Monday, November 3, 2008

an unordinary encounter~

i encountered something quite non-ordinary today.

as i got off frm my car as i reach home today, i was approached by a stranger. it was raining a little and he was soaked from the rain. a middle aged man, looks like indian and spoke to me in very gud english.

he say that he's just got robbed! he parked his car by the road side to rest and forgot to look the car. the robbers took away all his wallet, handphone and car. he just came back from the police station, and he say that the police wouldn't give him a lift home to PJ, even didn't borrowed him money. so he was disappointed and walk all the way frm the police station towards the major bus station, and hoping that someone could spare him money to take a bus back to his home, PD which is bout one hour from here.

i looked around and saw there is no one else around me. from my judgement i think he's quite genuine, from the tone of his voice, and by the looks in his eyes. and especially becos he speaks quite gud english! i may be biased, but i'm thinking if he could speak such good english, it shouldn't require him to come to be a cheater.

so, i've decided to give him money. i put down the tapao rice food container on the floor, and as i reach for my wallet, luckly i remembered to take a step sideway to keep a safe distance away from him. just to be on the safe side. he was very glad after receiving RM12 and ask whether how he could contact me to return me the money.

i was thinking ...aiyo, u've lost your car, your wallet, your hp need to me i told him no need, and bid him to be more careful next time. and then i saw walked and walked until the end of the road. i sudenly realise that if he walked to Puduraya bus station, it would take him one hour plus? i was wondering if i should offer him a lift, but then i think nola...i've done my part, it's too risky as you never know what will happen.

but then, there's another issue that is of personal safety. it's also hard to say, as maybe the safest action for me to do is to ignore him and walked away. you may never know when that guy is getting your attention, somebody else will attack you from your back. as you know, the crimes rates are quite bad. i've previous bad encounters before, so i know how it feel to be a victim. haha, or maybe i'm lucky that the stranger didn't turn up to be a robber.

conclustion is that i will never know if i'm being cheated or not, but at least i can still answer to my heart if he's really in need. at least i could make up his day for all the bad things he went through. and if i'm being cheated, oh well...
cheated mah cheated lo...count me as unlucky then.


  1. Houg,

    I lost my car, my wallet and my phone.... Borrow me RM1,200 !

  2. oh like tat, first go make police report, then if they don't want to help, go look for DAP and make noise!