Thursday, January 8, 2009


woke up this christmas morning to see something hanging on the door outside my room.

hohoho, i wonder how santa managed to drop by a present for me. cos we don't have a chimmey and fireplace here haha. i was wondering whether i've been a bad boy for the past 23 years cos santa didn't drop me present, or maybe santa's map does not have kuching inside?

the red socks contains perfume packets and stones inside. haha, of all the socks in the world, santa's socks is incredibly free of bad hong kong feet smell, now i know how he did it:P i'll be hanging up the socks in my car as perfurme and as a token of appreciation^_^

haha, anyway, thanks santa. it really cheered up my day.

wishing everyone merry christmas and a happy new year:)


  1. happy new year.. see u in kch :)

  2. hehe happy new year to u 2...yeah..looking forward to c u guys all in kch haha.