Monday, July 28, 2008

My accidental performance at 海螺

last weekend i went to 海螺 at OUG with my friend to see a friend of his who's performing for the night. wow, she's a very good singer indeed. dun play play. i like her voice very much, there's alot of power in it. She sang Ah-Mei's song quite well. haha, i think Ah-Mei's is quite challengin to sing, and for girls able to sing her song well, i think it's considered very good already.

the atmosphere there is quite nice actually. half fan, half open air. located in outskirt abit area so the air freshness still ok. but then the food and the drinks really is not up to standard. i think it's almost below average, and it's quite expensive some more.

no wonder, you don't see alot of people there. i heard that business in 海螺 is not doing well as it used to be. hmm...i can see that one important thing is the lack of good drink and food. cos you need good music+good food to make the perfect blend;)

it was nearing the end, when suddenly the singer who's my friend's friend announce to the crowd that there's a secret guest tonight that would be singing a song. and while she say this, she look at our table. my friend was making the OMG expression and laughing but i'll still blur.

then she say that she knows one of her friend here today who likes to sing, from table 22, oh my...that's our table no! and she open up her invitation to that friend to come up to sing, IF he don't mind.... oh well...i was thinking what the heck, just do it!

i quite nervously walk towards the stage, and i began to feel totally uncomfortable as i'm surrounded by eyes. although this is not my first time singing in front of a crowd, but this is my first time to totally sing unprepared in front of a crowd.

after a brief intro, the singer ask me what song i want to sing, i decide to sing "彩虹”by 周杰伦. as i like this song and it's not very hard. although i've sing this song alot of times, i still couldn't stop my nervousness. damn...i can feel my hands and legs shaking as my first voice come out a little trembling as well. damn..the first part was not a good performance, i only get to sing better at the second part of the song as i calm down more. oh i'm not really good about the rap part of the song, luckily is jay chou's song so you can mumble through even if you are not sure of the lyrics.

haha, luckily i think i still managed to get some of the audiencce attention:P and the waiter and waitress even team up to wave their hand together at me. anyway, it was a very nice experience. although i didn't think i sang up to my usual standard, even my friend say so, haha i hope i wouln't provide too much voice pollution the customers>_<.

(picture abit blur, sorry:P )

Thanks for the opportunity given^_^


  1. It could widen my imagination towards the things that you are posting.

  2. oh haha, thanks for the comment, glad to be of help:)

  3. wow, after u king of karaoke in kuching .. now conquer kl liao .. hehe. take care man.

  4. haha, nola, it's just a simple performance >_<

    thanks for dropping by,
    take k too:)

  5. cool man. sing more...

  6. nola....

    i'm not a singer there...

    furhtermore i don't know how to play guitar, so cannot become a singer there:P

    can only sing at karaoke>_<