Saturday, September 8, 2012

Olympics Afterthought

The London Olympics 2012 has come to an end. As a Malaysian I’m proud that Dato Lee Chong Wei gave a very good fight till the end and got us a silver. As a Sarawakian I’m extra proud that Pandelela Rinong won the first Olympics medal for a non-badminton event. Malaysia is known for its strength in badminton, but to have someone from a non-badminton event that rise up to the world stage and grab an Olympics Medal is surely not an easy feat.

On the Paralympic event, Malaysian’s Hasihin struck silver in the archery event! Yet another great feat from a non-badminton event and most importantly, this dude did it from a wheelchair!

What I like about the Olympics beside the showcase of human’s highest physical and mental potential, one important aspect is that it greatly promote world peace.

The Olympics idea originates from the Ancient Greek Olympics, where games where held as tributes to Gods. Whenever the Games are held, instead of fighting and killing each other, participants would lay down their arms, play the games fairly in the spirit of the Olympics.

Considering the amount of bloodshed that mankind had committed throughout history, the Olympics idea is actually a very noble idea. A necessity perhaps.

I’m going to take a radical example. Imagine, Osama Bin Laden. The former world’s most renowned terrorist. What if he never chooses to pick up a rifle? What if he chooses to train himself to run in the treacherous mountains of Afghanistan, ends up competing in the Olympic, and bringing home the 1st Olympics gold to his country?

A poverty and war thorn country boy from nowhere, trained all his life in harsh terrain, eventually competes in the Olympics, and became the best in the world. The world bear witness to this event especially all Afghan’s fellow tribes and countryman who put down their ages old feud aside, to cheer for their country’s first gold.

Imagine how good this story will continue to inspire the rest of the population. With the money from prizes and sponsors and his fame, Osama can help to create more awareness about his country’s flight. He can help to build new school, improve water system and many lives of Afghan.

Young children instead of forced to pick up rifle now has a good role model to look up to. Things would slowly and eventually change for the better. That is the power of hope. All this is far more better than what America alone can do for Afghanistan.

Some people say that the world cup is a bigger sport event than the Olympics. I think they say so because football fans are the craziest and fanatical fans in the world. However I think that the Olympics should be crowned the biggest sport event of all time because of the underlying message they promote – peace to all humanity.

This is Houg signing off. Peace!!