Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Transformers3: Dark of the Moon

Summer has passed and now comes winter.... i accidentally or was too lazy to write this post and now finally feeling bad about myself i decided to finish it off and post it....

This movie has so far been the highest grossing film for this year so expectations will be high when watching this movie. If I’m not a transformers fan, I would say this movie is great, but since I’m a transformers fan, I must say I got a lot to complain! 

I think I have more things to complain than transformers2. 

1.Optimus got stucked in cables
When I saw this I was like WTF? if I’m the director, I would never let this happen! How can you let this shame happen to Optimus, the leader of Autobots! He even need to call in The Wreckers for help.  Hm….why don’t he just boost up his jet engine to escape? Or just use his golden axe and sword to cut through.

2. Decepticons wants to enslave humanity
I was like huh? The part where stealing Earth’s natural resources are to rebuild Cybertron is still sensible, but why a robot who can work 24/7 needs a human slave for? For fun?

3. Megatron in a beggar outfit
Megatron’s screen time is just too little. The way he’s potrayed  with half broken head and torn clothes is not cool to potray his evilness as the leader of the Decepticons.

4. Bumble Bee becomes hostage
I don’t remember when Decepticons becomes so mercifully. It’s not like they want to use Bumble Bee to robot hostage trade with a Decepticon. No logic at all! Moments later you suddenly see Bumble Bee turned green and began to blast his way out of the Decepticons so I was like er…why he got captured at the first place?

5. The dinosaur bird
When I saw the dinosaur bird on the trailer I was craving for Dinobots to appear, but sadly it didn’t. oh well…maybe they would appear in transformers 4?

6. Too much screen time on human character, too few screen time for the robots themselves
Well, a fan like me wouldn’t care if all the characters are robots but then, the director wants to make this movie to appear to a broader audience hence, he need to spend more time telling the human stories lo…sien liao.

7. Machine gun versus robotic armor.
Imagine if you’re a technological advance robotic civilization, wouldn’t you at least design your robotic armour to be bullet proof?  I think it is quite not so logic that you can “hurt” robot by just firing machine guns, minimum you’ll need a lot of bazookas  or rocket launchers. Yeah I know I may be asking too much, but then remember the original cartoon series, the robots uses lasers, which is rarely seen on the big screen. 
I think they would make transformers 4 as I think it is still a very profitable franchise. The main character Sam’s actor claims he will not be back if there’s a fourth installment. For me, Sam doesn’t really matters haha, the only thing matters is that the Optimus Prime’s voice must be the same person. Hm…for me, I think I have enough of Michael Bay. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t did a good job and I would like to see another director’s touch for  the 4th film if there is one, probably a director would is a more hardcore fans of transformers himself. Hmm…  can I have Unicrom for the next movie?

Monday, December 12, 2011

First Blood

"They made me do it....They drop the first blood!"

Nope this entry is not about Rambo: First Blood, nor it is about DOTA: First Blood.

It is about my first blood..................................................donation:P

I was in Tropicana City to catch 50/50. Initially i plan to drop by Borders for some free-magazine reading before the show and then i saw this blood donation drive.

I've never did any blood donation in my life before. Since i'm going to watch a special meaningful movie about how a cancer victim overcome life's challenges, i feel that i should go do my own part for the society...not as being an empty talker but today i enter a new level to become an action doer! "Walk the Talk" as what people say.

Furthermore, the one registering in front of me is a young lady so as a MAN, i have no reason to chicken myself.

So i go to proceed to register my name and filling up some forms. There is a particular interesting question that caught my attention.

"Were you in Ireland/Britain etc during the year etc to year etc..." Erhm...why do they need to know this? After asking, it turns out there was a MadCow disease outbreak during that period so they just need to take precaution just in case.

After the form, next is the blood sampling and testing. They use a tiny long object to "shoot" at your finger, resulting a tiny little hole in your finger to get a few drops of blood to test your blood type. The shooting is something like a red ant's bite. Not painfull at all, ladies and gentlemen.

Then, for the first time in many years. I get to know what is my blood type, I'm "A".

