Friday, March 21, 2008

Ah Long Pte Ltd

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another comedy by the singaporean director jack neo. haha, it's really interesting to watch fann wong, who looks very lady like to act barbaricly in the movie. i guess this is an another leap for of her career since starring in just follow law.

this is really a movie worth to watch which i laughted your way from the beginning to the end. there are many unexpected humorous scenes and lines which is very malaysian and singaporean styled. of course, there's some touching moments also.

like most other jack neo's film which potrays society's story, as i watch this movie about loan sharks a.k.a ah long, it makes you think about this issue. ah long is also a society problem, which is hard to abolish. because there's always a demand there, where sometimes people are forced to look for this alternative as there's none other better solutions for them.

which is very pity. i think this problem is like prostituition, it's a human problem. as long as there's demand, it's gonna be hard to abolish. which makes me think about another thing, if prostitution can be legalized, how bout ah long? oh... cannot...we already have legalized ah long, the bank...the difference is just that they wouldn't go and cut your fingers if you don't pay up.

haha, i know i'm being a little thinking too much.

anyway this is truly a recommended movie to watch. if you miss the chance to catch it at cinema, do watch it on vcd or dvds:)

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