit better, its quite windy and not hot.

as we are about to really drift into dream land, the scuba divers resurface and went abroad. so we kenot sleep more. they went up to rest and to let go some water from below. oh, i forgot to mention, there's no toilet in da boat! so if you want to ahem, ahem, u can either take the stairs and release your stuff into the sea or you jump into the sea and do it.

tat's y we didn't drink alot of water. oh, the reason why scuba divers need to come abroad to take off their swimming gear to pee is becos the swimming gear covers the whole body n if you pee inside it, it would flow up to your whole body>_<

her coach over us to give a free diving trial today before they set off to dive again, but we are too hesistant to answer as we are still unsure about it. after they went off to their second dive we are back to square one again, duno wat to do.

picture of underwater corals taken by the diving coach's underwater camera, courtesy of effie's facebook:P

oh well, what the crab, since we're here at the sea already, we might as well have some fun. so we ask for life jackets, diving mask with breathing tube, pelampung and go down the stairway and into the sea. actually to think back, it's quite dangerous le, cos both my fren duno how to swim, i myself only know abit, the other divers are all off diving, but yet we stil dare to go down.

this is my first time i'm floating in sea. it's quite terrifying n amazing same time to feel my feet unable to touch nothing but water below, cos usually in swimming pool i don't dare to go to places where water is higher than my head. it's also abit frigthening to think n you are only one piece of needle floating in a giant basin of infinite water.

i directly felt the chill of the sea when i went down, we just stay beside the stairway with the pelampung and look down via our diving mask to see the view below. i even manage to saw some corals and fish. my frens are more luckier as later my fren's coach guided them further to see more beautifull fish and corals. they say it's so beautiful tat it's hard to believe it's real! sob..sob... i didn't get the chance cos it's almost time to go back:(

on da way back, we did some chit chat with some enthusiastic scuba divers that share with us their many funny experience and encounters while scuba diving. they even treated us for the fish that they harpooned. oh, tis is also my first time eating a fish this fresh.

haha so tat's all for my adventure to the open sea:)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

My first kiss...from a fren summore!

image taken from here.

me n a bunch of frens just came back from lim teh, and was heading to our cars. the place was dark in the carpark, it happen so suddenly, i have no time to react, she was too fast. ngaiti i've known her for bout 4 yrs, never expect tis would happen to me.

luckily there was only a few scratches only.

oh... forgot to mention, i meant her car kiss me, not mouth, >_<

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dragon Wars~ 14th September 2007!

image taken from here

was browsing around, and found this!

i quickly went and see the trailer! wow! lots of giant beast fighting around in cities, plenty of destruction! the dragons also looks cool and very real.

n it's gona show soon! eh, how come i've never heard of it previously? secret marketing? i hope they would also screen it in malaysia! very looking forward to see it. but i hope da storyline would be good also.

i've always like these magnificent flying beast since young. and in this movie, there's not one, but plenty of dragons! cos compare to previous movies, there's always one or few dragons shown only, e.g. eragon, godzilla (if u consider tat a dragon:P).... wow, but compare to this full scale battle between dragons, ngaiti i kenot imagine how cool would it be!

one thing good is tat it also shows eastern type dragon, which is more serpent like compare to the usual western type dragons. cos hollywood movies rarely (actually, i've not seen one yet) show eastern dragons on the big screen. i prefer the eastern chinese type dragons as i think it's looks more cool when they are flying like snake gliding in the air,compare to western type tat uses wings to flap. haha the more variety the better of course!

for more information you can visit the official website at

Friday, August 24, 2007

Evan Almighty!

image taken from here.

hmm...last wednesday was planning to watch rush hour3, but ticket full, so watch this movie instead. haha well no regret watching it, as i know it's a comedy and it's probably from the same people who did Bruce Almighty. i've enjoyed Bruce Almighty before and i can say that this is one is not bad too:)

haha, although i'm a non believer but i still enjoy the subtle and humourous way the movie pictured Morgan Freeman as God. I also feel more comfortable as it doesn't contain very thick religious stuff inside.