 Next i proceed to lie down on the make-shift bed. The nurse began to scrub some medication on my left arm and began to look for the main vein. As she took the needdle and as it about to make contact i turned my head away. I couldn't bear to see the long foreign metalic thing entering my skin. Wa...i wonder how those Thaipussam guys did it.

But surprisingly the pain level is only like 2 red ant's bite. It only tooks a few minute to see the blood bag filling up. They would give you a small plastic pipe for your left hand to grab as this motion would speed up the blood flow. In total there was about 440ml of my blood being donated. After the bag is filled, they just took out the needle and apply some medication and give a plaster tape. Surprisingly as easy as the blood flow out, it is as easy as the wound close up as well.

After everything is done you'll be given a cert! Hehe, very good i can add this to my cert collection.

There is only one regret that i have is that i didn't take the free milo and biscuit because i was rushing to catch the movie but other than that i leave the place being quite proud of myself as i contribute something to society today.

This is what it looks like a few days later, you can hardly see the wound.

Hehe, so do your part next time! It is free and it takes less than 30 minutes. Donate your blood if you are able to, it might save someone's life.

P.S. I didn't feel drowsy at all after the blood donation, maybe i was pumped up feeling very excited that i did something good that day:)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


What would you do? If you're diagnosed with cancer, and your survival chance is 50/50?

50/50 is about a movie whereby a young guy got diagnosed with cancer and how he deal with it. I saw this movie review by the sun newspaper and it has given quite a good review quoting a good acting performances. Hmm....most of the time, i usually only go to watch big budget blockbusters movie. Since i have nothing to do this weekend and wanted to reward myself, I decided to take the road less travel this time.

None of the people i know ever seen this movie before, so it's like taking a small gamble which i solely depends on the sun newspaper review. I later go check out the trailer and found that there's Seth Rogen in it, the funny guy who played the Green Hornet. Ok, i think he's quite funny so it gave me more reason to watch it. But the main reason i wanna watch this movie is because i want to watch something different, to watch a meaningful movie about life.

The lead actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt put up quite a good acting performance which i'm glad that the reviewer is right. I instantly recognize his previous works such as Leonardo Dicaprio's partner in Inception and also, COBRA COMMANDER from GI JOE!

The movie is quite funny and has many sex jokes. Of course they are a few serious and touching moments as well. Basically, it tells us to cherish our life. Sometimes amidst a busy working life, we may tend to forget what is important and neglect the important person around us. That is why, watching this sort of movie is a good reminder and at the same time it does provide entertainment value as well together with the lesson.

You don't really need very big budget to make a good film, the very essence of the film is good storyline and good acting. When watching i really felt a connection to the actor and i was really hoping that he can get through it.

Overall, this is one good movie that is valuable and recommended!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Waiting Outside the Lines

When i first heard this song, the first thing came to my mind is....Wa Justin Bieber really is no match for this kid! I think that Justin Bieber is only good at dancing but his voice range is just normal lo, unlike this kid which really has "Ummpphhhh", can play piano some more!

This kid, Greyson Chance,  a young 12 years old kid really has an amazing voice and range! Such a young age, i was wondering if he deliberately made his voice so rough or whether that is his natural singing voice.

Young kids become celebrities this days is getting younger and younger. In my opinion, i think that kids should just enjoy be kids, we've seen alot of cases where young celebrities grew up to be drug addicts etc. I hope that Greyson would follow the rightful path and continue to sing more inspirational songs for the world.

The reason i like this song is mainly due to the self motivational lyrics. I was in a bad mood because i need to work in a public holiday, as i listen to it's lyrics "Living in the Box, Time for you to SEIZE THE DAY!" I instantly like this song! 

Here's the lyrics which i copied from

Waiting Outside The Lines Lyrics

You’ll never enjoy your life,
living inside the box
You’re so afraid of taking chances,
how you gonna reach the top?

