Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Damn...i'm really getting very lazy to blog recently... feel like somehow i don't have enough "kick" these days.

Anyway, few weeks ago i saw news in facebook about nasi lemak 2.0 might be force to go off screen, so i went ahead to see it at weekends instead of the regular movie day. At first i was thinking whether or not this is a promotion trick, but then, this is malaysia, a place where governments don't like to hear critics about them and they will go all the way to do that.

Nevertheless this movie was already in my must watch list since launching. mainly because i wanna give namewee support. I followed his previous youtube showing that he didn't get funding approval from government, but in the end, he manage to find his own sponsors and managed to get everything done.

Initially i was afraid that the quality may not be that good since it's a low budget film, however i didn't regret at all after watching it. It's funny and i like the part where he pokes fun at our politicians and in the end you also get to learn something from it as well. Definitely worth watching in cinema!

I felt quite happy that the reception is going quite good. Haha this is a good butt kick and a wake up call to the government who didn't want to give namewee a chance to fund his film. What impress me alot is his bravery of speaking the things most people are afraid to openly speak about the problems this country is facing. I don't think he's not patriotic at all as what some politicians claim. I think it is just the opposite. I think he loves his country more than the average Malaysian. That is why he is brave enough to standout to speak his views, as most average Malaysian would just keep it to themselves or just don't care at all.

But anyway the film is unlike his youtube video where he bomb the government kao kao. The film itself is quite light hearted and entertaining, bringing actors from all races together in this film. Initially i was quite surprise that many famous malaysian actors turn up to help namewee in his film. Well that proves this truly from the bottom of the heart, a truly one Malaysian film.

A truly recommended film to watch, here the's the theme song of the movie, "Rasa Sayang 2.0". I quite like the way they reboot this local traditional song.

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