Wednesday, May 23, 2007

state of blankness... is a hard day at work, dealing with customer and difficult issues and running around....i was so tired after my work that i was so lazy to think of anything else. thus my brain enter a state of blankness.... haha, almost lar...if 100% blank then means die liao.

suddenly i remembered a funny scene from malcom in the middle, whereby malcom's brother sort of "shut down" his brain. very idoitic and funny, haha.

it was almost when i reached home and i discovered about that apparantly nothing went thru my brain on the journey way, meaning i wasn't thinking of anything at all. my eyes are on the road, my right hand on steering, my left hand finger digging gold.

hmmm...i find that i can drive without really thinking, my hands and legs would set it on auto drive, i could still watch out for incoming cars, but in this mode, i'm more likely to go wrong direction:P

anyway, i think that tis is quite a good way sometime for the brain to take a break. haha although while driving it's a bit dangerous. please don't try this at home. eh...oh ya, u can try it at home, cos it's much more safer than while driving.

i've read an article about this whereby it's one of guy's behavior. Cos as a guy, you face many things in life and sometime they would just retreat to their own place and drift into idleness. it's a way of recharging the brain. hmm...i quite abit agree with that, but if want to recharge brain i would preferably to go sleep.

so tat's all for now, my brain needs charging...


  1. when I'm in a state of idleness, i just go lap chia around the city ..

    speed kills ... but the need for speed kills idleness...

    don't try this at home, kids..