Sunday, December 7, 2008

K2J season 1

(this pic was taken on mooncake festival night, suddenly we all feel very shiok to take family photo, the old fashion style>_<)

the story of K2J season 1 started in June 2008 with its 6 original founding member, cheng,xia,sam,albert,houg & yuen.

the story started with the initial three housemates, each bringing a roomate from their hometown to begin their new life under one roof:)

times flies when u're doing lots of stuff and busy with lots of things, work, play, going to variious trips, sleep...etc...half a year just flew like that in an brink of an eye. my roomate yuen is finally going off to begin his other new chapter of life in adelaide, australia.

(hmm...why i look so short in this pic huh?:P)

haha, wish him all the best in his future undertakings. it's good to have a good old friend as a roomate, furthermore this is my first time living outside. one obvious thing is that now that my event manager is gone, i think i'll definitely gona slow down my pace abit. also getting more n more also>_<

new roomate would start to move in in january. haha, it's a complete stranger so don't know how things will be, hopefully it would be ok gua haha. tat would be k2j season two story already....

hehe, life is gud in kl. got good housemate that take care of each other, so no worries, i'm ok:)


  1. hey hey, thx for this piece of post u had there,haha. Din realize u wrote one until recently. Thx....well, u'll b somehow get urself accustome to the area and make new frens, so worries :), i'm sure ur new roomate wil b a nice one since u did so many good deeds, haha. Well, god bless, and merry xmas and godd slight ahead in 2009!!!

  2. haha if it ain't guynextdoor dropping by the comment himself!

    haha, i just post it few days ago also, tanks for dropping by, i'm very gandung hahaha.

    yup, good luck ahead of 2009 for u2:) gambatte~