in the movie's there this saying (or something like this):

"to change the world, we just have to perform an act of random kindess from time to time"

this i think is the most important lesson i learn from this movie. hmm...after some thinking, i have to agree lo, if everyone can be more kind to others, the world would surely improve to be a better place. haha then i think after if only things are that simple:(

but nevertheless, i think we should all work hard and do wat we can. even to the smallest little simple detail like picking up a rubbish, or helping someone to pick the things they drop down n etc....

anyway, this is a comedy worth watching heavily equipped with tons of laughter:)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

zero gravity

this is another thing if possible, i would like to achieve in life, experiencing zero gravity!

i know in US they have this sort of thing, they have special flights that carry people high up into the atmosphere to experience zero gravity, without the need to go to space. the plane is also special as it inside the body it is empty so that people have space to fly around.

it would truly be a wonderfull and unforgetable experience to be able to fly. one of the highlight is tat they would pour out fruit juice into the air and it would float around whereby you can swim your way thru and suck the juice in mid air.

haha, but in order to do, one must have lots of money~

information taken from:

Auroras- extravagant ray of light

photo taken from here

this post is inspired by my friend's blog, guynextdoor

i've always been fascinated by auroras, one of nature's magical display of art. i've remember watching it in TV documentaries like national geograhic when i was young. i've always hope tat at least in my lifetime i would have the chance to witness this amazing thing with my own eyes.

haha, but in order to see this, must save alot of money as they can only be seen in some northen countries like norway or alaska:P . but u need to depend on luck also whether you can see it becos it's not always there, tat i should do more charity work now haha to simpan luck to see auroras next time, otherwise spend so much money go there but kenot see i would feel pretty super disapointed:(

hmm...n these northern countries are very very cold...aiyo so i also need to keep fit and healthy if wan to go there.

oh ya, i ask my fren, he say at least around RM18,000. wah seh, so i think tat would require a longer term plan to achieve it.

i would make this as one of my mission in life!!!
haha til then ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

random post...

ar...sleepless nite, more terrible if it's a weekday and tomorrow u still need to work...

so 2nite, before i sleep i would want to tell u guys a story, it's about a normal guy, who's not so sure of his goal in life yet, who's kolienly 23 yr oledy still single, (argh...someone end my single life, haha:P), someone's who's quite easily content, someone who's sometime think too much but owez would try to be positive, someone who enjoy life, someone who like to laugh, to sing, to listen to music, someone who's trying to improve and learn although he's sumtime lazy n just spend most of his time on hobbies rather than on more important thing, who's naturally use the word "haha" alot of time in sms,blog,msn, who reads kennysia's blog everyday, who would do wat normal guys do surfing at net late nite, who's still in journey of discovery himself n the world!

but what ever he do, he hope he will be happy, his fren and family, also happy. er...haha if only there's more happy people in this world.

no fear, everyone i will survive! i do wat i can.

in this sleepless nite, i type this random post.

Monday, August 13, 2007

me and DIY...

haha, in taiwan DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is a popular term for another meaning, but i'm not gona talk about tat today.

hmm....actually statiscally speaking girls are much more prone than guys in DIY stuff. haha, actually girls are naturally more better than guys at this, haha, becos girls are more delicate, they have the women's touch that make the difference.

they are really not many guys tat i know tat like DIY stuff. haha, i'm one of the but this is good news also as i have another topic to talk about if da girls like DIY stuff haha. actually i'm not the hardcore loving DIY thing, i'm more depending on whether got inspiration or not, but i do appreciate DIY stuff as i think it's a very creative work of art.

the thing u make it is very meaningful becasue there's only one of its own in this world. (haha, unless u take to factory mass produce:P) becos if you try to make the second one, i think tat it would never be the same or good as the first one, so rather make completely different one rather than duplicate.