Rules and regulations,
force you to play it safe
Get rid of all the hesitation,
it’s time for you to seize the day

Instead of just sitting around
and looking down on tomorrow
You gotta let your feet off the ground,
the time is now

I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting,
I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines

Try to have no regrets
even if it’s just tonight
How you gonna walk ahead
if you keep living behind

Stuck in my same position,
you deserve so much more
There’s a whole world around us,
just waiting to be explored

Instead of just sitting around
and looking down on tomorrow
You gotta let your feet off the ground,
the time is now, just let it go

The world will force you to smile
I’m here to help you notice the rainbow
Cause I know,
What’s in you is out there

I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting,
I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
I’m trying to be patient (I’m trying to be patient)
the first step is the hardest (the hardest)
I know you can make it,
go ahead and take it

I’m Waiting, waiting, just waiting I’m waiting
I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting
I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines

You’ll never enjoy your life
Living inside the box
You’re so afraid of taking chances,
How you gonna reach the top?

Hmm... wonder when it would be available in Karaoke to sing? ;P

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Damn...i'm really getting very lazy to blog recently... feel like somehow i don't have enough "kick" these days.

Anyway, few weeks ago i saw news in facebook about nasi lemak 2.0 might be force to go off screen, so i went ahead to see it at weekends instead of the regular movie day. At first i was thinking whether or not this is a promotion trick, but then, this is malaysia, a place where governments don't like to hear critics about them and they will go all the way to do that.

Nevertheless this movie was already in my must watch list since launching. mainly because i wanna give namewee support. I followed his previous youtube showing that he didn't get funding approval from government, but in the end, he manage to find his own sponsors and managed to get everything done.

Initially i was afraid that the quality may not be that good since it's a low budget film, however i didn't regret at all after watching it. It's funny and i like the part where he pokes fun at our politicians and in the end you also get to learn something from it as well. Definitely worth watching in cinema!

I felt quite happy that the reception is going quite good. Haha this is a good butt kick and a wake up call to the government who didn't want to give namewee a chance to fund his film. What impress me alot is his bravery of speaking the things most people are afraid to openly speak about the problems this country is facing. I don't think he's not patriotic at all as what some politicians claim. I think it is just the opposite. I think he loves his country more than the average Malaysian. That is why he is brave enough to standout to speak his views, as most average Malaysian would just keep it to themselves or just don't care at all.

But anyway the film is unlike his youtube video where he bomb the government kao kao. The film itself is quite light hearted and entertaining, bringing actors from all races together in this film. Initially i was quite surprise that many famous malaysian actors turn up to help namewee in his film. Well that proves this truly from the bottom of the heart, a truly one Malaysian film.

A truly recommended film to watch, here the's the theme song of the movie, "Rasa Sayang 2.0". I quite like the way they reboot this local traditional song.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

9th July 2011

Fellow Malaysians will remember this day as the day we stood up for a free and fair election for our beloved country.

Me, like many other fellow Malaysians who did not have the gut to march to the streets in KL, truly salute the bravery of those who dared the streets, the water cannons and tear gas.
We stayed at home, following the latest news and hope that things wouldn’t turn violent.

I was thinking, would the situation be different if I’m still single with nothing to lose?

During the 1st Bersih movement around 50,000 brave souls gathered in KL and were later disperse by police with the same fate. I think many people did not realize that this is actually the second Bersih rally. The news of the first rally was obviously banned in main local media and can only be found in internet. But imagine this, during the first rally, there was no major road block towards KL. If this time there was no road block, just imagine how many would turn up! By then, even if they assembled every policeman in the country, they will not be able to stop it!

I was quite surprise the normally neutral Agong would interfere with the situation. Before this I always believe that Agong was only a symbol and he don’t really need to do anything. Haha, now I have new respect for our Agong for his timely intervention to diffuse the tension.

But then, if it even requires Agong himself to come out, it really shows the weakness of the current government which failed to compromise with the Bersih movement and even need Agong to step in.

When Najib agreed to the solution to held the rally indoor in stadium, there was suddenly a great relief among the people. Finally a compromise has been made and everyone can be happy. I was even thinking, since it’s held in stadium and not on streets, it’s gonna be quite safe and then I can probably join too!

But the people can only be happy for one day. The next day Najib did a U-Turn saying that stadiums in KL are not available. I was like….WTF? For sure, Bersih would not agree with it. Why make things worse if you let them have the rally in the stadium in the first place? Now, they have no choice but to take it into the street, and by doing so would actually cause more havoc.

