Monday, March 10, 2008

post election thoughts~

the opposition party won an astounding victory of 1/3 of parliment seat last election on 8th of March 2008. the biggest opposition victory since 1969.

well, this election was the first time i voted, it was also the first time i worked in the voting station. it happened very suddenly. on the day before election, my friend suddenly called me up to ask whether i want to help out in the voting station, the next minute he was outside my office already, with the application form and asked me to sign and give him a photocopy of IC.

for the sake of first time experience i don't mind trying it out, haha but honestly i don't like to make last minute hasty decision. i also didn't have time to finish reading the form. ngaiti..i was thinking, i just sign up to sell myself for them the whole day 2molo.

oh well, a job is a job and i manage to fullfill my duties. when it's very hot in the afternoon and i feel like sleeping, i think of one thing to held on "i'm not doing this for me, but for the people!" haha.

i worked as a DAP representative on the polling station, my job is to take note on the number of voters and other info, and to witness to the counting of votes. when i started to work i was thinking "hmm..maybe this job can have chance to see pretty girl?" haha, at least not so boring lo, if can.

but my hope shatters as i went through my list of voters in that particular room i'm assigned to. birthdate: 1940 sumting to 1950 sumting! ngaiti, all ah pek ah mar~(grandad grandma). but it's fun when i got to met one of my aunt and teacher which are very suprise to see me working there.

the count for stampin school vote's overall, is DAP's victory..but if add on to other areas, Mr. Voon didn't won. whereas, the other DAP contestant, Mr. Chong, won an escalating victory of 9000 plus more votes than his competitor.

it's not hard to imagine Mr. Chong victory for anyone that went to friday night's DAP mass gathering at Chonglin Park. the place was utterly filled with people and Mr. Chong appeared to be like a Superstar. when he shouted out his will and slogan, the crowd went wild and cheered and shout with him.'s a very good feeling to be among the crowd and shouting the slogans together. they even distribute whistle to the crowd to cheer.

finally, the event end up with the mass lighting up candles. wah seh... the view is really stunning. i wish i can get a helicopter view of it, instead of this view:

haha, anyway, now that the election is over, i hope that the opposition that won would perform well. as the people now have given them the chance to do it. so the future remains interesting to behold.


  1. What's with the candle lighting ? I don't get it.

  2. hmm... they give out candles at the end of the ceremony as they played DAP's campgain song and let people wave it according to the melody.

    nothing in particular, i think it's something to make it look cool. haha

  3. eee.. u were there oso?
    din see u one? i was there taking photos oso le..


  4. oh...tanks for dropping by.

    haha, people mountain people sea, how can see. got quite good pics in your site!

  5. finally see ur blog...

    hehe.. who else got blog to intro?


  6. haha, actually i don't read alot of blogs beside my fren's one.

    i usually read alot of