Saturday, May 9, 2009

star trek

image taken from wikipedia.

wow, just watched star trek.

and there only one thing i can say. it's damn awesome!

just by watching all those spaceship and special effect already put me on the edge of my seat. haha, almost like feel i'm a kid once again and i'm drooling watching those spaceships and futuristic background? really it's really some time that i experience this, maybe becos of stress of work?

the film is filled with 2 hours of quick pace sci-fi actions, humour and has a good storyline as well. yeah...the most important aspect of a good movie is its storyline.
and mostly i'm glad that they still have the actors look similiar to the orginal star-trek cast.

was quite amused to find the actor playing sylar acting as spock in this film. haha, his acting is good, but i thought why they didn't make his eye sharper like the original spock haha. spock's species, the vulcan somehow quite remind me of elves, except that this is space version, haha, space elves!

i'm not really a star trek fan, but i like to watch sci-fi movies and the movie still attracted me alot. seems that this movie can target more audience which is good.

lastly not the least,the ending script was very good. i feel quite amazed to hear those familiar words again.

and it's from the narration of patrick stewart, the bald captain of the television series i love to watch as a kid:star-trek,the next generation. the bald guy is also the actor of professor X in X-men.

i'll end this post with the same ending script then haha. (script taken from wikipedia)

"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

interesting food combinations to try! if u dare..haha..

throughout the years, i've this weird ideas to try mixing different food together. haha, some of my friends wonder where i get this silly ideas from, oh well...i like to be creative and try out new stuff, bend the rules abit and make life more exciting:P

so behold, world of houg presents you: Super food combination you should try!

1. Gui Lin Gao + fresh milk

normally gui lin gao is mixed with honey. i ran out of honey one day and tried to mix it with fresh milk. and it turns out not bad!

2. Sarsi with Biscuit

Noted-The biscuit applies to those rectangle,flat simple crispy biscuit with mini holes (aka 四方饼). Sarsi means the syrup, not the carbonated one. take 3-4 biscuit,break it into 4 smaller pieces and dip in sarsi.i believe most people would
use biscuit to dip with Milo. The difference of Milo and Sarsi is that when u dip with Milo, the biscuit's taste will be covered by Milo, but Sarsi would still preserved both sarsi and biscuit taste. oh i learned this from my cousin since young:)

3. Bread + Ice cream + Cornflake

i bet you've tried bread with ice cream. but adding cornflake into it really packed a punch! tried with kokokrunch as well, but i prefer cornflake as it is softer like ice-cream and bread as i don't like to eat something soft and suddenly found something hard inside.

4. Maggie Mee + Kimchi

haha, accidentally discovered this while i tapao kimchi from korean restaurant. next day i felt lazy to go out so i decided to cook maggie mee then i remembered my kimchi so i decided to mix it and it taste quite good and fit for each other!:)

5. Nescafe + kokokrunch

both flavour of coffee and chocolate can mix well together. nescafe mix with cornflake is not as nice. but being a coffee lover, i'll inhale some big dosage of original nescafe smell and take one sip before i start mixing it with kokokrunch:P

6. Soyabean + Barli + Cincau

hmm...this one taste quite good and can combine well together, gives you triple cooling effect especially on hot weather haha.

hehe don't blame me if you don't like it haha. but not all things can be mixed and i wouldn't fix stuff that i think will be weird. like e.g. mixing soyabean and 100plus would lead to bad tummyache which my fren did>_<

haha, may add more list in future if i could recall it or come up with new ideas:P

enjoy trying~:)