Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Transformers3: Dark of the Moon

Summer has passed and now comes winter.... i accidentally or was too lazy to write this post and now finally feeling bad about myself i decided to finish it off and post it....

This movie has so far been the highest grossing film for this year so expectations will be high when watching this movie. If I’m not a transformers fan, I would say this movie is great, but since I’m a transformers fan, I must say I got a lot to complain! 

I think I have more things to complain than transformers2. 

1.Optimus got stucked in cables
When I saw this I was like WTF? if I’m the director, I would never let this happen! How can you let this shame happen to Optimus, the leader of Autobots! He even need to call in The Wreckers for help.  Hm….why don’t he just boost up his jet engine to escape? Or just use his golden axe and sword to cut through.

2. Decepticons wants to enslave humanity
I was like huh? The part where stealing Earth’s natural resources are to rebuild Cybertron is still sensible, but why a robot who can work 24/7 needs a human slave for? For fun?

3. Megatron in a beggar outfit
Megatron’s screen time is just too little. The way he’s potrayed  with half broken head and torn clothes is not cool to potray his evilness as the leader of the Decepticons.

4. Bumble Bee becomes hostage
I don’t remember when Decepticons becomes so mercifully. It’s not like they want to use Bumble Bee to robot hostage trade with a Decepticon. No logic at all! Moments later you suddenly see Bumble Bee turned green and began to blast his way out of the Decepticons so I was like er…why he got captured at the first place?

5. The dinosaur bird
When I saw the dinosaur bird on the trailer I was craving for Dinobots to appear, but sadly it didn’t. oh well…maybe they would appear in transformers 4?

6. Too much screen time on human character, too few screen time for the robots themselves
Well, a fan like me wouldn’t care if all the characters are robots but then, the director wants to make this movie to appear to a broader audience hence, he need to spend more time telling the human stories lo…sien liao.

7. Machine gun versus robotic armor.
Imagine if you’re a technological advance robotic civilization, wouldn’t you at least design your robotic armour to be bullet proof?  I think it is quite not so logic that you can “hurt” robot by just firing machine guns, minimum you’ll need a lot of bazookas  or rocket launchers. Yeah I know I may be asking too much, but then remember the original cartoon series, the robots uses lasers, which is rarely seen on the big screen. 
I think they would make transformers 4 as I think it is still a very profitable franchise. The main character Sam’s actor claims he will not be back if there’s a fourth installment. For me, Sam doesn’t really matters haha, the only thing matters is that the Optimus Prime’s voice must be the same person. Hm…for me, I think I have enough of Michael Bay. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t did a good job and I would like to see another director’s touch for  the 4th film if there is one, probably a director would is a more hardcore fans of transformers himself. Hmm…  can I have Unicrom for the next movie?

Monday, December 12, 2011

First Blood

"They made me do it....They drop the first blood!"

Nope this entry is not about Rambo: First Blood, nor it is about DOTA: First Blood.

It is about my first blood..................................................donation:P

I was in Tropicana City to catch 50/50. Initially i plan to drop by Borders for some free-magazine reading before the show and then i saw this blood donation drive.

I've never did any blood donation in my life before. Since i'm going to watch a special meaningful movie about how a cancer victim overcome life's challenges, i feel that i should go do my own part for the society...not as being an empty talker but today i enter a new level to become an action doer! "Walk the Talk" as what people say.

Furthermore, the one registering in front of me is a young lady so as a MAN, i have no reason to chicken myself.

So i go to proceed to register my name and filling up some forms. There is a particular interesting question that caught my attention.

"Were you in Ireland/Britain etc during the year etc to year etc..." Erhm...why do they need to know this? After asking, it turns out there was a MadCow disease outbreak during that period so they just need to take precaution just in case.

After the form, next is the blood sampling and testing. They use a tiny long object to "shoot" at your finger, resulting a tiny little hole in your finger to get a few drops of blood to test your blood type. The shooting is something like a red ant's bite. Not painfull at all, ladies and gentlemen.

Then, for the first time in many years. I get to know what is my blood type, I'm "A".

 Next i proceed to lie down on the make-shift bed. The nurse began to scrub some medication on my left arm and began to look for the main vein. As she took the needdle and as it about to make contact i turned my head away. I couldn't bear to see the long foreign metalic thing entering my skin. Wa...i wonder how those Thaipussam guys did it.

But surprisingly the pain level is only like 2 red ant's bite. It only tooks a few minute to see the blood bag filling up. They would give you a small plastic pipe for your left hand to grab as this motion would speed up the blood flow. In total there was about 440ml of my blood being donated. After the bag is filled, they just took out the needle and apply some medication and give a plaster tape. Surprisingly as easy as the blood flow out, it is as easy as the wound close up as well.

After everything is done you'll be given a cert! Hehe, very good i can add this to my cert collection.

There is only one regret that i have is that i didn't take the free milo and biscuit because i was rushing to catch the movie but other than that i leave the place being quite proud of myself as i contribute something to society today.

This is what it looks like a few days later, you can hardly see the wound.

Hehe, so do your part next time! It is free and it takes less than 30 minutes. Donate your blood if you are able to, it might save someone's life.

P.S. I didn't feel drowsy at all after the blood donation, maybe i was pumped up feeling very excited that i did something good that day:)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


What would you do? If you're diagnosed with cancer, and your survival chance is 50/50?

50/50 is about a movie whereby a young guy got diagnosed with cancer and how he deal with it. I saw this movie review by the sun newspaper and it has given quite a good review quoting a good acting performances. Hmm....most of the time, i usually only go to watch big budget blockbusters movie. Since i have nothing to do this weekend and wanted to reward myself, I decided to take the road less travel this time.

None of the people i know ever seen this movie before, so it's like taking a small gamble which i solely depends on the sun newspaper review. I later go check out the trailer and found that there's Seth Rogen in it, the funny guy who played the Green Hornet. Ok, i think he's quite funny so it gave me more reason to watch it. But the main reason i wanna watch this movie is because i want to watch something different, to watch a meaningful movie about life.

The lead actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt put up quite a good acting performance which i'm glad that the reviewer is right. I instantly recognize his previous works such as Leonardo Dicaprio's partner in Inception and also, COBRA COMMANDER from GI JOE!

The movie is quite funny and has many sex jokes. Of course they are a few serious and touching moments as well. Basically, it tells us to cherish our life. Sometimes amidst a busy working life, we may tend to forget what is important and neglect the important person around us. That is why, watching this sort of movie is a good reminder and at the same time it does provide entertainment value as well together with the lesson.

You don't really need very big budget to make a good film, the very essence of the film is good storyline and good acting. When watching i really felt a connection to the actor and i was really hoping that he can get through it.

Overall, this is one good movie that is valuable and recommended!