Friday, November 23, 2007

Fish Leong (梁靜茹) - 崇拜

my friend introduce me a very nice song which is "崇拜" from Fish Leong's new album. i listen very carefully to the lyrics and melody with my earphones and not doing other things beside listening. wow~, it's such a nice and sad songT_T. you know it's those type of song that if you listen to it on radio late nite, you'll feel very lonely and sad (but you'll still love the song cos it's very touching)

when i see the music video whereby fish sing and shouted thru the hole on the wall, it makes me feel that she's very lonely and have nobody to talk to so wat she can only do to release their sadness is to shout and sing through the hole on the wall.. wah seh...maybe i think too much.

but inside the mv i find it weird to use the story of a young woman falling in love for an old man. haha, cos i find it very difficult for me to imagine a love relationship with someone tat is old enuf to be your grandma or grandpa.

here the video and lyrics, enjoy:)

你的姿态你的青睐 我存在在你的存在
你以为爱就是被爱 你挥霍了我的崇拜

我活了 我爱了 我都不管了 心爱到疯了恨到算了就好了
可能的 可以的 真的可惜了 幸福好不容易怎麼你却不敢了呢

我还以为我们能 不同於别人
我还以为不可能的 不会不可能

你的姿态你的青睐 我存在在你的存在
你以为爱就是被爱 你挥霍了我的崇拜

风筝有风海豚有海 我存在在我的存在

所以明白 所以离开 所以不再为爱而爱 自己存在 在你之外

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paintball in Kuching~~~

image taken from here

"over~over~ paintball confirmed this sunday 12 noon!"

this is what i received from my friend's sms:P

There's a place to play Paintball in Kuching and it's only open for like 6 month and it's starting to attract more crowds. The place is situated at Pasir Pandak, somewhere on the way to Damai. The outdoor paintball field's area is about the size of two basketball court. The area is covered with dry short grass and full of obstacles for players to hide. It even have a bridge in the middle of the area with a small river that separate and mark each team's territory.

the rule of the game is simple enough. each team start from their home base and must blast their way through untill they eliminate every member of the opposite team. if one team member got shot, the bullet from the paint ball would burst into paint, indicating that they're dead and out of the game. this continue untill the last man standing or if they manage to capture the enemy's flag at home base.

we've played for 3 rounds and it last about 2 hours (including resting periods). haha all our team members got eliminated on the first round. but we won the second and third round. it was very very exhausting but exciting at the same time. it's very hard to describe the thrill and fun of exchanging fire and charging into the next obstacles hoping not to get hit.

Ngaiti it does hurt when the ball hit you on the part that is not protected by the head mask or body vest. i received 2 hit on left shoulder and 1 hit on my right leg. one thing that made the game very exhausting is because of the head mask. although the head mask protect your life in the game but at the same time, it's also very suffocating as you would be very excited in the game, causing some difficulty in breathing. at many times i would want to take the mask off and breath some fresh air but it is strictly prohibited in the field. They would be four Marshalls or referee inside the field to uphold the rules of the game and ensure the safety of the players.

overall despite the pain of my legs that i need to endure for 3 days after the game due to overstressing the muscles, it was very fun and i would recommend everyone to try this game!

haha will upload the photos after i've received it from my friend:)

so here's the video taken by a brave soul and they even posted it up in youtube.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

one week of alang-alang soar throat and coffing

It’s been a week of alang-alang coffing and sore throat for me. I thought it would cure but it did not so I’ve finally went to the clinic to take medication. Aiyo…when think of that, I’ve should have long gone to clinic, then no need to suffer for one week. Maybe I’m too confident with my health or antibody that I would be able to fight off the germs but it turns out that maybe I’m not good or healthy as i was before in secondary school?

By the terms of suffer, I don’t mean the suffering of the throat but for the fact that I couldn’t be able to sing a complete song during that time. for me, singing is a hobby and a way to release stress or a form of expressing myself. so this week, without my voice, i think i'm less happy by 10% haha. haha i do actually feel that way.

when it's at the more serious stage, i even find it hard to finish a sentence. sometime to the extend of talking half way then suddenly i lose my voice. haha, this week i don't know how many fisherman's friend or woods i've taken. i found that wood's extra strong seems more suitable for me as it's more strong, stronger than fisherman.

actually somewhere at the beginning of the week, i'm still able to go sing k. but of course also cannot preform as good. but strangely once you held the mic. in your hand, it seems like magic and when the music start you would magicly push the soar throat and coffing away temporary to sing. haha, although i think my coffing and soar throat went a bit worsen after the k, but for singing lover like me, it's worth it! >_<

by the time i'm typing this, i think i'm cured already as i am able to sing a complete song now ahhaha. i'm learning a song called 你是我的眼 by 蕭煌奇. it's a blind singer from taiwan. the song is popularize by 林宥嘉, the winner from the popular taiwan singing competition, 超級星光大道. haha hope to sing it at k next time, the lyrics also very touching. before i've seen the lyrics, i've never think from a blind man's point of view regarding love, so it's quite an eye opener and helps me to understand more about their feeling.

haha, anyway i'm quite happy again now that i could sing again. welcome back my voice!:)

Friday, November 2, 2007

yet another sleepless night post...

wah seh...i really shouldn't have too much of these sleepless night posting, furthermore each one is whereby i need to work the next day.

but i feel more relief now that i've received an answer. i've been thinking alot or thinking too much recently about a gal, tat i even dream of her these few nights. yup, she's the one who "kiss" me before.

for a long time finally i've gathered enough courage to tell her my feeling for her. i was afraid previously because i cherish the friendship alot and i was afraid if i am too greedy and cross the line i might severe or lose this friendship. but then i think that if i didn't tell her how i feel, i may regret it for the rest of my life.

so, finally i've said it to her. and i've received an answer. and the answer is that my status quo is still single. at least we are still gud frens;) at least i've finally managed to lift up the heavy rock that is inside my heart. at least i'm still far better than 樱木花道's record of 50 straight rejection from gals>_<

hmm...which made me think as i try to self evaluate myself. Am i the type of guy tat is too kind to gals that gals would want to be gud fren with but not till the extend of being consider as lover? cos i've came to this conclusion a few times. hmm....hey i think tis may be an serious issue tat i need self evaluation. if you guys have any comment for me, please tell me so that i can improve.

or like they say gals like bad guys more? haha but i'm a good guy and i would still stick to it. ohh.... did i say i'm a good guy? sorry, correction. i'm still improving.

k lar....dun think too much liao. still need to work 2molo:)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I love you~

recently i've seen this mtv while i'm surfing channels, usually i would skip mtv's by singers that i'm not familiar with, but when i heard this song, it made me stop and listen.

this beautiful song entitled "i love you" is from 陳偉聯. the song's very touching and sad too. he's the winner of a singing contest in singapore and won by overwhelming votes, and furthermore, believe me or not. he's blind. yes. blind. it's very inspiring to see what he can do to bravely to live his dream.

i hope it would ispired you guys too. recommend it to your friends, it's definitely a good song:)