Saturday, November 15, 2008


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went to one Utama today to meet friends and played some bowling and coincedently ASIMO was in town! it attracted alot of audience when the show started, especially parents bring their children to see it. this robot has travelled around the world and of course, we wouldn't miss the chance to see it.

ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovate Mobility. i heard of ASIMO before and read some of it from advertisement, especially it's symbolic slogan "it inspires us to dream". but one thing for sure, to see it with your own eyes really amazed you. i was thinking like whether if there is a human within the suit or not, because ASIMO's movement is quite fluent like human and has many humanlike behaviours.

it can mimic other people's movement like run, dance, wave hands, claps hands and many more. more amazing is that it is not pre-programmed to do all this movement but instead it is able to respond according to its environment.

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one of the gigs that i know it perform is that it can received a tray from a human personnel, walk to the other end of stage and put the tray on the table.

ASIMO's voice and design is quite alike children. i think maybe it's because to don't make it look too intidimating and make it more friendly and lovable looking instead like children. after reading from the website, i've get to know that it's 120cm height is idealy for operating in a living human environment,whereby it is tall enough to open the door, operate copier machines, do stuff on the japanese really did alot of R&D on this!

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i saw from the website, whereby it can even conduct a sympony! you should watch the video of how gracefull ASIMO's hand movements are while it is conducting! walao...really amazing..haha, i duno how many times i use amazing already:P

although the show last about 20minutes, i think it's quite inspiring (like the slogan) it somehow inspires hopes for a better future as well, whereby technology can bring many amazing changes to our lifes. it also made me think that robots or advanced intelligent are not necessary evil and would turn against human race like those in the movies haha, it all depends on our hands really.

for more information about ASIMO, check out it's website here

haha, i suddenly realize that my surname is in the middle of its name:P

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