so,if u put ur heart n effort into it, then you would love the thing u created, i would usually feel sad to let go (cos original it is to make a gift to someone), but if you don't give it to someone, then there's no meaning in it. you do it yourself, but you don't keep it yourself. haha. you give to others to share the joy.

tat's y i only do DIY thing give to gals, cos it would feel very strange if give to guys. (but i think it's ok for girls to give to girls n guys as well) furthermore, gals would like it and cherish it more. haha it's an additional bonus to know that the new onwer would cherish it and not just leave it at corner haha.

i'm not sure when my interest started, haha, probably it's an hobby extension from drawing. well gud thing is tat i've frens who's also interested in DIY to talk to, to discuss how to make the materials, how to make it better, which combination of color to use....haha, here i would like to say a big thank you to sally(duno she got read blog or not), my techno graphic fren for her help, advice and enthutiastism, (haha and letting me n my frens using her place last time for DIY project).

oh ya, which reminds me, i've no picture to post for this entry cos i didn't take picture of my DIY thing, all given to frens:P haha next time lo.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Negarakuku - NOTICE: This music video is created by Namewee

WARNING! don't view this video if you really love malaysia, or you may get offended.

ngaiti...somehow i lost my entry of this here it goes again T_T

it's not a very gud feeling to write the same thing for the second time, aiya, make me have less feel...

anyway there's a fuss recently about a malaysian by the name of namewee uploading his own version of the national theme song "negaraku" in youtube. the song is very funny and controversial as it touches some sensitive, normally people wouldn't say it out loud in public tat sort of issue.

so, i was quite suprise and very impressed with his bravery. haha, i salute u namewee! i was thinking like, oh no, this guy maybe wouldn't survive tat long, the polis, ISA , or SWAT team might charge into his house and arrest him,then i found tat his in taiwan... no wonder.. but then there's also a post of his own video saying tat the government is "inviting" him bck, haha duno whether it's true, but i wish him all da best:P

actually the problems tat is face in malaysia which is sang in his song is nothing new, just tat he's brave enuff to rap it out loud and upload in youtube summore. we can't that wat he say is crap or bullshit, oh well...tat's what they say sometimes, truth hurt. but instead of pointing fingers, we should work together for a better solution, we need to face it lo, the problems is not make up, what we should do is tat we should co-operate, and undestand more one another and solve this problem together.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

image taken from:

hmm...some how the character standing arrangement reminds me of x-men or other movie.

well, this movie was not one of my most anticipated film this year, but i still curious to see it, having seen its previous movies. The last movie-"The Globet of Fire" was very good, i'm not a Harry Potter fan and i didn't read the novel but i quite enjoy it.

most people say about the order of phoenix is that it's not so gud. i think maybe it's because the previous movie's standard is higher so if you make comparision it is not as good as the previous. but if you judge indepently, i think it's still quite ok. it's stil a movie worth to watch at cinema.

i stil enjoy the feeling of seeing magical wonder in the film, or some intense spell fighting n some funny moments, haha or maybe i don't really complain alot when watching film. cos i think that if you complain too much you tend to lose the joy of watching. so normaly i just relax, clear my mind and get into the film itself.

After watching, when i was half way walking down the stairs to carpark i suddenly found my car key missing! wah so kinteo....quickly go back to the cinema, people are starting going into the hall for the next movie, luckily the lights haven't dim, i told the ticket boy at the door and he lead me in.

luckily it was there at my seat! and my seat is not occupied by people yet. it must have trip off when i put my legs up at the seat because it's a bit cold. i even saw other frens at the front row of my seat, he say if he found it then he pay for one movie and get one free car!

after i went out of the hall, my fren who's with me say she couldn't find her she went with the ticket boy to her seat but couldn't find it... she later think carefully and figure that she might left it at her house. hmm....luckily she did. luckily i found my car key.

or else one lose car one lose handphone. wah....really lucky.