By doing so, it just reflect that the government is unable to keep their words. Most importantly, it shows that the government is afraid to revamp the election commission to be more fair and just, because deep down, they know, if the election is fair and just, they would lose more seats.

The way Najib handles this issue is just terrible. He choose to be a paranoid and narrow minded just like Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa. Come on lar….if Bersih is illegal, why Agong would want to meet them?

By denying Bersih to use the stadium in KL, this also shows disrespect to the Agong.
I’m sure Agong will remember this as well.

Of course the rally would be held in KL. KL is the capital for Malaysia. When you held international events, do you hold it in outskirts? Of course not!

If they say the rally itself would disrupt the business and security of the public, I don’t think so lo. I think those disrupt the business in KL are the road blocks, with nobody coming to KL, where will there be business. Actually if they are so many people coming into KL from other state, if I’m a businessman, I would have more customers to buy drinks, food, umbrella…etc.

I have a friend working at PWTC Home Deco, he says due to the road block, business is horribly bad, and yet they still need to pay for rental.

Another thing, if police just stand beside, let the people march without resistant would things turn chaotic? If the UMNO youth and Perkasa wouldn’t held counter rally on the same day, (which I’m glad the two groups didn’t met head on) would things turn chaotic?

No need to send riot police lar. Just send traffic police, instead of directing vehicles, appoint them to direct people marching. Direct people marching from one street to another street, like a city marathon. In the end, the people are able to express their point, no violent case reported, police able to perform their duty, people respect police more, and everyone go home happy.

But instead, the police choose to view the people, the very people they sworn to protect, as a threat and most be stop with water cannons, tear gas and batons. Sign…big big sign…

Previously when he launch 1Malaysia, I still actually think that BN still got some tiny little hope under his leadership. Even after he declared the wasteful Warisan Merdeka project, I just think that he’s just wasting the country’s money, that’s all. But then, for me, the way he handle this issue this time, he really cross the line. I now, officially and very clearly…… hate him. Too bad we cannot go to his facebook page and click dislike on his profile.

The way BN handles Bersih only increase the people’s hatred for the government. And I believe the people would remember very well this day when the next election comes.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t register as a voter yet. Quickly go to the nearest post office to register, as the process may need to take a few months to complete, you’ll never know when they will declare the next general election. Exercise your rights and do your part for a better Malaysia by casting the correct vote.

Hey, after you read this article, don’t just simply came to a conclusion, read more other news and see what is the majority of Malaysians thinking. Read more, hear more and you’ll know yourself how to determine the truth.

Once again, a big salute to those brave souls that dared the streets.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Proposed solution for Malaysian's brain drain

Every year in our wonderful country Malaysia, after SPM results are out, we would hear complains that top student are not offered scholarship but instead those certain group of people who are under-qualified got offered instead.

So, for those poor but top students,what can they do? since their own country don't want to help them, they get help from other countries that is willing to help them because they cherish talents. Other countries offer them scholarship, bond them for a few years, they got a decent job over there. Do you think they still want to return to their own mother country that didn't help them? and yet, their own mother country would label them as "Unpatriotic". Ironic isn't? Welcome to Malaysia!

Let's have an classic example, did you know that the pen drive is actually invented by a Malaysian? Mr. Pua Khein-Seng, which was rejected by local university set out for Taiwan. In the end, the pen drive was a "Taiwan Technology", instead of "Malaysian Technology"

The government seems to finally realized this issue, after so many years and waves of bombardment by the opposition party, the people and other international media. I believe this issue is serious to the point that the country itself has felt the effect of this brain drain.

So our dear PM setup Talent Corp in an effort to pull back our brain drain. It is funny because initially the country doesn't appreciate them but now they want them back by offering goodies. Goodies such as tax reduction etc. But hey, if they did this, it would be unfair to those talents that are currently residing in Malaysia!

Yo.. Dear PM & Talent Corp, instead of pulling back brain drain, you should stop brain drain, like not giving scholarship to some top students. It is more feasible and easier to retain compare to get them back. We learn this in economics, it is easier to retain existing customer rather to look for new ones.

