Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dragon Wars~ 14th September 2007!

image taken from here

was browsing around, and found this!

i quickly went and see the trailer! wow! lots of giant beast fighting around in cities, plenty of destruction! the dragons also looks cool and very real.

n it's gona show soon! eh, how come i've never heard of it previously? secret marketing? i hope they would also screen it in malaysia! very looking forward to see it. but i hope da storyline would be good also.

i've always like these magnificent flying beast since young. and in this movie, there's not one, but plenty of dragons! cos compare to previous movies, there's always one or few dragons shown only, e.g. eragon, godzilla (if u consider tat a dragon:P).... wow, but compare to this full scale battle between dragons, ngaiti i kenot imagine how cool would it be!

one thing good is tat it also shows eastern type dragon, which is more serpent like compare to the usual western type dragons. cos hollywood movies rarely (actually, i've not seen one yet) show eastern dragons on the big screen. i prefer the eastern chinese type dragons as i think it's looks more cool when they are flying like snake gliding in the air,compare to western type tat uses wings to flap. haha the more variety the better of course!

for more information you can visit the official website at www.dragon-wars.com

Friday, August 24, 2007

Evan Almighty!

image taken from here.

hmm...last wednesday was planning to watch rush hour3, but ticket full, so watch this movie instead. haha well no regret watching it, as i know it's a comedy and it's probably from the same people who did Bruce Almighty. i've enjoyed Bruce Almighty before and i can say that this is one is not bad too:)

haha, although i'm a non believer but i still enjoy the subtle and humourous way the movie pictured Morgan Freeman as God. I also feel more comfortable as it doesn't contain very thick religious stuff inside.

in the movie's there this saying (or something like this):

"to change the world, we just have to perform an act of random kindess from time to time"

this i think is the most important lesson i learn from this movie. hmm...after some thinking, i have to agree lo, if everyone can be more kind to others, the world would surely improve to be a better place. haha then i think after if only things are that simple:(

but nevertheless, i think we should all work hard and do wat we can. even to the smallest little simple detail like picking up a rubbish, or helping someone to pick the things they drop down n etc....

anyway, this is a comedy worth watching heavily equipped with tons of laughter:)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

zero gravity

this is another thing if possible, i would like to achieve in life, experiencing zero gravity!

i know in US they have this sort of thing, they have special flights that carry people high up into the atmosphere to experience zero gravity, without the need to go to space. the plane is also special as it inside the body it is empty so that people have space to fly around.

it would truly be a wonderfull and unforgetable experience to be able to fly. one of the highlight is tat they would pour out fruit juice into the air and it would float around whereby you can swim your way thru and suck the juice in mid air.

haha, but in order to do, one must have lots of money~

information taken from: www.gozerog.com

Auroras- extravagant ray of light

photo taken from here

this post is inspired by my friend's blog, guynextdoor

i've always been fascinated by auroras, one of nature's magical display of art. i've remember watching it in TV documentaries like national geograhic when i was young. i've always hope tat at least in my lifetime i would have the chance to witness this amazing thing with my own eyes.

haha, but in order to see this, must save alot of money as they can only be seen in some northen countries like norway or alaska:P . but u need to depend on luck also whether you can see it becos it's not always there, hmm...in tat i should do more charity work now haha to simpan luck to see auroras next time, otherwise spend so much money go there but kenot see i would feel pretty super disapointed:(

hmm...n these northern countries are very very cold...aiyo so i also need to keep fit and healthy if wan to go there.

oh ya, i ask my fren, he say at least around RM18,000. wah seh, so i think tat would require a longer term plan to achieve it.

i would make this as one of my mission in life!!!
haha til then ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

random post...

ar...sleepless nite, more terrible if it's a weekday and tomorrow u still need to work...

