Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008, a year of change.....

photo taken from uncle lim's facebook:P

as i look at the fireworks display welcoming the year 2009, i wondered what i've done for the previous whole year and what i hope to improve this coming year.

first of all, the very big changes of my life is that i'm moved to KL to work and start another new chapter of my life. hmmm...i'm already been here for 6 months, besides my poor cantonese, i should say i'm quite satisfied with the things i have and the thing's i've achieved so far. haha, but there's always room for improvement.
i'm very much glad and i've no regrets at all for making my decision to come here to work. really, i've feel that i've improved myself, gained confidence of what i can do, and perhaps abit more mature thinking? haha, so for this self improvment and career part, i've think i've achieve my resolutions for last year. this year work wil get more busy and i hope that i'll be able to manage my time well and learn more new things.

yeah, one target that i will set for myself this year is that to be more PR. as i realize that i've still need alot to improve in this area, especially when treating colleages, clients or newly met people. haha, need to think of them as my own customer so that i can treat them better haha.

for 2008, i've also been to many places within this short 6 months periods of coming to kl. i've visited kuantan, pangkor, melaka, hatyai, penang so far..
yeah~, another one of the resolutions fullfilled! hmm...where would i go this year?:P

met up new friends, and suprise also to keep in touch with some old friends. housemate has become a big part of my life also now that i'm living outside. having a housemate relationship is also something new for me,'s sort of like a friend+family feeling. sometimes u feel that they're like ur family members, sometimes u'll feel that they're like your frens. haha i'm glad and lucky that i've gud gud housemates.

haha, among the small small things that i've improved is on my mandarin pronounciation, haha, i've actually never thought that my kuching style mandarin pronounciation got many problem until i came here, haha...tanks to one of my housemate for always correcting me. i've improved on my chinese for differentciating left and right...last time i've only know how to use english to differentciate that, using chinese would took me a while>_< this small small thing is quite gud also, slowly adds up will become something. haha, hope can improve more:)

yeah...learned to use facial cleanser. kl pollution forced me to use one. oh, i think i've also improved on remembering directions, due from going to big big shoping complex and finding your car among the seas of carparks and getting lost several times. haha, up until a point, it's almost like i get used to getting lost. so when get lost, can stil feel very calm as long stil got petrol. bk in kuching, there's almost no need for this skill haha.

haha, living outside for the first time, i've also never miss my hometown, my family n my friends so much. haha, i suppose this temporary is good for me in a sort of way also. makes me cherish what i've got and i'm also getting more excited as the days near when i would come home for cny.

hmm...relationship wise, oh well...stil like that. haha got to jia you more on this part. maybe i should do more charity or "bai xin" (拜神)more:P.

knowledge wise, haha i didn't get to read alot of books though this year. i've even haven't finish a fantasy novel that i bought six months ago. yes, i like to go bookshops, there's alot of big nice bookshops in KL. but then, i always go to the comic section haha. hmmm...this one still needs to improve more. perhaps should go get some materials to upgrade my skills as well for this year.

i think for the year 2008, barrack obama has been a great inspiration. if you are not satisfy with your current situation, then you must be brave to change it! we need to believe in what we can do, and shout out "yes we can" deep in our hearts no matter how hard the challenges we may face tomorrow.

okies, lastly i wish you all a very happy new year and hope that our wishes will come true. this is houg, signing off for now~

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