Why government is afraid to give scholarship to top student since the scholarship comes with a working bond, the talents would still come back and contribute to Malaysia's growth.

Instead, they prefer to give scholarship to those un-deserved, which graduate with bad results and later become an unproductive worker, which doesn't contribute much to the country and yet still need government to feed them. It's a like spoon feeding a spoiled child that cannot stand on their own.

What does this mean then? Failed government policies that is suppose to help certain group to be more competitive ends up spoiling them. Instead of teaching them how to fish, the government just give feed them the fish.

The other ironic thing is that other minority which didn't received as much help as the government, due to this reason, they have no choice but to work harder in order to make a living and ends up with more competitive qualities than their spoon feed countrymen.

Of course, not everyone is like that. I'm just giving a general summary.

But then, government is made up of human being and human beings make mistake. This we can understand, the more important thing is that we need to correct the mistake to improve. The worst thing is that, government choose to keep one eye close and stubbornly don't want to admit their mistake. This is because, some of the current government officials themselves has been fully fed with fishes and they are too incompetent and dare not imagine that they would have to handle their own fishing rod.

Scholarship should only be given to those that is academically worthy. Meaning to say, if you got scholarship and yet you have bad results, the scholarship should be switch to loans that you'll need to pay back instead. If not, students would not appreciate it and take it for granted.

Think of it as an investment. Of course you want to invest on properties that would generate return for you, not invest on the property that doesn't generate return for you, and yet you'll still need to pump more money into it to keep it alive!

Let's think about it, 54 years of independence and yet our fellow countrymen still cannot be competitive? Let's just limit our scope to academic competitive. We have government sponsored primary and secondary school. But yet, how come privately sponsored vernacular school can produce better results?

Doesn't this mean the Education Ministry should look into why their government funded school cannot produce good result?

I do not expect the government would just abolish this current silly system of not giving scholarship to some top student due to "you know lar" reason. Unless we have a change of government, but then i think we should look into the roots of the problem, how to really make our fellow countrymen academically competitive.

Maybe i can humbly suggest a few.

1. Train teachers that knows how to fish, instead of teachers that take fish only. so that, they can teach the correct values and knowledge to their students.

2. Stress more on English. We see this very often. Many university graduates still can't speak a decent English. The situation has actually worsen compare to our previous generation that received English education from British colony era. In order to be competitive in today's world. English is a must. Mastery of English is the key and stepping stone to access the world's knowledge.

3. Stress more on Maths. Economy is run by business, business consist of figures, figures you need maths. It is another compulsory knowledge to be competitive beside English.

4. Stress more on secular studies. Religious studies feeds your spirit, but it doesn't feed your stomach. Over dosage of religion and over hunger is the formula for extremist. But hey, i'm not saying we should scrap religion, just that we should focus more time on reality.

7. Beside of just spoon feeding our students with knowledge, i believe we need to teach them creative thinking as well. We should inject creativity thinking into our existing subjects, to encourage student to think outside of the box. Of course, this is a less priority at the moment. We need to pump up more English + Maths first.

6. Organize joint school events during holidays that mix with other races. It's like a company team building. If you don't mix with other races, you'll have stereotype perceptions and distrust.

7. Gradually, we need to merge and unified our school. I'm not talking about the National School which puts one malay school, one indian school and one chinese school in the same compound. I don't think this actually work. All these school leaders should sit down and plan for a unified education subjects. Haha, i know it's gonna be hard. But i believe this is as important as what our fore fathers sit down and discuss the founding of Malaysia. We give and take, set our differences aside in order to pave way for a better future together.

I believe only if we can improve the quality of our students in primary and secondary school level, then only we can have a really fair, competitive and transparent method of allocating scholarship to top students. I believe this is the first step we can do to stop the brain drain.

Monday, April 18, 2011

416 Sarawak State Election

The election date was announce at the end of March, whereby I was back to Kuching for Qing Ming. Since the date is quite near, I don’t have enough leaves+ air ticket expensive. I didn’t go back to vote this time around. The General Election in 2008 was the first time I voted and I even help up in the polling booth which was quite an amazing experience!

