Sunday, November 1, 2009

uncle selling fruits...

sometime ago, while i went out for lunch with my client at a coffee shop somewhere in selayang, i met an uncle selling fruits.

it was my usual habits to get some fruit to eat after lunch,( yes, i know fruit should be eaten in empty stomach for maximum effect!) i ordered a RM1 papaya from him. As i waited for my papaya, i notice something different. why this uncle is sitting down instead of standing up?

then i looked down the table, and i saw that his legs are not there. i realized then he's handicaped. i was suprised and yet astound by the same time.

uncle, i salute you for being a man!

even at his stage, he still work hard to earn a living instead of just go around begging for money. i don't like,even feel ashamed of those beggars that is fully capable,not handicaped but still go beg for money.

i just smile and i didn't say words of encouragement, i was still stunned i guess. but it has made my day and i hope to share this inspiration with you guys.

no matter how hard is life, never give up! :)


  1. =.=!!!
    anyway...houg, good sharing. Like ur quote, no matter how hard is life, never give up:)

  2. hehe, thanks:)

    wen i thinking of giving up, i'll think of this uncle then it would make me ashamed of myself!

    another lesson here is -> never underestimate a small action, as you never know how much the impact would be on another person.