Monday, July 28, 2008

My accidental performance at 海螺

last weekend i went to 海螺 at OUG with my friend to see a friend of his who's performing for the night. wow, she's a very good singer indeed. dun play play. i like her voice very much, there's alot of power in it. She sang Ah-Mei's song quite well. haha, i think Ah-Mei's is quite challengin to sing, and for girls able to sing her song well, i think it's considered very good already.

the atmosphere there is quite nice actually. half fan, half open air. located in outskirt abit area so the air freshness still ok. but then the food and the drinks really is not up to standard. i think it's almost below average, and it's quite expensive some more.

no wonder, you don't see alot of people there. i heard that business in 海螺 is not doing well as it used to be. hmm...i can see that one important thing is the lack of good drink and food. cos you need good music+good food to make the perfect blend;)

it was nearing the end, when suddenly the singer who's my friend's friend announce to the crowd that there's a secret guest tonight that would be singing a song. and while she say this, she look at our table. my friend was making the OMG expression and laughing but i'll still blur.

then she say that she knows one of her friend here today who likes to sing, from table 22, oh my...that's our table no! and she open up her invitation to that friend to come up to sing, IF he don't mind.... oh well...i was thinking what the heck, just do it!

i quite nervously walk towards the stage, and i began to feel totally uncomfortable as i'm surrounded by eyes. although this is not my first time singing in front of a crowd, but this is my first time to totally sing unprepared in front of a crowd.

after a brief intro, the singer ask me what song i want to sing, i decide to sing "彩虹”by 周杰伦. as i like this song and it's not very hard. although i've sing this song alot of times, i still couldn't stop my nervousness. damn...i can feel my hands and legs shaking as my first voice come out a little trembling as well. damn..the first part was not a good performance, i only get to sing better at the second part of the song as i calm down more. oh i'm not really good about the rap part of the song, luckily is jay chou's song so you can mumble through even if you are not sure of the lyrics.

haha, luckily i think i still managed to get some of the audiencce attention:P and the waiter and waitress even team up to wave their hand together at me. anyway, it was a very nice experience. although i didn't think i sang up to my usual standard, even my friend say so, haha i hope i wouln't provide too much voice pollution the customers>_<.

(picture abit blur, sorry:P )

Thanks for the opportunity given^_^

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adventure to Bukit Tabor

Last Sunday morning I need to drag myself up at 6am to go climb Bukit Tabor which is located in Wangsa Maju. This mountain is so far the most challenging mountain that I’ve ever climbed before. me, my friend, and my friend's friend, three guys set off early in the morning in high spirit for our conquest.

My first challenge that I encounter is a whereby I need to jump from one rock to another rock. The rock is quite high from the ground almost like one storey high.
Actually the method of doing it right is to use a little speed to push you forward and you sort of take a big step.

haha, suddenly feel like wanting to draw stick man to illustrate the situation. please forgive me for the ugly drawing as i use mouse and draw it in Paint.

But then I get into the wrong position, as I slowed down and I ended up crouching on the middle of the rock. By crouching, I’ve end up gotten myself in a bad position and by that time i was afraid stand up completely from my crouch as I don’t have a lot of space to do so.

Damn…I think I was stuck there about 2 minutes trying to adjust myself to a better position. It was quite scary actually because if I trip, I’ll fall off and wish everyone sayonara. But then I don’t dare to be afraid, as I knew fear would make my legs shaky and that would only make things worst. I concentrated and focus on my friend’s advice on the correct way to move. Finally, I was able to make by myself at last. Phew….ngaiti…after I reached a safe zone, my defenses quickly drop down and I started to swear and I finally allowed my legs the chance to get shaky.

My second challenges involve a downhill slope whereby you need to grab your hands on the rope and sort of jump down with your legs. It was first time attempting something like this.

I got into the wrong position again. I was not using my legs as my legs slip and it was hanging there and I ended using my hands to slowly let go and move my whole body down.

The third challenges require me to climb up an almost 90 degree cliff. There aren’t many big spaces for hands and footholds, and most of the time it would requires me to pull my whole body up and landed with my whole body on the top and landing on the ground. There’s no time think of anything else, beside focusing on the task before you and applying all your strength and attention to it.

During the climb, I saw few uncle auntie and girls and they seem to not having a problem with climbing. Haha, they’re veterans already and move as light as feather. They provided quite a contrast with me as a mountain climbing beginner and served well as a motivation that if they can do it, so can I!

Oh, the view is quite nice it, as you see the nearby damp, the scenery from far away mountains, tress, houses and even the polluted KL city centre areas. You can really see a thick layer of smoke surrounding the area. There’s also one spot which my friend called it the little man’s kingdom. As along the walk path, the tree on both side is quite short, and you need to bend your body to walk. But then the little man’s kingdom is quite a nice sight, with all those green moss which really felt like carpet.

There's also a river nearby which i gladly lay myself onto it after the climb. wow, the feeling of cool water flowing rapidly down your body really is fantastic especially after a climb.

This climb was quite challenging and a bit dangerous for me. But then undeniably, it was also very exciting, too exciting perhaps, I need some take to let my heart rest before it gets too excited. I was also quite proud that I’ve able to conquer it. Mountain climbing skill+1, Haha, I joked to my friend that this is mountain of pain and it would require me at month’s rest before embarking to another mountain climbing trip, hopefully more safer one:P

a bunch of thanks to yuen for bringin me to the place and for his mountain climbing guidance:)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

recently watched The Incredible Hulk, and unexpectedly it's quite a good movie!

i enjoyed it alot, much as i enjoyed Ironman. firstly, it was not the film me and my housemate intended to watch, and i didn't put a lot of high expectation on it, just curious to see how it's done. was a good movie. even my girl housemate also say it's good. i've read an newspaper article, saying that Ironman is a new style superhero movie as it potrays Ironman as quite reckless and do whatever he wants to do...hmm...something like upcoming movie "Hancock" which i think would be interesting to watch too. they say that Ironman overally is quite funny and creates a more sort of happy superhero image.

but then, the story of incredible hulk is sad. i think i quite like it that way, superhero sad story. it sort of makes them more great that they're taking alot of sacrifices because they cannot live a normal life. yeah...Bruce Banner's girlfren is a great girlfren really hard to find someone like that, that would still believe in Bruce even after she knew he became the Hulk.

i've never seen Ann Lee's version of the Incredible Hulk but i heard that it's not as good as this one. i think main reason is that, Ann Lee focus more on the inner struggle of Hulk's character and miss out alot of actions. haha, i think...for movies like the Hulk, you gotta have tons of actions, display of brute force...oh yeah...the way Hulk tore up police car to smash Abomination is so cool>_< oh yeah...for superhero movies, you gotta have supervillian as well. i don't know whether Ang Lee's Hulk got supervillian or not. but this Hulk's supervillian Abomination is also quite cool, and both fought in brute strength haha.

haha, and i certainly didn't expect the highlight at the end of the story whereby another famous marvel comic character appeared. it's definetly a movie worth watching at cinema:)

for more info, click on this link.