Sign… this time around I can only watch political speech on youtube and facebook and reading Malaysian insider. Hmm…I think AirAsia should take this opportunity to offer flight ticket sales to Sarawak or any other state when there’s state election, they would have gain extra income, oh wait…unless government interfere? Oh damn…another self made conspiracy theory!

You see many leaders from both side of the party, Najib, DPM, Anwar, Lim Guan Eng, even Chua Soi Lek fly to Sarawak to do campaigning. Haha, I think if Najib didn’t come himself, opposition would win more votes! But this proves that BN is also afraid they may lose a majority this time. Najib comes and promise to bring development to the rural areas, but I’m thinking....walao…only after 50 plus years of independence, now you baru care about Sarawakians! Another important thing is that only last year BN declare 16 September as a holiday. Ahem, not that I’m happy with another public holiday, but if you think again, ngaiti…did the Federal Government really appreciate and honor Sabah Sarawak at all?

It is an open knowledge to Sarawakians that White Hair is totally corrupted. When I was in Uni graduation, we even joked about what we want to say to White Hair when he shake our hands..e.g. “I Hate You!”, “You Must Go!”

He’s probably one of the richest man in Malaysia, but people are afraid to vote against him, especially the rural poor. They are so poor and uneducated that BN will only need to give them money to ensure their votes.

But luckily the winds of change has arrived in Sarawak. It began as a small spark in the 2008 General Elections, where two DAP rockets won the Kuching seat to represent the people’s voice in Parliament. Malaysians has also seen the prove that the Opposition party is not just empty talks, they can govern a state successfully as well as seen in Penang & Selangor.

Honestly speaking, when I’m in my middle school days, I was thinking that the opposition is only making noise. But then, as I grew up more, began to work and experience the ups and downs of life, I began to feel that the things that opposition are complaining are not just for the sake of making noise, but these are really the things that affects you and me. Eventually I think that they are actually champions who would risk their lives of end up in jail in order to fight for the rights of the people.

Initially Malays would mostly vote for BN, but now, even Malays themselves vote for opposition e.g. Keadilan, because they too, want to see a change and a better, cleaner, fairer government as shown in the results of the political tsunami of 2008.

It is quite hurtful myself when I know that Sarawak has the largest resource in Malaysia but yet is the fourth poorest state. All those loggings without control by White hair is really destroying our beautiful landscape and only benefiting him and his cronies. Some Sarawakians even took to the street of London to protest about White Hair in order to get media attention. (because if they did so in Malaysia, they will end up in jail)

Because of all these silly reason, I want to see changes, not just for myself and family but also for the sake of our future. We have so much potential to become better, so we need to be more serious in exercising our democratic rights as a citizen and vote for our future, we can no longer say that it is non of my business because it affects us all.

On 416 the whole day, It’s like having butterflies in my stomach, I’m always enticing what the results are going to be. I was quite disappointed when I heard the result because I was expecting at least the opposition would deny BN the 2/3 majority due to the number of crowds that show up for opposition talks around Kuching, Sibu and Miri.

But at least, it was a great improvement for the opposition and now they would have a stepping stone in future. The hardcore poverty rural areas are still pretty much under BN’s grasp which provided the majority. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in order to create more awareness and help out the rural folks.

Let’s hope and work hard for a better future, Sarawakians!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sucker Punch

When I first saw this trailer, I knew I must watch this movie whether dead or alive!

The graphic is just totally mind blowing unbelievable freaking awesome! Wow… I think since 300, I’ve never given so much credit to a movie’s graphic.

Pretty Girls + Robots + Zombies + Dragons + Lots of Gun and Explosion + Time stop actions = Awesomeness at its best.

Oh by the way, the movie is from the bunch of guys that brought you other awesome graphic movies like 300 and The Watchmen. No wonder.

What excites me is that this time around, Sucker Punch is actually an original story, unlike the previous two movie produced by the same bunch of guys which are graphic novel adaptation.

