Tuesday, June 10, 2008

adventure to Kuantan~

Hoho, I actually didn’t expect I would be traveling to another state in just one week plus arriving in KL. Me and three friends set off to Pahang in a Kelissa for a two day one night trip.

The journey to Kuantan took around 3 hours, luckily it was a good sunny day to drive. Haha my other three friends take turn to drive. I didn’t get the chance to drive but I’m ok with that as this mean that I can sleep more;P haha, but I also feel pai seh also like I’m not contributing.

It’s really quite an adventure as most of us don’t really know the place and we need to stop by frequently to ask people on the road for directions, which is quite fun. Haha, it’s also a good thing to know that they are still many helpful and friendly Malaysians around.

Kuantan the capital of Pahang I can say is bigger than Kuching. One easy thing to prove this is by the size of the building of the supermarket. But of course, we didn’t travel all the way here to do shopping where we can do it in KL. The first destination we went to is Gua Cheras, a cavern in Panching whereby there’s a sleeping Buddha inside there.

There are a lot of cows along the roadside. I suddenly remember the story that my friend told me, a Kancil hit a cow, the Kancil front part got smash and the water cooler got spoiled, the cow got knocked down on the road but few minutes later it just woke up and continue like nothing happen. Haha, I wonder what would the scenario be like if it’s our Kelissa vs the cow:P

The staircase to the cavern is actually not so high, but then due to lack of exercise, I think it took quite some toll on me, but I’m still ok. Which serves as a good reminder that I haven’t been doing much exercise since coming to KL>_<

At the evening, we went to Teluk Cempedak. One special about this beach, is that is situated just right beside the city. And there’s a bazaar along the beach, it somehow reminded me of riverside Kuching, just that this is beachside version. There’s a lot of activies going on there, and many youngster hanging out there. I quite like it because I love to smell the feel the cool sea breeze and hear the sound of ocean waves. It seems that it take away all my stress. Haha, it would be quite nice to be able to stay in a city that is so near to the beach.

Haha, at first we thought of hoping to catch the sunset. But then, we suddenly realize that we’re at the east coast of Malaysia, whereby we only can get to see sunrise:P

At night we went to stay at house lounge in Sungai Lembing whereby next day early morning 5am we would wake up and climb Mount Lembing and to catch the sunrise. We went to bed at around 2 something so it was quite a toll on me, to wake up at 5am, 3 hours sleep is really not enough for a pig like me.

As we are at the foothill, I was very surprise to see so many people already there, queuing up to climb the mountain. Haha, I tell you, this is my first time I encounter human traffic jam while I’m climbing a mountain. One good thing though, there’s a lot of youngster and also pretty girls as well…hahaha that is the more important issue and motivation.

But I only knew that after we reach the top and when the sun rises whereby I can see other people’s face. It was quite sad that we couldn’t catch the first dawn of light as they’re too many clouds. Sign…I believe most people would feel some disappointment as well. The view from up there is nevertheless breathtaking as there’s a lot of clouds in the mountain, which creates some sort of cooling and mysterious feel. The beauty of nature is best seen with your own eyes and we really should cherish it for the future generations.

After the climb, at first we plan to go to a waterfall, but then I was too tired already. I’ve already dried up my backup batteries to climb the mountain already. So, as we got back, I just collapse down and went to dreamland. Then in the afternoon after we woke up, we went to visit a few places, like the Sungai Lembing Museum, a suspension bride and to Teluk Cempedak again.We arrive back at KL on the evening tired, but satisfied.

oh saw this thing in front of the museum, i thought it was a canon, but guess what. it's a old fire extinguisher!

i saw a couple of guys take turn to take photo of them together with the fire extinguisher. they deliberately pose by standing behind the "cannon" so that it would look like they have big cannon. this scene suddenly reminded me of an old friend who took the same pose in Sarawak Museum.

That’s about it from what I can recall of those interesting moments during the trip. A big thank you to my friends who bought me along^_^. Haha, looking forward to my next trip. Thanks ah yuen for the pics:)


  1. Thank for being "waking radio" at Teluk Cempedak. Wat a relaxing trip:P

  2. hehe welcome. thanks for dropping by your comments:)