Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time Really Flies...

Time really flies…. My KL working life reaches its 1st year anniversary this May 2009. Looking back my previous post about my working life I can see there’s much difference. haha, it's about time i have my yearly mile stone self evaluation>_<

Been very busy these days….it’s as if I’ve been covered with mountains of never-ending work. Haha, they say that during these bad economic times, it would be a blessing if you are still working overtime…means business is still coming in. Even now as I’m typing this entry, I’m half way working, using the interval time of awaiting test results to type:P

Thanks to the quite OK environment here in Station One café, Jaya One that suddenly I’ve the urge to write….oh ya…recently I’ve began to like to bring laptop to work outside and sit in cafes instead of doing it at home in the weekends. It would be much better if the café is playing some music as well…Sort of take away half the stress and the comfortable environment gives you a better mood. Too bad I can’t go to café to work during working hours haha:P

I’ve been very busy since my last entry haha, nowadays even lazy to MSN. A few days ago I’ve set a personal record of sleeping only 3 hours and the rest goes to work. I’ve never actually sleep so less to work…even rushing for assignments I’ve still manage to sleep my regular 6 hours..haha, I suppose this is a part of working life that I would have to endure, haha hopefully not too many times though>_<

Nowadays my job requires me to be constantly on client’s site. Sometimes even need to work on Saturdays…hey…did I sign up for 6 days work? Haiz…at least can still get replacement and it really made me cherish my Sundays more. Nowadays I usually would only go office once per week to do documentation stuff. “Hey…long time no see...” became the 1st exchange words between me and my colleagues at office.

Although sometimes I would feel depressed and stress out, but when I ask myself is this what I really want? Oh well….my answer is still yes. At least it’s way better than my previous job in many ways such as salary, challenges, satisfaction of achievements, learning opportunities and future opportunities.

KL or big cities is really a place to gain experience for your career. I’m glad that I’ve made my choice to come here. Oh well…need to get back to work. Cheers!

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