so 2nite, before i sleep i would want to tell u guys a story, it's about a normal guy, who's not so sure of his goal in life yet, who's kolienly 23 yr oledy still single, (argh...someone end my single life, haha:P), someone's who's quite easily content, someone who's sometime think too much but owez would try to be positive, someone who enjoy life, someone who like to laugh, to sing, to listen to music, someone who's trying to improve and learn although he's sumtime lazy n just spend most of his time on hobbies rather than on more important thing, who's naturally use the word "haha" alot of time in sms,blog,msn, who reads kennysia's blog everyday, who would do wat normal guys do surfing at net late nite, who's still in journey of discovery himself n the world!

but what ever he do, he hope he will be happy, his fren and family, also happy. er...haha if only there's more happy people in this world.

no fear, everyone i will survive! i do wat i can.

in this sleepless nite, i type this random post.

Monday, August 13, 2007

me and DIY...

haha, in taiwan DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is a popular term for another meaning, but i'm not gona talk about tat today.

hmm....actually statiscally speaking girls are much more prone than guys in DIY stuff. haha, actually girls are naturally more better than guys at this, haha, becos girls are more delicate, they have the women's touch that make the difference.

they are really not many guys tat i know tat like DIY stuff. haha, i'm one of the few...eh but this is good news also as i have another topic to talk about if da girls like DIY stuff haha. actually i'm not the hardcore loving DIY thing, i'm more depending on whether got inspiration or not, but i do appreciate DIY stuff as i think it's a very creative work of art.

the thing u make it is very meaningful becasue there's only one of its own in this world. (haha, unless u take to factory mass produce:P) becos if you try to make the second one, i think tat it would never be the same or good as the first one, so rather make completely different one rather than duplicate.

so,if u put ur heart n effort into it, then you would love the thing u created, i would usually feel sad to let go (cos original it is to make a gift to someone), but if you don't give it to someone, then there's no meaning in it. you do it yourself, but you don't keep it yourself. haha. you give to others to share the joy.

tat's y i only do DIY thing give to gals, cos it would feel very strange if give to guys. (but i think it's ok for girls to give to girls n guys as well) furthermore, gals would like it and cherish it more. haha it's an additional bonus to know that the new onwer would cherish it and not just leave it at corner haha.

i'm not sure when my interest started, haha, probably it's an hobby extension from drawing. well gud thing is tat i've frens who's also interested in DIY to talk to, to discuss how to make the materials, how to make it better, which combination of color to use....haha, here i would like to say a big thank you to sally(duno she got read blog or not), my techno graphic fren for her help, advice and enthutiastism, (haha and letting me n my frens using her place last time for DIY project).

oh ya, which reminds me, i've no picture to post for this entry cos i didn't take picture of my DIY thing, all given to frens:P haha next time lo.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Negarakuku - NOTICE: This music video is created by Namewee

WARNING! don't view this video if you really love malaysia, or you may get offended.

ngaiti...somehow i lost my entry of this blog...so here it goes again T_T

it's not a very gud feeling to write the same thing for the second time, aiya, make me have less feel...

anyway there's a fuss recently about a malaysian by the name of namewee uploading his own version of the national theme song "negaraku" in youtube. the song is very funny and controversial as it touches some sensitive, normally people wouldn't say it out loud in public tat sort of issue.

so, i was quite suprise and very impressed with his bravery. haha, i salute u namewee! i was thinking like, oh no, this guy maybe wouldn't survive tat long, the polis, ISA , or SWAT team might charge into his house and arrest him,then i found tat his in taiwan... no wonder.. but then there's also a post of his own video saying tat the government is "inviting" him bck, haha duno whether it's true, but i wish him all da best:P

actually the problems tat is face in malaysia which is sang in his song is nothing new, just tat he's brave enuff to rap it out loud and upload in youtube summore. we can't that wat he say is crap or bullshit, oh well...tat's what they say sometimes, truth hurt. but instead of pointing fingers, we should work together for a better solution, we need to face it lo, the problems is not make up, what we should do is tat we should co-operate, and undestand more one another and solve this problem together.