Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Malaysian Day

Thanks to Najib, starting 2010, 16th September 2010 shall be a holiday every year. For some it may be just another holiday. But I believe this day holds more meaning for Sabahans and Sarawakians than West Malaysians.

Probably it's because most Malaysian especially West Malaysian are more familiar with our 31st August National Day rather than 16th September Malaysian Day. In fact, Tunku Abdul Rahman would want to make Malaysian Day the same day as 31 August if not for communist and other issues from Indonesia, Brunei,Philippine and etc during that period.

Which reminds me of the History lesson that i learned in secondary school whereby early Independent fighters spread Nationalism through written press. Without this freedom of press by British Administration, Nationalism would not spread as quickly as it would. It's ironic, today, now that we are independent after 53 years, our government would not allow the full freedom of press, we Malaysians are being denied by the very own platform that our grandfathers used as a Nationalism tool. I was thinking about this issue because of the recent news of a Malaysian cartoonist being arrested for publishing his work as it is deemed too sensitive.

I don't think the general public is still too un-educated to know how to judge for oneself. sign...it's all because of those incumbent political players playing the race cards.

As we see more and more of these negative headline, it really made us think about the good old Malaysian days, like those Yasmin Ahmad Merdeka Day Petronas commercial. Recently i came upon this video link in facebook and i found it very interesting.

I think it is a great short movie that every Malaysian should watch. This is the first movie that clearly and truthfully projects how the general Malays, Chinese and Indians view each other. It even made me a bit discomfort, which is good as truth is not always a sweet candy. By openly expressing our view, although it may hurt it is the first step to further understand one another.

Instead of vainly hiding all these facts pretending it does not exist, isn't it better to face it truthfully and with courage and a open and rational mind? What would be the most amazing thing is that despite all the difference, we would still be able to put our differences aside and live harmoniously and work together for a better Malaysia.

It is just like in personal relationship, the difference is that this is in a much more larger scale.

Anyway, do take your time to see the short movie and slowly digest and think about it.

Gadoh from Pusat KOMAS on Vimeo.


  1. yeah, it's the politicians who are the people messing around with the "race" matter.. =/

  2. oh hi there, how do you stumble upon this site?

    yes agreed. so be wise on who you vote for!