Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Melaka~ my sight seeing and makan makan makan trip

It was not very long since my last trip to another state and now I’m glad I got the chance to set foot in yet another state. Last weekend I followed my friends for a 2 days 1 night trip to the Ancient City of Melaka.

See those tree behind me, the government even set up machine to play bird's voice on the tree:P

my housemate, me & A-Famosa canon, seeing that makes me remember the sitting on top of the canon sceen again.

Melaka is quite a nice place. There’s less pollution, less tall buildings, more trees and a lot of unique old buildings, and most importantly a lot of eating place.

This is Portugese Ikan Bakar, oh..the fish is under the sauce so you can't see it here haha, too bad it is too hot for me>_<
The drink is a freshly made mango juice, i quite enjoy this one(i drank two cup :P)

Haha. What I like about this trip is that most of the time, we’re like going from one eating place to another: P Really, there’s a lot of unique food only available in Melaka.

This is luo han guo drink which is really cooling, it tasted as good as the good as the one in petaling street.

Well, after tasting a lot, I wouldn’t say everything is nice, yes, there are things that is nice, and also some that is not suitable for my taste.

This is Satay Celup, whereby you take alot of sticks of stuff and dip it in a curry lookaclike paste which is in the middle of the table and it's cooking it below, since it's hot so i don't get to enjoy it alot. but it really has a unique eating style.

This is round shape rice, hmm...too bad they cannot make the chikcen round also haha.

Haha, I think the best is the cendol in Jonker Walk. Wah, thinking of it now, even can make my mouth drool. due to time limit, i didn't get the chance to eat two bowls>_<...

oh by the way, don't go to the roadside stall selling cendol oposite the red clock tower, it is really not consumable by human.

I would like to thank my friend for letting us stay at her place for the night. Wow, it’s freezing cold that night and luckily I didn’t catch flu. Their family even cooks a nice meal for us all.

It’s quite nice to walk along the old streets and shops of Melaka. It somehow reminds me of Kuching’s carpenter street, with all those old buildings from the British colonial era.

With my two housemate, Haha, i like the Bruce Lee poster at the wall.

We went to Junker’s walk, a street which sells a lot of interesting home made Melaka stuff. It is really a nice place to shop and bought hand made souvenirs.

This is geographer's cafe in Jonker Walk, it is the place where a part of the movie "Summer Mo Mo Tea" is filmed. my friend say it's pretty expensive so just managed to take pic from outside:P

Haha, you don't have to go to London to see a double decker bus:)

Melaka, hmm...a nice trip indeed.


  1. OMG >.<" I MISS THOSE IKAN BAKAR !!! The best i've ever tasted ... ARGAGHHH I NEED TO VISIT MALACCA AGAIN...

    =) Hey nice to see you enjoying ur life to the full. Take care man. :P

    btw i've moved my blog edi to

    do update your links har.. tq tq

  2. yeah..i planned to travel around here abit:)

    sure uncle lim, i'll update da links.

    u know there's a eating shop called uncle lim also rite? haha