However i have one thing to complain is that the movie didn't explain what "Sucker Punch" means. I was expecting something like maybe Barbie Doll delivering a flying dragon punch to the bad guy while shouting "Eat this, sucker!" hmm...but that didn't happen.

Story wise, I think it is not as good as I expected. The plot can be a bit messy for those that didn’t read the synopsis in advance. However I would still recommend others to watch because the graphic is worth to watch but of course we don’t expect these types of movies to be nominated for Oscars but I believe it would become a pop culture in future. But then, what the heck, the awesomeness of the graphic can already make up for it. Like my bro said:

“I just want to see the graphics, I don’t care about the story!”

That statement basically sums the whole movie up:)

Here's the cast of Sucker Punch:)

Here's the trailer in case you haven't watch it yet:)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Underdog Soldiers / Tomorrow when the war began

Warning! If you haven't seen this movie, they may contain spoilers below!

When i saw first this trailer half way...i wasn't too fascinated by it. But then when i looked at it the other day from the beginning something click!

I suddenly felt that somehow the plot is very familiar. Then it hit me!
It was an adaptation of a novel that i've read before when i was young, almost ten years plus ago!

Wow.... I can't describe my excitement as this is the first time, i found a film that is adapted by novel that i read a long time ago and most importantly the novel is not so popular. I suddenly feel like an underdog myself...hehe.

I don't know why the movie is renamed "Underdog Soldiers" whereas the original title of the novel was "Tomorrow - when the war began". I think the original title sounds way cooler. No wonder i couldn't figure it out when i see the trailer half way the first time.

The novel consist of 7 series (yes...i read them all muahahaha) and it was quite popular in Australia, however i think it is not quite popular outside Australia because i've never heard anyone mentioning it before.

I'm glad to say that it was a good cast selection and every members seems to be able to bring the character in the book to life. The main attraction would be the plot and storyline. It has a lot of action scenes too. But what i like the most is how they portray the characters development from ordinary teenagers to be fighting for their survival and homeland.

When i was halfway into the movie, i was recalling the plot at the same time, I was thinking how are they going to squeeze all that plot into one movie.

Then, i got my answer. The movie ended with an open ending. This means that they'll probably need to do sequel for it. In which i'm glad as well because at least they wouldn't squeeze the plot until they is no room for character development. I'm quite satisfied with the first movie, so if there's a sequel i would watch it too. This movie is great because it's entertaining and gives you something to think about, as if like you gain something, not like Drive Crazy which is somehow...shallow and purely pop-corn movies?

I would recommend this movie to all. Here's the trailer.

And before i end this post...i'll like to say it again...

It's so freaking awesome to know that a book you read which is not so popular suddenly got made into a film! Feel so proud and damn good about it!

Phew....i wonder if i am able to sleep or not because of over excitement.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Green Hornet

This content may contain some spoilers so please watch the movie first!

The green hornet was my first anticipated movie of 2011 as it hit theaters in January.
I’ve seen few of the trailers and therefore have some high expectation for the film. After the show I’m glad to say that it really meets up my expectation. Oh yeah, it kick ass!

It was filled with fun and thrill, never a dull moment at all. I can feel that both characters really have some chemistry between and the laughter just brought me to tears. A big kudos for Jay Chou on his Hollywood debut. For a guy who’s only studied English just for the show, I can say at least it’s audible hahaha but I think his acting, charisma and butt-kicking can make up for it. Some people say his English is still very bad, but for me, as long it does not disrupt the fun of watching the movie, it’s actually not a big deal!

The main character played by Seth Rogen is not quite the usual big-screen superhero, I watched in trailer that they deliberately make the main superhero a bit useless and yet have a cool and resourceful side-kick. Oh…correction, Kato does not like to be known as side-kick, he’s a partner!

Cameron Diaz is oh well, the flower pot but then, she’s not bad either. I think she’s really 30 plus but she still looks good on screen.

And the biggest surprise for me I got to say is…

Commander William Adama!

Hahaha, he’s the chief editor of the protagonist newspaper company. But I knew this actor who played as William Adama in Battlestar Galactica, a sci-fi TV series that I liked a lot.

Conclusion, if you enjoy action comedy genre, you really should watch this movie!