Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No spanking day!

i saw one article, it appears that 30th of April is NO SPANKING DAY. (means no hitting on children)

it say's that we shouldn't spank children lo, cos it's violence, and it has a bad influence on their growth, mentally n physically. it says that children actually can reason with them. if we adults are patience and we should show them to behave like adult. some way i agree with that, but i also think that sometime spanking is necessary lo. although spanking is the quick and easy way to teach a kid, but sometime if the kid is really hard-headed that i think some spanking is necessary.

i say this because me myself also got spank by my parents when i'm naughty at young. although i don't understand why the real reason they spank me, but i do know now.

i think they're not trying to teach me that i'm naughty therefore i cannot get the toy,
but they're trying to teach me that, there's nothing in this world that you can get it by just crying, but you need to work hard and earn for it. hmm...i think tat's the lesson behind it, after all those years...

dad spank, mum tell me nicely...i'm lucky to have this balance. if both spank...then not gud for me, if both too nice i may get spoiled. haha so again, it stress the importance of balance. i think i would spank my children (haha if i have) , as i still think there's importance in it.

haha, tat's all. this is an old post that i save as a draft and finish it later.


  1. haha........well.....i, more or less agree with your thinking, some spanking is still essential to teach our children next pain, no grow.......but the spanking must be done correctly and followed by an explanation of why he/she is spank.......

  2. to spank or not ..

    interesting thing that you brought up with. Indeed, i have experienced seeing how children react to constant spanking (or beating, i should say). The more they are spanked, the more hard headed they've become. And in an odd way, you can see it in the eyes of the children, slowly they will exhibit violent behavior to their siblings and fellow peers in their daily lives. It's like they live on the I-Can-Do-As-I-Please-Without-A-Care-In-The-World pattern.

    I was again fortunate to see the after effects of parent's over spoiling their children. Although they didn't turn out being violent, but they do exhibit the same I-Can-Do-As-I-Please-Without-A-Care-In-The-World behavioral pattern as before.

    So i do agree that there is a need for a balance between spank and spoil. Perhaps spoil isn't the proper word, "Reward" is more close to it. We should reward children when they do the right thing. If they did the wrong thing, try to educate them by words first... if it fails .. a little force wouldn't hurt.