here a picture i found in google, haha...harry potter simpson version
image taken from:

Sunday, July 22, 2007

kl? kuching?

i've been thinking about this for a while, whether i should stay here and work at good old hometown kuching, or go pia and chong at kl for my career.

well, there are many reasons behind this as well, one thing is that they say young people should workhard and go for it! (pia and chong) when they are young for their career, hence i have this urge to go kl find work, (hmm....cos kl more frens there, singapore less fren and more expensive, so not consider singapore for the moment)

but then reality sets in, well, if i go kl work, i would need to pay for my living expenses, so...ahah, and you know, kl living expense higher in kuching, so might not be able to save some money at all. compare if i work in kuching, at least i stay with my parents, got car to drive, got frens to find, haha then at least still can save some money. in kl beside money problem also face security problems, life is also more hectic there, unlike here easy going.

that's why i come to conclusion to work at kuching here first, get a few years experience then decide again. at least if i got a few years work experience then i would be better equipped compare to a fresh graduate. haha, although my work is quite busy, but i still a bit afraid working in kuching would make me feel too safe and protected. haha, as they say "when you're in the comfort zone, you wouldn't work hard". haha, but i also think like this:" if you're comfortable, y choose to be uncomfortable?" . why go kl to work when i know it'll be hard and tough on me, just for experience? see, i have two side of me contradicting myself. i lack the courage to try? or do i lack the wisdom to decide which one suits me better?

well, for me, i like to live things normal, so kuching would be ideal place. but again, the urge to go kl work is still strong. because when you get older, you tend to lose more of your fighting spirit, beside i've never experience living indepently. haha but i do consider my family commitment here in kuching. i'm quite bonded to my brothers and cherish my frenship here so if i go, i'm afraid to loose it.

haha i told my fren, if we work here and work quite good, then no need to consider to go kl work, haha, go kl play better:)

actually i almost decide to go kl oledy, cos i've been finding jobs for a while after i graduate but stil couldn't find suitable one. but then i landed to my current job now. so i would work hard for maybe one or two years, learn as much as i can, gain valuable experience. then i would decide again.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime

a very funny edited transformers dialogue.

More than meet the eyes- Transformers

image of optimus prime v.s. sorry-i-forgot-who's-this-robot taken from:

i'll like to talk about my most anticipated movie this year, transformers which i just watch at cinema recently.

For most male audience around my age, they would have watch transformers cartoon when they're young. i was quite a fan by then, so naturally i'm very anticipated to see the show on big screen for the first time. Earlier trailer doesn't show alot of actions so i was a bit disappointed, but later trailer shows more which made me more inclined to watch.

but i was quite suprise than this movie also received alot of positive feedback from female audience, cos mostly they didn't watch the original transformer cartoon...hmm...i think that's the success of this movie. one of my fren even say if you have watch transformers, you can throw away all the movie you have watch this year!

Some people got comment that some of the actions sequence is too fast and couldn't distinguish which one is bad or good, but for me i think it's still ok, as i know the characters already haha. too bad, there's not much robots as in the cartoon, but hopefully the director would shoot the transformers sequel. i've read about it in newspaper, he say that he would consider if the box office is good, haha hopefully they would be one.

i was a bit disappointed because they didn't include some of the characters like soundwave, in which mini casket can came out from his body and transform into small robots, (i've seen the movie producers discuss about this issue in their official website, seems that they choose frenzy over soundwave because of the plot issues) and also the dinobots, and construction bots, which both can combine into a larger robots, would be so cool...haha perhaps in the sequel..

hmm...if this's gona be a trilogy movie, i hope that second episode would include more robots, and larger battle scale, the third they will go back go cybertron! yes, cybertron and fight the gigantic unicron. wow...

haha overall, it's a great and entertaining movie to watch. i've found a very funny youtube transformers video which the dialogue is edited by fans. enjoy.

Autobots, transform and roll out!