Sunday, November 11, 2012


This was one of my anticipated movie of the year, can't help it though....the heavy promo you see, added to the fact that this year it's 50 years of James Bond movie.

Traditionaly the James Bond franchise is not my favourite, but it has always been around, and keeps popping out from time to time. Previously the reason that attracted me to watch is the gadgets, as the plot is always quite the same stuff. (James Bond going on mission, seduce the ladies, defeat the bad guys, save the day)

Apparently, this style has been going for too long, and luckily movie makers decided it's time for a reboot. Then came Daniel Craig - Casino Royale as the new Bond. I remember very clearly when i watched Casino Royale, it is a completely different feeling from other Bond movie. There's alot of intense, physical raw actions, alot of Jackie Chan style daring stunt that previous Bond is probably too scared to try:P

Although i also shared the same sceptic that Daniel Craig is not handsome enough, but after watching his performance and his new own intepretation of James Bond. I salute him! He added new stuff to the franchise and makes it interesting to watch. His tough, straighforward no-nonsense style really kick ass and awkwardly makes previous Bond looks like Pussy except Sean Connery. He proved doubters wrong, a perfect example of  "Action speak louder than Words".

In fact I think Casino Royale set a good high benchmark that it became the later two James Bond own enemy. Then came Quantum of Solace. Hmm....unfortunately i've more or less forgotten about the plot! i've even forgotten what the title represent.

Then came Skyfall. Another catchy title. This time around, they managed to keep the suspense and finally unwrapped what Skyfall actually is at the end. Daniel Craig still puts up a good 2 and half hours solid performance. The villian is not bad as well according to review.

The whole movie is actually not bad. But somehow i didn't get the full satisfaction of watching a pretty good movie after i left the cinema. (When i watch TED, i had a good time laughing, so i feel satisfied). Hmm...maybe the action scene is not bombastic enough? The best action scene is excavator train scene:)

Like for example,  if compare to Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol. MI4, has more stunning stunts and entertainment value, like the tower scene, the sandstorm scene, Jeremy Renner's funny warm up moment etc.. If compared Skyfall to MI4, MI4 stands out better.

Hmm...i was thinking because Skyfall's final battle didn't end in high. The chopper was a surprise. But i was expecting an Apache, not a Carrier heli with machinegun. But then i remembered Apache is American and Bond is British:P

Overall, i would recommend lightly to watch this film. Don't expect too much, but it is not that bad as well. At least it is consistent:)